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Been using SERPninja’s service from years and i can just use one word “FANTASTIC”. I have ordered almost 500 PBN sites setups with them and can’t complain for a single / small issue. Even never asked for any single edit because the work his team do is top notch quality . Sathish himself is a cool and friendly guy . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SERVICES !

Kay Tee

BHW Veteran

If you need high quality PBN which look like a real money site, Sathish and his team is the way to go. After creating over 50 PBN for our company I can say, his work is top notch. Awesome looking PBN, good and fast support and delivery on time is what you get here for a fair price. We are working together for over one year and it has always been a pleasure.

Nils Henning

I’ve been working with Sathish for around a year now and I have to say the work is excellent quality at a great price. His team

Robert Keane

Wednesday Club

Sathish is the coolest fckn dude i know

Nicholas Altimore

Building a PBN is resource intensive, time-consuming and takes a level of specialized knowledge in the matter that is lacking even among most experienced SEOs. There are a number of special precautions and careful planning that needs to take place when building out a private blog network. Fail to set these up right, and you could be a sitting duck for a Google penalty at worst, and lost rankings at best.

But Why PBNs?

Why? Because YOU are in control of every aspect of the network, modeling it at will to your specific needs as they change over time. This is a great investment in your current money site, but also in the future of your online endeavors.

With a Solid PBN Setup, You Control:

Do you really want to set them up yourself?

One of the biggest hindrances for most business owners and SEOs is the actual cost and time of building the PBNs themselves.

Without an in-house team, streamlined workflows and SOPs, as well as specialized knowledge of PBNs, the PBN setup task can be downright burdensome.

If you want the best topically relevant links (because we made them specifically to be relevant for your site), and to create your own private blog networks that your competitors will never be able to get links on, that are perfectly relevant to your niche, ask us to setup your PBN websites because it’s what we do best.

What Makes SERPninja’s PBNs so Good?

Built by SEOs for SEOs, our private blog networks and PBN setups are designed to outlast and outperform the competition. With combined decades of experience and having built one of the largest PBN networks on the planet ourselves, we know what it takes to do the job right.

SERPninja runs the biggest PBN building/creation operation on the planet. You don’t have to take our word for it – but we have built over 4200 PBNs in the past year. We have inhouse PBN builders and domain experts across 3 continents. What does that mean for your business? Your sensitive PBN information stays inside our office wall/protected by NDAs and is not tossed around by reseller-chains.

Need additional help or want us to take things from there? No problem! Our monthly plans include ongoing content creation and scheduling as well as PBN maintenance, making sure things run smoothly while you do what you do best: run your site/business.

Do you have custom requirements for picking domains? Drop us an email at and we will get back to you in 24 hours with a plan on how we can build links far superior than you’ll find from any other seo agency. Our PBN setup service is second to none. We know what it takes to make a successful PBN, and that’s why our PBN building service focuses on everything from finding the best expired domain for each site so you can build links that bring serious power to your link profile. We’ll also maximize your on page seo, and take care of all of the secret sauce that separates out of our sites from what any other SEO agency can do.

PBN Planning – Planning for SERP Success

In order to keep your PBN sites safe, and your money sites safer, it’s important that your private blog network is carefully planned from the get-go. We specialize in this, from scouring auction sites to find you the best expiring domains to build strong PBN websites with, to ensuring that you’re passing optimal link juice over to your money sites, and everything in between – we’ll help you buy PBN domains and turn them into authoritative websites in the same niche.

Building a PBN network where all the sites are strong and safe, across the entire network, will help send your money website into outerspace.

Nobody said that link building would be easy, but our experience as an SEO agency along with building and ranking many sites of our own means that we’re able to help you, even in the most competitive niches.

PBN Hosting – Creating a massive network without any footprints

“Footprints” are clues that your competitors can use to expose your network and try to reverse engineer how you’re ranking, or that search engines can use to accuse you of manipulating the search results. Neither of those cases is a good thing, which is why we work hard to eliminate footprints entirely with our PBN setup service.

We’re not going to go into all of the details of what we do to avoid footprints, but just know that other websites and your competitors who use different SEO agencies are putting a target on themselves. It’s only a matter of time until their houses of cards crumble, leaving you positioned even more firmly. This means your PBN can actually become more and more powerful over time, since it’s build better.

A powerful private blog network is a great addition to your SEO strategy, but it’s crucial to ensure that it’s hard to tie it all together as belonging to one person. Shared hosting accounts, different IP addresses, creating content that other sites will naturally link to, avoiding spun content, and including other types of the best links like guest blogging are all ways to increase the power and value of your PBN. A great PBN will send you higher in the serps, and will help you get more links from other pages as they reference your content. This head start to get you off the ground is usually better than renting links on the same network, since you’ll have a valuable asset that can be used for more than just your first site.

Before you start linking all willy nilly from a pbn website, though, you have to be careful when you link to your money site since having tons of copy/paste sites that all look the same, pointing at your money sites, is a good way to trigger a manual review. This is why we take care to craft quality content, unique sites, and to pass manual reviews on the off-chance that ever happens. We can help you flesh out the rest of your link profile, too, by adding some guest posts and other types of links. This helps you capture the link juice from each PBN website you own, along with earning more natural links along the way.

FAQ: PBN Links, Expired Domains, PBN Building, Domain Authority, SEO Hosting Services, and More

PBN sites are a collection of websites that have been carefully crafted to build links from multiple domains and multiple sites pointing at your money site. You know how valuable it can be to claim the top ranks in the search engines, and a PBN gives you complete control over all the websites that are linking to you, meaning that you can ensure all the links are using a variety of anchors instead of going overkill on exact match anchor text, for instance. You’re also able to tweak and customize things.

When you control at least some of the sites in your link profile, you’re able to start linking to your next project, or to more easily rebrand your current money site. Whatever you decide to do down the road, using a PBN setup service is an investment in your business that can yield

If you aren’t familiar with the domain aftermarket and the ins and outs of vetting domains for your PBN, we recommend going with our PBN Setup + Domain service. We’ll track down quality domains and we’ll make sure they’re ready to start firing on all cylinders. If you don’t know exactly what to look for, and what to avoid, then you can end up wasting a lot of time and money trying to build your PBN.

Let us take care of it for you, so that you can focus on growing your main business instead of chasing down hosting accounts, rolling the dice on domains, and hoping to avoid making any fatal errors while setting up your PBN.

Ideally, you’ll find an expiring domain instead of an old expired domain that’s already dropped. A domain that hasn’t dropped is preferential. Also, it’s important to ensure that the domain authority isn’t faked, and that the domain is relevant to your niche before you consider adding it to any of your blog networks. We’ve only just scratched the surface of the hoops we’ll jump through to ensure that each of our client sites in their network is build to perform. “Expired domains” can also refer to names that are being auctioned and haven’t dropped yet, since those are sometimes referred to as “expired auctions”, so just not the difference between that and a “dropped domain”.

As with anything in SEO, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Most types of link building that are effective can also potentially land you in trouble in the eyes of a search engine if you’re misusing them. Using your PBN to link to a single money site instead of using every site in your PBN to link to all of your sites, and all of your friend’s sites, and even your client sites, is one way to keep things safer, and so is using the correct web hosts and ensuring that there aren’t footprints in your hosting.

That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to the technical side of things, instead of just buying domains to start linking from without taking steps to eliminate footprints, or ensuring that everything is setup and configured perfectly. When you use a PBN building service that aren’t on top of absolutely every part the process, there’s a lot of room for error and those errors can be very costly to your business. Protect your money sites and get this done the right way, because your money sites are worth it.

Some people have a misconception that all you need to do to setup a private blog network is to get some expired domains, setup a PBN website, do a little basic on page SEO, rebuild the previous website from that domain, toss up a contact page, link to some sites in the same niche, and they’re all set – but there’s a lot more that goes into the process.

We’ve seen a competitor, for example, setup Google Analytics accounts that tied their whole PBN together, and even had sites on the same IP addresses at the same web hosts. Clients don’t necessarily know what to look out for, so some agencies can get away with stuff like that, but you’re always in better hands with us. Why spend money renting PBN links for a set period of time, when you can own them, instead?

What sets our PBN building service apart from another PBN building service is the level of care we take, our experience, the results we’re able to achieve again and again, and our track record. Feel free to reach out to us anytime, we can help you craft the perfect link profile including PBN links from your own PBN websites, leveraging expired domains correctly, using strong on page SEO and resources that no other SEO agency has.

Your money website is in good hands with us, and once you kickstart your SEO, you’ll find that more and more sites will start to naturally link to you, too. Our PBN building service will focus on ensuring that each PBN site is relevant to your niche, and that every aspect of your PBN setup is executed perfectly. You can buy domains on your own, or have us take care of finding names that pass our manual review process. Either way, your money website is in good hands.

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