Cannabis SEO and Strategy

Whether you have a hemp clothing brand, a recreational cannabis product or delivery service, a medicinal CBD company or product, or some other type of marijuana business – we’ve created unique and successful search engine optimization campaigns for every kind of business in the ever-growing industry of cannabis and CBD.

At SERPNinja, we know the ins and outs of SEO and traffic growth for CBD, hemp, and other cannabis-related websites—and we know how to get you organic search engine rankings that lead to conversions and sales. Whether you’re looking for full-service SEO for CBD businesses or a cannabis marketing company that’s been around the block, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn why we’re your most trusted partner when it comes to cannabis SEO and how we can help you grow your cannabis business.

Why SEO Is Critical For Cannabis Companies And CBD Businesses

If your site offers CBD or other cannabis-derived products, chances are Google and Facebook will restrict most—if not all—of your paid online advertising. It can be super hard to get your paid ads delivered, but super easy to rack up penalties. Fortunately, SEO for cannabis products like CBD is a powerful alternative to paid advertising. The main difference is that instead of buying your audience, you earn them by gaining organic visibility in Google and other search engines. And you know what’s incredible about search engines? They’re full of people looking to buy CBD products and other cannabis-related goods. They’re also full of competition, but that’s okay. Instead of just doing SEO, you’ll just have to do good SEO—and that’s precisely where hiring seasoned cannabis SEO experts like SERPNinja comes into play.

Did we mention we’re awesome at SEO?

We know what works and doesn’t work for CBD SEO services and other cannabis-related SEO campaigns—and we know how to analyze and beat the competition. The landscape of cannabis and CBD regulation is always changing, but you can count on us to stay ahead of the curve and continue to deliver targeted organic traffic to your site.



Every cannabis site is different, so let’s discuss your organic SEO traffic needs—and budget—and see what SERPNinja can deliver for you.

What We Offer: SEO Services For Cannabis And CBD Companies

Although we’re known for our kickass, traffic-hoarding backlink campaigns, SERPNinja is actually a full-service SEO solution for CBD sites and other cannabis-related businesses, including marijuana SEO. Yep. We slay everything from strategy and content to technical SEO and on-going optimization. Of course, backlinks are key too, and we absolutely crush those. The result of all this slaying and crushing? New streams of targeted CBD and cannabis traffic visitors to your site that are ready to engage, sign-up, and buy.

Here are some of the key components of our SEO campaigns for CBD and other cannabis-related sites:


For us, strategy starts with learning everything we can about your brand, your products, and your best audiences. This includes a deep audit of your past and present data to see what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll also set specific goals and KPIs so we can measure progress and optimize as we go. Once we define what success looks like for you, we develop the perfect roadmap to get you there. This already eclipses what the average SEO agency is willing to do. In case you can’t tell, we’re not the average SEO agency – we’ll a full-featured digital marketing powerhouse to help your business online.

Keyword Research

It’s easy to find keywords with good volumes and intent to purchase, but that’s just the beginning. We’ll analyze which search terms we can rank you for now, with your site’s existing authority and trust signals. As we grow your site’s authority, our keyword strategy will evolve to tackle higher volume, more competitive searches with higher ROI. We’ll also situate your keyword strategy within a content program and backlinks campaign that’s designed for maximum results against your competition.

Competitive Analysis

For better or worse, SEO is a zero-sum game. If your competitor ranks first in a given search, that means you rank second or lower (position zero aside) and most likely get less traffic. We’ll figure out exactly how your competitors achieve their rankings, then devise a strategy to make your pages pop first.

Our seo process involves looking at how your competitors are ranking for any given keyword difficulty within the cannabis and CBD results, and identifying the areas where we can easily help you overtake them. Identifying their strengths and weaknesses, combined with everything that we’re able to do better, means that your SEO strategy will be designed to overtake another cannabis business.


Link building is one of the least understood aspects of SEO, but it’s also one of the most crucial. Simply put, Google and other search engines rely on other websites to link to you as a vote of confidence in your site. The more relevant these other sites are to your site, the more relevant search engines think you are for any given query. But getting other sites to link to you is a complex art and science, and the penalties for getting your link building wrong can be severe. We built our business on link building that works and stands up to search engine algorithm updates because we knew that if you can deliver on link building, you can deliver on SEO.

We’ve built an unparalleled network of relationships with other sites and publishers, and we’re ready to put our expertise and professionalism at backlink outreach to work for you. Most importantly, our focus on natural linking patterns and relevant content means you’ll get results and stay on the good side of the search engines. And trust us, you want to stay on their good side. Marijuana SEO through quality backlinks is crucial to get your business online and noticed, and it’s a key aspect of cannabis marketing, too.

Technical SEO Services For Cannabis Sites

Before you can rank in search engines, you need to be found by them. We’ll make sure your site pages are being crawled and indexed properly, then look for other opportunities like internal linking and schema to boost your ranking potential. This is especially important in competitive industries like CBD and cannabis, where you need to maximize every advantage you can. Last but not least, we’ll make sure your metadata is on point, so when you do appear in search engines, you have the best chance of earning clicks.

CBD SEO and cannabis SEO are both so competitive that you really need to have everything on-point when it comes to the technical side of SEO. Before you even worry about keyword research for new cannabis content marketing, it’s important to make sure that all of the “easy wins” are covered and that there aren’t any technical issues holding you back.

Content Optimization

Without content, there’s nothing to get backlinks to. And without backlinks, your content won’t rank. In other words, content and backlinks are two sides of the same coin, and we couldn’t have built our reputation for backlinks without also slaying all things content-related. Cannabis related companies have a lot of cannabis marketing techniques that they can rely on, but it’s hard to beat a good old seo campaign centered around content ideas that improve brand awareness, increase user interaction, and help you climb the search engine results pages. In fact, cannabis seo and cannabis marketing go hand-in-hand and can complement one another.

We’ll audit your existing content to make sure it’s pulling its weight, then create a roadmap to guide new content creation as well as improving legacy content. Our proven SEO strategy ensures that your marijuana website is performing at its best. From mobile-responsiveness to thin content and keyword cannibalization, we’ll make sure every piece of content on your site has a crystal clear purpose and delivers value to your users. Modern cannabis brands understand how important their branding is, and compelling cannabis content can help you climb the search queries like a plant climbs a trellis.

Cannabis SEO Analytics & Reporting

They say that you can’t improve things if you don’t measure them, so proper analytics and reporting have always been vital to us. We’ll make sure you understand the data we share, and we’ll use each month’s reporting to optimize further and get even better traffic, conversions, and ROI for you. We’ll help you monitor the improvements to your relevant keywords, and we’ll take the time to analyze the user intent to further optimize and improve our seo strategies to help you rank higher than other cannabis businesses in your class.

There’s a lot that can be gleamed by looking at the organic search results for any given target keyword. Google understands what people are looking for, so the SEO process needs to involve catering to the intent of each target keyword cluster that people search for. Cannabis companies can use local SEO and other techniques as part of their overall marijuana SEO strategy, paired with analytics and reporting, to steer the ship towards success.


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Cannabis SEO FAQ's

Google’s guidelines for CBD companies are always changing, and keeping up is vital to make sure your site isn’t penalized when Google crawls your site or updates its algorithms. As an experienced marijuana seo agency, we can deliver CBD seo that doesn’t violate Google’s terms. We’ll help you navigate the ever-shifting, highly competitive landscape of cannabis industry related search engine optimization to drive targeted traffic that converts. Whether it’s local SEO or marijuana seo strategy for a national website or brand, cannabis websites are one of our specialties. If you’ve had trouble with paid traffic in the past, don’t worry – you’ll forget all about Google ads once your marijuana seo takes off.

The benefits of using SEO for CBD business growth (and other cannabis-related businesses) are numerous. As an organic traffic channel, you’ll earn your visits instead of paying for them. Unlike paid channels where you never get more than what you pay for, the effects of CBD and other cannabis-related SEO are cumulative when done right. This means that as we grow the authority and trust of your site, you’ll enjoy more and more organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

Another benefit is that the content and promotion you do for SEO helps define your brand and educate your customers. In doing a proper keyword research process, we’ll guide the user intent to find the target audience that’s looking for cannabis companies like yours.

Absolutely! SERPNinja can not only build links for your cannabis businesses, but we’re one of the top link building agencies. We’ve built our expertise and professionalism over many years of doing this. We understand that there’s more to it than just opening a keyword research tool and picking a few words that sound nice, you’ll also need on-point on page SEO, deep keyword research, and long-term proven seo strategies.

The secret to our link building campaigns is authority and relevance—the same trustworthy foundation that search engines prize. By focusing on what’s important to search engines and their users, we avoid the pitfalls that can happen with poor or outdated link building techniques. We also avoid shortcuts that can hurt your site in the long run (and sometimes way sooner than that).

Do you have a business in the cannabis industry? If you have a cannabis website, then you can benefit from getting more visitors to your site. If your cannabis brand has a website or social media profiles that would earn you more money if they could capture people with the search intent to find whatever it is that you’re doing or selling, then you can invest in a marijuana SEO strategy to make that happen.

SEO services come in all shapes and sizes, but you should work with an experienced company to develop high-level seo strategies based on what works today, and what will continue working tomorrow. The goal of our cannabis seo strategy is to do what another seo agency can’t do by using our exclusive resources, paired with on page seo, paired with perfect keyword research, to capture your target audience and to increase your organic search traffic.

Depending on your specific place within the cannabis industry, it can be very difficult to purchase paid advertisements on any of the major advertising platforms, for example Facebook ads and Google ads. This means that cannabis SEO strategy is crucial for many in the cannabis industry when Google ads are a no-go. You need an SEO agency who understands the cannabis and CBD industries and how to utilize cannabis seo strategy in the most effective way. That’s us!

There are many areas of digital marketing, marijuana SEO is just one of them. What makes marijuana SEO such a powerful tool is that it allows you to know the search intent of your visitors and to craft your content accordingly. A typical SEO agency will do the basics, and they might even be buying links from us and charging you more, so you’re better off dealing directly with us. SEO for cannabis takes an extra level of care, it’s more than just buying links on a few sites with high domain authority or making a few local citations and calling it a day. We’ll identify which keywords to target with the relevant search volume to make your site rank, we’ll look at your mobile optimization, and we’ll ensure that all of your website traffic enjoys positive user interactions.

A cannabis brand can’t afford to ignore the value of hiring SEO companies to boost their search traffic, and there’s a reason we’re known as the best. When people search for medical marijuana or whatever else your business promotes, we want to ensure you have a keyword category to meet their search intent.