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30+ Best AI Content Writing Tools in 2023

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The talk of AI writing tools is making rounds in the digital market. We cannot ignore that artificial intelligence has made things easier in every field, whether it’s marketing, the medical field, or, most popularly, the writing field.

This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

If you are struggling to write or the writer’s block is delaying your deadlines, we have a list of the best AI writing platforms in 2023 that can help you.

1. Rytr

Price: Free and $29/month


Rytr is one of the best AI writers to help people write articles or ads. It’s useful for writers and people who work with words. But why pick Rytr or something like it instead of Chat GPT?

Well, one reason is that Rytr has ready-made suggestions and templates for more than 40 different writing tasks. It can check if your writing is copied elsewhere and help make pictures from given words.

Rytr is one of the best AI


• You can also use Rytr in different languages and change how your writing sounds
• Plus, with a special subscription, you can make it do even more things for you


• Word count is limited even after getting a paid plan

2. Frase

Price: Trail period at $1 & Paid plans


Frase is an all-in-one tool that combines SEO research with AI writing. It’s great for SEO and content managers who want a complete solution for quickly generating content.

Frase is an all-in-one tool

Frase lets you handle everything from researching to optimizing your content.


• It lets you analyze search results and competitors for creating outlines for blog posts and marketing copy
• Includes a built-in copywriter tool that can generate different sections of text, like introductions and FAQs


•  Not very accurate when it comes to suggesting SEO keywords and recommendations based on search results
•  No free version is available

3. Narrato

Price: 14 days trial period & Paid plans


Are you a content manager or an SEO expert? Then this tool is for you!

Narrato is relatively new, but it has all the required experience in content marketing. It allows you to create project briefs, assign them to writers through the Narrato Marketplace, and manage your content projects within the platform.

Narrato Marketplace


• Offers multiple project management tools for content marketing
• Quick turnarounds, with orders delivered within 24-48 hours, with unlimited revisions
• Built-in plagiarism checker available to ensure originality during the writing process


• Does not always have perfect quality of the content generated
• A monthly limit of 76,000 words on the plagiarism checker, which may not be enough for some writers

4. WordAI

Price: Free 3-day trial and monthly and yearly paid plans


WordAI is an AI copywriting tool that can easily boost your content production. Whether rephrasing, rewriting, or restructuring texts for your product descriptions or web copies, it will get your job done in minutes.

WordAI is an AI copywriting tool

You can expect a result of up to 1,000 unique SEO rewrites due to its natural language generation tools.


Prevents duplication and bypasses artificial intelligence detection

• It is a quick tool for rewriting purposes
• With the editorial controls, you can decide how closely the rewritten content should resemble the original
• It gives a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results


• Not many reviews are available for the tool as an AI content writer
• Offers limited control and editing options for writers and content editors


Price: 2000 words free & $36/month for unlimited words


Are you looking for an AI-powered writing assistant better than ChatGPT? is the answer! It helps you create blogs and written content when you give it the correct instructions.

This AI content generator can quickly create high-quality content. It also provides templates for various writing forms, such as articles, social media posts, and emails.

s AI content generator

All you have to do is select what you want, browse the prompts, add your brand voice, and then hit the arrow to generate the results.


• Multiple templates to help create outlines and content briefs for writers
• Strong security measures taken to keep data safe


• The quality of the content drops after a few use
• Customer service is not good
• Difficulty in canceling subscription

6. Writerly

Price: Free 10k words/ month (1 creator) & different Business and Creator Cloud plans


If you belong to an e-commerce industry, marketing, or customer service team, Writerly can definitely enhance your productivity. It’s a popular AI productivity software that works as per your brand values.

Whether you are working alone or with a large team, Writerly will help you create, edit, and publish any kind of content smoothly.


And what’s the best part? You can use it as an extension on any device and integrate it with any platform, such as Instagram, Google Docs, Linkedin, Shopify, etc., to help you create impactful brand personas.


• Saves your time while blog writing on different platforms
• Offers several customizable templates for writing content and advertising copy
• Assists in catching grammar mistakes in the AI writing tool


• The number of words is limited on the free and lower-priced plans
• The template requires more customization compared to other AI content-writing tools

7. Copymatic

Price: Free/ Paid plans


Create different content in a fast and better way with Copymatic. This tool can help you generate long-form content and short-format blog posts, outline for digital ads, generate images, create copies for social media, develop landing pages, and much more.

fast and better way with Copymatic

The tool is flexible with its content generation and easy to use. And since the tool is partnered with The Hoth, it can also be very useful for your SEO efforts.


• Offers 28 languages to write content
• A variety of content can be created for different platforms
• Has SEO features to drive traffic to your website


• Sometimes, it isn’t easy to get the content in a particular tone
• Rewriting a piece costs extra, which can turn out to be expensive

8. Simplified

Price: Free/ Paid plans


Simplified is an AI writer suite that helps you write amazing content for your website, product descriptions, and blog posts.

It is one of the best AI writing tools, as it also assists with other tasks like designing graphics, planning social media posts, and even editing videos.

best AI writing tools


• Offers 50+ templates for creating different types of content
• Customizable templates to make short or long pieces of writing in over 10 styles and 30 languages
• They have a tool that helps you rework content you’ve already published


• The quality of the text generated isn’t significantly better than what you get from ChatGPT-4
• Limited people can use it in a team (no more than 5)
• Storage limit plans are expensive

9. Jasper

Price: 7 days free trial period & Paid plans


Jasper, earlier known as Jarvis, is the best AI writing tool for copywriting a range of content on different tones and styles that’s SEO optimized. It is easy to instruct the tool for a task and is easy to use.

Jasper, earlier known as Jarvis

Writers can use it to speed up their writing process by getting suggestions on writing ideas and helping with their writer’s block.


• Effective for long-form blog posts
• It can be integrated with Surfer and Grammarly
• Use your own tone and brand voice in AI-generated content

It has many feature-filled options


• Expensive than its other competitors
• You need to add your payment details before using the trial

10. Surfer

Price: Paid plans


Surfer is a useful tool if you’re looking for a single solution to create SEO content. With features like the Outline Builder and real-time metrics, you can produce high-quality articles in just a few minutes.

create SEO content

It also supports multiple languages and provides extensive resources and support through Surfer Academy, webinars, and a community Facebook group.


• Its Keyword Surfer browser extension lets you instantly check keywords on Google
• With its Audit feature, you can review your existing pages to find missing keywords and compare them to your competitors
• You can get content suggestions and writing guidelines and plan your content in the tool
• You get a 30-day money-back guarant


• You don’t get a free-trial that most tools of its competition offers
• Quite expensive when compared to similar tools such as Frase or Scalenut

11. Grammarly

Price: Free & Premium plan


Grammarly is a remarkable AI writing assistant that goes beyond just fixing grammar; it also pays attention to the overall tone and style, making sure your content suits your intended audience.

Grammarly is a remarkable AI writing

One of the great things about Grammarly is that it checks your work as you write. You can use it through the Grammarly app or install the browser extension. It also has a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is original.


• Offers suggestions to improve sentence structure and make your content error-free
• Compatible with various devices, including desktop and mobile


• It can be a bit slow at times.
• Occasionally provides suggestions that may not fit the context and could alter the meaning of the entire sentence

12. Scalenut

Price: 7 days free, then paid


Scale your business and up your SEO game with Scalenut, which helps create your content through an AI algorithm. With the combination of NLP and SEO, you can get engaging and ranking content in minutes.

Scale your business and up your SEO

The tool offers options like technical SEO, content optimization, SEO content writing, new content ideas, content research, and measurement & analysis.


• Generate SEO content for your website
• It is simple to use, and you can easily publish blogs directly on your website
• Good for creating social media content


• Lacks WordPress integration
• Content can be repetitive sometimes
• Some templates are non-customizable

13. Anyword

Price: 2500 credits or a 7-day free trial


Use Anyword AI writing assistant to help with your marketing efforts and perform better. With Anyword’s distinct feature of Copy Intelligence, you can analyze any of your published content to check what is working in your favor so you can get content accordingly.

The tool generates content on the AIDA framework and creates social media posts, product listings, emails, landing pages, and more.

Use Anyword AI writing

But that’s not all! If you want to improve your content, you can do that too. You just have to select a template, and your work will be done in seconds.


• It works together with different analytics platforms to analyze your website and generate accurate and engaging output
• Generates content based on the brand voice by analyzing your target audience and brand rules and setting the right tone
• Can be integrated with Meta Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Page, and HubSpot Emails to generate content accordingly


• The results can take quite some time to show up
• It can be more expensive than its counterparts

14. Sudowrite

Price: 3 days free trial, then choose a plan


Are you a budding writer who wants help writing your first novel or short story? Don’t be worried. Get the Sudowrite writing tool for your needs!

The tool is best for fiction writing with customized AI assistance and an easy-to-use interface.

budding writer

Sudowrite understands that fiction writers can sometimes get stuck while writing and fall short of ideas. After you get stuck after a few lines, it gives you suggestions on what you can continue with, whether it’s a story, poem, or a character.


• You can write poems and fiction stories
• It has features to describe words to give details and depth to your writing
• You can complete your work by using its suggestions


• At times, it can generate cliché story plots and use unnecessary figures of speech
• It can be disapproved by genuine and professional writers in the writing field

15. Writer

Price: Paid plans


Are you tired of AI generating similar content based on LLMs, GPT, and the same AI language models? If yes, then Writer has something different to offer you.

What makes Writer unique is its Palmyra LLM, which can be easily audited and hosted on personal servers to keep your data safe, unlike OpenAI. It is best suited for medium to large businesses in generating product descriptions, blogs, and recaps.

Writer unique is its Palmyra LLM

It is highly productive and efficient, allowing you to integrate with different writing platforms so your writer can collaborate and write from any part of the world.


• Best for collaborating with your writers with minimal supervision
• Keeps your copy professional and accurate across all platforms for different users


• It’s not as good as Jasper or in terms of text generation
• It is limited to its own set of data
• Need to purchase a plan before using its free-trial feature

16. Writesonic

Price: 10k words free plan


Instruct the AI to write for you, get high-quality copywriting features, and paraphrase sentences you don’t like with Writesonic.

It’s a one-stop shop for all your content needs, whether generating a new blog post, audio, image or AI chatbot development.

Instruct the AI to write

You can generate 40 kinds of content in 20+ languages, but it’s more focused on developing SEO optimized content.

It has a browser extension and multiple templates to choose from that let your team work together from anywhere and anytime.


• Get budget-friendly SEO-optimized pieces in seconds
• The AI-powered tool sets the right tone structure and offers a perfect flow to your articles
• Has easy-to-use interface


• Free users don’t have a lot of features to work around
• Users have to upgrade to generate multiple content

17. Hypotenuse AI

Price: 7 days trial period with limited words, then paid plans

Hypotenuse AI

Want to create quality content for your e-commerce website quickly? Then, Hypotenuse AI is the solution to all your problems!

Hypotenuse AI is best for e-commerce platforms, making it easy for businesses to sell and promote their products through their engaging product descriptions.

Hypotenuse AI 1

With Hypotenuse AI, you can summarize your content, write product descriptions in bulk, paraphrase sentences, generate images, write blogs and social media captions, etc.


• Supports features for easy workflow for e-commerce websites
• Offers features for bulk production of content


• It has a limited word limit
• Can make errors and not rectify them due to lack of grammar checker

18. Wordtune

Price: Free/ Paid plans


Tune your words in a better way using Wordtune Generative AI and speed up all your writing tasks.

Whether you want to rewrite a text or generate a job description, this tool will give you accurate results. It has an AI writing assistant that increases your work productivity by offering you suggestions using facts or fiction.

Wordtune Generative AI and speed

Use it to create a blog from scratch or summarize any content. You can also get better alternatives to your written content to make your piece even better.


• Creates error-free and accurate content
• Integration can be done across different platforms


• The free plan offers very limited features.

19. ChatGPT

Price: Free & Plus version


ChatGPT has been the talk of the town since soon after it launched. Apart from being a great AI writing model to write, it also gives you answers to any question asked.

You just have to enter the right prompt, and ChatGPT will show the results for what you asked.

right prompt, and ChatGPT

From Instagram captions to long form blogs, whether rephrasing a sentence or summarizing a paragraph, the tool will do the work for you in seconds according to the tone you want.


• You can increase your working efficiency
• Unlimited revisions can be done for free


• It lacks creativity and may lead to plagiarism
• Difficult to write copies that relate to the target audience
• It has a limited contextual understanding of some topics

20. GrowthBar

Price: 7 days free-trial & paid plans


Are you struggling to rank on Google using your own skills? Why not give GrowthBar a try? Growthbar is an AI writing tool that’s known for writing SEO-friendly articles that have a chance to rank on Google.

It’s not just a writing tool; it also performs similarly to SEO tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs, where you can do keyword research, get internal link suggestions, monitor your keywords’ performance, and more.

GrowthBar SEO


• You get SEO optimized content
• Generate Google-worthy meta descriptions


• SEO features are quite basic compared to other writing tools
• At times, the facts it provides are not accurate

21. Outranking

Price: Paid plans


Outranking is regarded as one of the best content strategy platforms that helps you improve your SEO on your content so it can perform better on the SERP. Using the features of this tool, you can easily plan out your content strategy with the ideas it suggests.

Outranking 1

You can work around the suggestions by optimizing your on-page SEO and tracking its performance to make it better and more favorable for search engines.


• Its keyword research and on-page SEO optimization software help to create competitive content
• Delivers effective outline to work on even better than Surfer and Jarvis.
• Generates highly accurate content


• Results can be pretty time-consuming
• Navigating the features to start with the process can be difficult
• You need to watch the tutorials to learn how to use the tool

22. Hoppy Copy

Price: 7-day free trial and then paid plans

Hoppy Copy

Are you finding it difficult to write compelling email marketing copies? Use Hoppy Copy and improve your email marketing strategies.

Hoppy Copy’s main purpose is to help with email marketing and creating convincing sales messages. They offer an advanced editing tool for writing that lets you keep an eye on what your competitors are doing in their emails and automatically check for words that might be seen as spam.

Use Hoppy Copy

They can also assist with writing for websites, Facebook ads, YouTube, etc.


• Create engaging emails for marketing purposes
• Use the templates to get more ideas on what to write


• Quite expensive
• It can be slow at times
• No interaction feature with links on emails

23. ClosersCopy

Price: Paid plans with 14 days money- back guarantee


Create impressive marketing content using ClosersCopy to sell off your products and services easily. Their AI writing software does not use a machine learning model or GPT, so what you get from the tool is unique, effective, and actually beneficial for your marketing needs.

marketing content using ClosersCopy

With this tool, you can generate highly engaging copywriting pieces, get details on SEO audits, plan SEO, and improve your workflow.


• Best for marketers and salespeople looking for exceptional sales copy
• Bloggers can also benefit from it for their content due to its systematic workflow string (Blog Title, Outline, Intro, Conclusion) in a single place


• Long-form content can lack quality
• Need to spend time learning how to use it

24. Neural Text

Price: Trial period at $1, then paid plans

Neural Text

NeuralText is an AI writing tool that helps writers find keywords and assess their SEO value, all in a single platform.

Their AI-powered copywriter creates top-notch content that consistently connects with the intended audience. It’s a versatile place for writers and content creators to write new text and read and share the existing ones.

NeuralText is an AI


• The features are easy to navigate and use
• You can get keyword-rich articles generated


• It is quite on the higher side when compared to Rytr or
• Keyword Cluster report is, at times, inaccurate


Price: Starter (1 user) – $35/month

Team (5 users) – $199/month


Use or Pepper Content as your powerful AI technology that can amplify your content creation process!

The tool helps you create keyword-rich or SEO optimized content for your business from a wide range of content styles.

Just pick a topic related to your subject, hit the create button, and see the content created in front of you. If you want to make changes to any section, you can easily do that, too.


• You can get contextual content generated
• Good customer support


• Suggestions provided are irrelevant sometimes
• The content becomes repetitive after a while

26. Article Forge

Price: Free 5 days trial, then paid plan

Article Forge

Article Forge is your go-to tool for crafting unique content that stands out due to its powerful deep-learning feature. You can create original and top-notch content that can quickly boost your website’s ranking on search engines.

You can create any kind of long-form to short-form articles with this tool. All you have to do is enter a keyword and the required details, and you are done!

Article Forge is your go-to tool

And if you’re in a hurry, you can even use its Bulk Generator to generate 5+ articles in one shot!


• You can schedule articles to be published on WordPress directly
• You get options to add images, videos, and external links
• You can integrate it with WordAi for better results


• Sometimes, it generates unrelated content
• Facts can be inaccurate
• It takes time to generate articles in bulk

27. INK

Price: 5 days or 10k words free, then paid


Don’t worry if you’re not an SEO expert; INK is the perfect choice for you to help you shine online! It’s been proven to boost your chances of landing on Google’s first page by a whopping 400%, speed up content creation, and increase your headline’s click-through rates and engagement.

SEO expert; INK

With INK, you can optimize your content, write, edit, brainstorm fresh ideas, and fine-tune your written pieces for better rankings.


• It has a user-friendly interface
• Offers multiple templates to choose from
• You can get content that can rank highly on SERP


• It supports only English language
• It might generate content that’s not related to the instructions provided

28. Al Writer

Price: Free trial & paid plans

Al Writer

If your business wants to breathe new life into your existing content, AI Writer’s text rewording feature is an excellent option!

AI Writer offers a solid set of features for creating various types of articles, from news pieces to blog-optimizing old blog posts. It’s easy to use, and you can generate articles with just a headline or keyword.

AI Writer Tool


• Effective for improving SEO rankings


• The user interface is plain
• Content often requires substantial editing
• Does not have enough SEO optimization features
• It takes time to create articles from scratch

29. Typli.Ai

Price: 7 days free, then paid

Typli is fresh in the AI writing field, but thousands of users worldwide have already started using it regularly.

Writing long-form articles is a breeze with as it uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to create original content. You can also select the type of content you want using its Generate AI Content feature.

Typli is fresh in the AI writing

It’s a versatile tool with plenty of writing options, making it a great choice if you don’t have a specific writing strategy in mind.


• With it’s chatbot, you can create engaging blogs
• Highly user-friendly
• Easy to integrate with different tools


• Content creation can only be done in the English language
• Does not have in-depth SEO features
• At times, it misses a few sections in a blog

30. ProWriting Aid

Price: Free with 500 word count limit, then paid

ProWriting Aid

Not a pro in writing? Don’t worry! ProWriting Aid has got your back. The tool is much like Grammarly but in a better version with many more features to work with. It improves your work by checking the grammar, spelling, and style.

ProWriting Aid also gives suggestions to improve your sentences for better readability. You can use it on the web, download its software or the Chrome extension, and integrate it with different platforms and operating systems to make things faster for you.

ProWriting Aid1


• Get search engine-friendly articles
• Affordable paid plan options
• Provides relevant information in their generated article


• Misses to rectify mistakes

31. Longshot AI

Longshot AI

Price: Free, then paid

If you’re looking for an AI writing model packed with templates and all the essential features, try LongShot AI.

It boasts a vast array of templates and handy tools to help you write more efficiently while also offering impressive research features.

AI writing model

It can rephrase, summarize, and simplify complex information, enhancing your on-page content and letting you add your own references to personalize it.

Plus, it meticulously fact-checks every detail in the content output, ensuring you get accurate results.


• It’s easy to use
• It has features to fact-check details to provide accurate and right content
• You can add your own site’s link to use its rewriting feature


• The results are not up to the mark sometimes
• It’s difficult to maintain the same tone and writing style
• Results can take time

32. Reword

Price: 14 days free, then paid


SEO marketers can make use of this AI assistant to create high-quality, engaging, and readable content. It’s a collaborative tool where all the team members can view and edit the content according to what seems right.

One of the best parts of this tool is that you just have to enter the niche or a topic you want to type, and it will suggest attractive titles and sub-headings. You can also use this tool to get ideas on what content to create next.

SEO marketers


• It has a user-friendly interface
• Get content in 20+ languages
• You can select the audience you can write for
• You get thoroughly researched and accurate articles


• Need to make payment before using the trial version
• Limited features to work with

33. Copysmith

Price: Free and then paid


Copysmith is best for e-commerce businesses as it specializes in creating product descriptions and images.  You can integrate it with major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Wix, and Amazon to make your job even easier.

Copysmith is best for e-commerce

You can also create content for social media, write an introduction for your article, or create your blog outline.


• Can generate content in 60+ languages
• Best for writing product descriptions
• Highly affordable


• It is difficult to navigate the website and look for tools in the initial stage
• Can give out duplicate or irrelevant content

34. WordHero

Price: $49/month with 14 days money-back guarantee


WordHero, you can easily generate original blog content, emails, and social media content in just seconds, and that too with a human touch.

WordHero 1

If you are not a professional writer and want to provide writing services, this tool can quickly come to your rescue. You save both time and money in creating professional content.

You just have to choose the writing style and the template you’d like to work on, enter the needed keywords and prompts, and hit the generate button. In no time, you will see a well-written and high-quality piece right before you!


• You can expect good-quality content output
• Get content in 100+ languages
• Great for long-form content editing


• It cannot be integrated with other tools
• It does not have a built-in plagiarism checker
• The tone of the output lacks clarity sometimes

35. WriterZen

Price: 15 days free trial and then paid


WriterZen is a game-changer if you want SEO content that ranks high and performs exceptionally well.

It has multiple SEO tools that speed up the content creation process and make it easier for anyone to craft SEO content for websites, landing pages, and authoritative blogs.

WriterZen is a game-changer

WriterZen relies on SERP data, which evaluates keywords using its ‘Keyword Golden Score’ metric, which shows the ideal balance between keyword competition and other SEO metrics.


• A clear interface to work
• Options are easy to navigate
• Detects even the smallest plagiarized sentence


• Keyword research is not very efficient

36. Quillbot


Price: Free/ Premium plan

Quillbot is quite different from the other AI writing tools. This free AI writer tool helps you rephrase a paragraph in a completely different style without changing the meaning of those sentences.

Apart from a paraphraser, it also has a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, summarizer, translator, and an option to write with a co-writer.

Quillbot AI

You can get the tool for Windows or Mac and Microsoft Word to make changes and get suggestions on the go.


• Simple to use
• Very affordable
• You can access the tool and its features without signing up
• Has translating option


• You only get 2 paraphrasing modes for free
• You often need to re-edit the output
• Limitation in the number of characters in both free and paid versions

Save Your Writing Time With AI!

With these AI tools for content writing in the market, it won’t be wrong to say that the future of content writing looks highly promising and efficient. Now, content writing is being integrated with innovation so the world can write better and read even faster.

Whether it is to get more ideas, write compelling product descriptions, engage more readers towards a piece, or rank better on SERP with SEO-optimized content, these AI tools have got something just right for everyone.

So, what’s the wait? Try out these AI writing generators and get a writing companion right by your side always!


 What is an AI content creation tool?

AI content creation tools use artificial intelligence to create content quickly based on the users’ prompt. These are based on LLMs (Large Language Models) responsible for showing results as per the queries made.

These tools can help write short-form and long form blogs, social media posts and captions, stories, and poems, and generate images and video content without the need for humans.

 What to look for before choosing one?

There are many different AI tools and writing models to write articles, so you need to keep in mind a few things before choosing the one that works best for you.

• The tool should be user-friendly and easy to use
• It must be highly reviewed
• Should generate high-quality results
• Suggest new content ideas
• Enough templates should be there to work on
• The article generated should be SEO-friendly
• Should not generate plagiarized content
• It should not make grammatical errors
• The tool should be under your budget

 Is an AI content writing tool beneficial?

Yes, using an AI writing tool is highly beneficial as it can reduce your writing effort and save time when creating and editing a blog. It also helps by suggesting improved sentences, outlines, titles, and rephrasing content.

 Will these tools replace humans?

Not at all! However efficient, time-saving, and effortless these tools might be, they certainly cannot replace human intelligence. The simple reason is that, after a point, these AI tools are short of words and ideas.

While they may have the knowledge of the world, creativity is something in which human intelligence excels. Content can only succeed if it has correct facts presented creatively.

Gaby Alexander

Gaby Alexander

Gaby is a search marketing enthusiast with a passion for helping agencies improve their ROI through effective link-building strategies. With expertise in Google Campaign Manager, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and SEMrush, Gaby provides valuable insights and guidance to optimize search marketing campaigns.

Gaby Alexander

Gaby Alexander

Gaby is a search marketing enthusiast with a passion for helping agencies improve their ROI through effective link-building strategies. With expertise in Google Campaign Manager, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and SEMrush, Gaby provides valuable insights and guidance to optimize search marketing campaigns.

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