PBN Rentals

Safe,long term and high ROI PBN links


Aged non-dropped auction domains

We handpick domains from auction marketplaces like GoDaddy, Snapnames, and Dropcatch. Our team of experts makes sure they pick domains which are powerful, clean and which have never been penalized or previously used for SEO purposes.


Money site level website quality

We use handwritten content for all of our sites. All our PBN sites have designs worth bragging!


Shared and Premium Hosts

We host our network in a mix of shared and private servers. All our sites are on different Class A/B IPs.


Outbound Links Limit

We make sure that every site has a maximum of eight outbound client links. Nothing more! We spend obscene amounts of time to make sure our PBN sites are effective.

Network Samples

Elevator Pitch

Our PBN network is truly “private” in a lot of different ways- these are not your regular run-off-the-mill PBN links.These are top-draw agency quality PBN links. Our PBNs are highly vetted and built by a team of experts.All our sites have topically relevant pages based on their history and have lots of unique content on them.We only pick domains which are non-dropped , have squeaky clean history and powerful backlink profiles. ( Something like this – Yea, a lot of these have good traffic scores too!) We have 0 deindexation issues till date and that is because we are least interested in making sales which can jeopardize our network.

We are very serious about the security of our network and do not allow sites which are spammed or generally trash.We monitor our client sites to make sure they don’t involve in shady link building practices like purchasing 300 PBN links for $5 off Fiverr , GSA Spam or anything equally short-sighted like that(More rules are mentioned here


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