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Whether you have a hemp clothing brand, a recreational cannabis product or delivery service, a medicinal CBD company or product, or some other type of marijuana business – we’ve created unique and successful search engine optimization campaigns for every kind of business in the ever-growing industry of cannabis and CBD.

At SERPninja, we know the ins and outs of SEO and traffic growth for CBD, hemp, and other cannabis-related websites—and we know how to get you organic search engine rankings that lead to conversions and sales.

Whether you’re looking for full-service SEO for CBD businesses or a cannabis marketing company that’s been around the block, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to learn why we’re your most trusted partner when it comes to cannabis SEO and how we can help you grow your cannabis business.

Why SEO Is Critical For Cannabis Companies And CBD Businesses

Cannabis products, including CBD, have been recognized for their numerous health benefits and widespread use in the medical field.

However, if your site offers CBD or other cannabis-derived products, chances are Google and Facebook will restrict most—if not all—of your paid online advertising.

It can be super hard to get your paid ads delivered, but super easy to rack up penalties. Fortunately, SEO for cannabis products like CBD is a powerful alternative to paid advertising like Google ads.


Cannabis SEO Strategy

The main difference is that instead of buying your audience, you earn them by gaining organic visibility in Google and other search engines. And you know what’s incredible about search engines? They’re full of people looking to buy CBD products and other cannabis-related goods. They’re also full of competition, but that’s okay.

Instead of just doing SEO, you’ll just have to do good SEO—and that’s precisely where hiring seasoned cannabis SEO experts like SERPninja comes into play.

Did we mention we’re awesome at SEO?

We know what works and doesn’t work for CBD SEO services and other cannabis-related SEO campaigns—and we know how to analyze and beat the competition.

The landscape of cannabis and CBD regulation is always changing, but you can count on us to stay ahead of the curve and continue to deliver targeted organic traffic to your site.



Every cannabis site is different, so let’s discuss your organic SEO traffic needs—and budget—and see what SERPninja can deliver for you.

What We Offer: SEO Services For Cannabis And CBD Companies

Although we’re known for our kickass, traffic-hoarding backlink campaigns, SERPninja is actually a full-service SEO solution for CBD sites and other cannabis-related businesses, including marijuana SEO. Yep. We slay everything from strategy and content to technical SEO and on-going optimization.

Of course, backlinks are key too, and we absolutely crush those. The result of all this slaying and crushing? New streams of targeted CBD and cannabis traffic visitors to your site that are ready to engage, sign-up, and buy.

No matter what type of cannabis business you operate, we have you covered.

Whether you are looking for professional SEO services for cannabis or marijuana, our cannabis SEO firm possesses the knowledge and expertise to deliver effective results.

Medical or Recreational Dispensaries

At SERPninja, we offer specialized medical dispensary SEO services aimed at establishing your cannabis products as the top choice for medical users.

The importance of SEO for dispensaries cannot be overstated, especially as cannabis legalization continues to expand and new businesses emerge regularly.

By entrusting your SEO needs to professionals, your brand will gain widespread recognition among doctors and patients, positioning you for success in the growing market.

SEO for medical or recreational dispensaries

SEO for cannabis e-commerce

SEO for cannabis e-commerce

Cannabis E-Commerce

When selling cannabis brands’ products online, competition can pose significant challenges to your business. However, by enlisting the services of SERPninja, a professional SEO service specializing in cannabis sites, you can elevate your web sales revenue to new heights.

We will assist you in effectively showcasing your products and services to a targeted audience that is genuinely interested in what you offer. Our SEO experts will help you maximize your online visibility and reach, ultimately driving more conversions and business growth.

Local Weed producers/ Sellers

Local weed sellers are valuable clients for cannabis companies, and it’s crucial to establish a strong connection with them. To achieve this, your business must have a robust presence on key local platforms, maps, and directories.

By partnering with SERPninja Agency, you can receive expert assistance in this process. The specialists at SERPninja will develop an effective SEO strategy for local SEO and website promotion, ensuring that your business gains visibility and attracts local customers effectively.

Local Weed producers

With their expertise, you can enhance your local online presence and strengthen your relationship with local weed sellers.

Wholesale Services

Wholesale Cannabis Products and Services

One of the easiest ways to connect with potential wholesale clients for your cannabis products is to gain brand recognition by targeting both end users and head shop owners.

Through our service, we will ensure widespread awareness of your brand name among individuals who frequent head shops.

Branded Cannabis Products/ Accessories

To effectively target head shops in the cannabis industry, the SERPninja Agency specializes in increasing brand awareness among both end users and the shop owners they visit.

With our services, we ensure that your brand name becomes well-known among the target audience, helping you establish a strong presence in the head shop market.

Let SERPninja help you make sure that both customers and head shop owners are familiar with your brand.

Cannabis head shops

Cannabis Industry Consultants

Cannabis Industry Consultants

Consultants in the cannabis industry play a crucial role in providing knowledgeable guidance on a range of matters. Their expertise enables them to offer effective solutions, making it essential to have a deep understanding of the subject matter.

With our cannabis SEO marketing services, your website can attract organic traffic and generate revenue through searches related to your service offerings. This will help you connect with new clients seeking your expert advice and assistance.

Cannabis Transporters

Courier services frequently collaborate with the cannabis industry, presenting an opportunity for mutually beneficial partnerships.

By leveraging SERPninja’s SEO services for cannabis delivery, you can establish ongoing and profitable collaborations with cannabis transporters. This collaboration will not only expand your client base but also enable you to tap into the end users of these transporters.

Our specialized cannabis SEO strategies will enhance your online visibility, attracting a larger audience and facilitating the growth of your business in the cannabis industry.

 Cannabis transporter

Cannabis reseller

Cannabis Resellers

Resellers seek partnerships with companies that offer favorable terms of agreement and consistently evaluate market options.

At SERPninja, we specialize in enhancing your online visibility and effectively reaching your target audience. By improving your online presence, we will attract resellers to your business.

Unlock Unparalleled Insights Through Our Comprehensive Suite of SEO Tools

SERPninja experts employ a diverse range of tools to enhance website and search engine optimization like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, and Moz, as well as social media management tools like Hootsuite, among others.

The selection of tools is tailored to meet the unique requirements of clients and align with the strategies implemented to amplify online visibility and drive traffic.

Here are some of the key components of our SEO campaigns for CBD and other cannabis-related sites:

Conduct an SEO audit on your cannabis website

An SEO audit is a valuable tool that provides insights into various aspects of your website, including user behavior, page performance, and overall traffic. By identifying on-page and technical SEO issues, off-site problems, user experience concerns, content gaps, and website structure issues, our cannabis SEO audit addresses foundational issues that affect your website’s organic search performance.

Our dedication to going beyond the average cannabis SEO agency sets us apart as a full-featured digital marketing powerhouse, ready to propel your business to succeed in the online landscape.

Discovering search intent using Google’s autocomplete

Understanding how users search for cannabis

Understanding how users search for cannabis and CBD products is crucial for effective cannabis SEO. While keyword research remains important, SEO now focuses more on understanding user search intent.

The way people search today has changed compared to the past. Additionally, people tend to search differently on mobile devices compared to desktop/laptop devices, largely due to the influence of voice search.

We understand that it’s essential to go beyond simply having a list of target keywords and delve into the reasoning behind every search. With the advent of voice search and the dynamic nature of search queries, it’s important to adapt your SEO strategy accordingly.

Cannabis SEO: Informational intent

At SERPninja, we strongly recommend conducting extensive testing to evaluate how your cannabis SEO optimization strategy impacts organic traffic and incorporate conversational keyword search terms into your keyword strategy.  

Comprehensive Keyword Research

One of the most important steps in your custom cannabis SEO strategy for your cannabis or local dispensary website is performing thorough keyword research.

At SERPninja, we go beyond that by utilizing a range of powerful keyword research tools, including “Google Trends,” to identify precise and relevant keywords for your cannabis company.

Finding the keyword trend using Google trends

We specialize in conducting comprehensive cannabis keyword research to generate a robust list of primary, secondary, and semantically related keyword search phrases specifically tailored to your cannabis business, dispensary, or CBD products.

We’ll also situate your keyword strategy within a content program and backlinks campaign that’s designed for maximum results against your competition.

Competitive Analysis

For better or worse, SEO is a zero-sum game. If your competitor ranks first in a given search, that means you rank second or lower (position zero aside) and most likely get less traffic.

Therefore, we perform a thorough analysis of your competitor’s SEO strategies and provide valuable insights that can guide the development of your own strategy. By examining your competitors, we will help you uncover the following:

• Competitors’ strength

• Competitors’ shortcomings and how you can avoid them

• Competitors’ content strategies and website structures

• Link-building strategies and dynamics

• Identify which SEO tasks are critical for your own success.

Identifying their strengths and weaknesses, combined with everything that we’re able to do better, means that your SEO strategy will be designed to overtake another cannabis business.

Relevance of backlinks for cannabis niche

Link building

Backlinking is a crucial yet often misunderstood aspect of SEO. Search engines rely on external websites linking to your site as a vote of confidence. However, successful link-building requires expertise, and penalties for improper practices are severe.

SERPninja specializes in effective backlinking strategies that withstand search engine algorithm updates, ensuring successful SEO outcomes. With an extensive network of relationships with publishers and websites, our expertise in backlink outreach is unmatched.

By prioritizing natural linking patterns and relevant content, SERPninja guarantees results while maintaining a positive relationship with search engines.

Marijuana SEO through quality backlinks is crucial to get your business online and noticed, and it’s a key aspect of cannabis marketing, too.

On-Page SEO Services

At SERPninja, we recognize the importance of on-page optimization for cannabis websites in boosting visibility and search engine rankings.

Therefore, we prioritize the optimization of on-page elements, such as:

• Keywords

• Titles and Headers

• Meta descriptions

• Content structure

• Internal linking

• Adding alt attributes for media

By aligning these elements with search engine algorithms, we enhance the website’s relevance to user queries and increase organic traffic, ultimately leading to improved search engine rankings. Our dedicated focus on on-page optimization techniques empowers cannabis websites to maximize their online visibility.

Technical SEO Services For Cannabis Sites

To rank in search engines, it’s crucial to ensure your site is easily discoverable. We will ensure proper crawling and indexing of your pages and utilize techniques like internal linking and schema markup to maximize your ranking potential. With responsive web design, we guarantee a seamless browsing experience across different devices.

We’ll also focus on creating a well-structured site, implementing SSL security, ensuring accessibility, indexing submission, and complying with legal regulations to eliminate any technical obstacles before diving into keyword research and content marketing.

Cannabis Content Marketing

Content and backlinks are interconnected and essential for successful SEO. Without valuable content, there is no foundation for acquiring backlinks, and without backlinks, content may struggle to rank.

In the cannabis industry, an effective SEO campaign revolving around content ideas not only enhances brand awareness and user interaction but also aids in climbing search engine results pages.

We’ll audit your existing content to make sure it’s pulling its weight, then create a roadmap to guide new content creation as well as improve legacy content.

Our proven SEO strategy ensures that your marijuana website is performing at its best. From designing a mobile-friendly website to thin content and keyword cannibalization, we’ll make sure every piece of content on your site has a crystal clear purpose and delivers value to your users.

Modern cannabis brands understand how important their branding is, and compelling cannabis content can help you climb the search queries like a plant climbs a trellis.

Utilize Organic Social Media

Sharing popular, high-quality, and relevant cannabis content on social media is a key strategy for promoting your cannabis store or marijuana dispensary.

Google views social signals, such as shares and engagement, as indicators of trust and credibility. While social signals are not an official ranking factor, they can contribute to increased visibility and brand recognition and ultimately improve search rankings.

At SERPninja, we recommend leveraging social media to promote your cannabis or marijuana content and strengthen your SEO efforts.

Utilize Local SEO for CBD Businesses

SERPninja understands the significance of local SEO for CBD businesses, allowing them to optimize their online presence and rankings in local search results.

By leveraging strategies such as optimizing Google My Business listings, utilizing local keywords, creating localized content, and building local backlinks, we enable CBD businesses to attract targeted customers within their geographic area.

This comprehensive approach enhances visibility, drives traffic, and establishes a strong online presence in the local market.

Cannabis SEO Analytics & Reporting

They say that you can’t improve things if you don’t measure them, so proper analytics and reporting have always been vital to us.

We’ll make sure you understand the data we share, and we’ll use each month’s reporting to optimize further and get even better traffic, conversions, and ROI for you.

We’ll help you monitor the improvements to your relevant keywords, and we’ll take the time to analyze the user intent to further optimize and improve our SEO strategies to help you rank higher than other cannabis businesses in your class.

Cannabis companies can use local SEO and other techniques as part of their overall marijuana SEO strategy, paired with analytics and reporting, to steer the ship toward success.


Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation focused on growing your CBD site search rankings, traffic and conversions.


It depends! If you have an established site, you can expect to see the result in 2-3 months. Otherwise, it may take up to 3-6 months.

While we cannot provide guarantees, we will make every effort to help your site achieve a top-ranking position.

Once done with the SEO audit, we will evaluate the feasibility of reaching your desired objectives and provide a clear understanding of what can realistically be accomplished.

We do not outsource any parts of our cannabis SEO service. Instead, we directly recruit and hire dedicated cannabis SEO specialists who will work exclusively on your project on a full-time basis.

We provide a dedicated team of experts tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our digital marketing services have a starting price of $1000 per month, and on average, our clients typically invest between $5000 and $9000 in our comprehensive range of services.

To measure the progress of our SEO strategy, we set specific KPIs such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversion rate, page load time, backlink profile, social media engagement, click-through rate (CTR), and more to help us succeed in our goals.

We offer flexible payment options, including PayPal, credit card, Visa, and even cryptocurrency payments, to accommodate our clients’ preferences and convenience.

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