Secure Relevant Guest Posts From Quality Websites That No one Else Can, With Us.

We don’t use templates, period. Our processes, campaigns, toolkits and in-house coordination are all customized to create a synergy that, simply put, will get you results that no-one else can.

What are SERPNinja Guest Posts? Why choose us?

After half a decade of experience – our custom outreach process is unparallelled in getting not only the best websites in every niche excited to work with us and guest post for our customers, but often in successfully getting guest posts from websites most agencies are unable to secure. There’s a few reasons we can do what noone else can, for you.

Everything done for you is done in-house, from start to finish.

Over 30 employees make up our dynamic in-house team, with a synergy to coordinate project tasks in-between each other faster than any other agency, which tend to be made up of remote teams handling specific pieces of an overall project.

We don’t use templates for anything, and all of our operating procesdures are created by us.

We are a powerhouse of internally developed processes, private custom software tools and built-from-scratch-per-campaign SOPs.


Strict, high-quality standards of SEO stat verification and filtering for any guest post website we outreach to or accept into the database, including ACTUAL human logic.

While most agencies try to create algorithms to accommodate their template outreach processes – to spit out statistics/pricing tables out for you of their available inventory – they’ll have a perpetual flaw in any algorithm they’ll ever put together.

Without actual human logic – small things can slip through. What makes us different from any SEO agency you’ll ever work with, is, we look for the small things that generate those extra results that get you the best bang for your buck – and the best correlating SERP results with that.


There are  100 things to look for, with 100 variations each, which only a human brain can analyze correctly. When we look at a DR70 website, see that it only has 3-3.5k determined monthly traffic.

We take the extra steps to verify sources of the traffic to line up with their organic results and social media presence to line up with the estimated traffic. The kinds of metrics that would pass all other filters and be available for you to purchase in those agencies – we pick up and filter out.

We take the time to research the little things that benefit your campaign – and only get you the real stuff. You’ll be impressed, we guarantee it.

We don’t follow checklists and template guidelines to determine GP website quality, we manually review each website.

Using a trained eye and years of experience that one has to put the time and work into to “understand the marketplace”.

We know that $200 for a DA20 with 2O total OBL is different from $200 for another site with DA20 and 300 OBL. We take into account all the statistics and factors of a website individually, and then logically determine if everything makes sense before accepting the website.

No algorithm does that, but the extra work gives you access to GP sites you generally wouldn’t be able to access.


All of our guest post websites have traffic. They always should.

We don’t think there’s really no point in getting placement on an “organic” website, or a website that wasn’t created with the sole purpose of SEO/traffic such as a PBN blog, if it has no traffic. Without thinking too deeply about it – clearly, the search engines either:


Don’t value the website enough to rank it for a wider variety of broader sub-keywords in that niche to trickle it more traffic, or…


The stats are “pumped up” and don’t correlate, as people are able to pump their link count, traffic and just about any other statistics to sell SEO on them.

We don’t think there’s really no point in getting placement on an “organic” website, or a website that wasn’t created with the sole purpose of SEO/traffic such as a PBN blog, if it has no traffic. Without thinking too deeply about it – clearly, the search engines either:

To get started – check out our offerings

The process (for custom GP outreach) is very simple.

Step 1 – submit your project details, with as much detail as you’d like.

Give us the URLs/anchors details and a description of what kind of niches/stat specification websites you’re looking to find guest posts on.

As much or as little detail as you’d like – since we’ll reach out to you almost instantly if we need to clarify anything, but are also happy to do all the research and even pick out the keywords/URLs of your website for you.

Step 2 – we do the research, negotiate the deals, curate the content and secure the placements.

While we secure the best pricing and websites as per your project specifications – we also begin curating the content for your guest posts.

Once the negotiations and content are complete – after a final review, we secure the placements.

Step 3 – we get you your full report. Whitelabelled for your agency, if you’d like.

After everything is confirmed, we prepare a full report for you with your placements, the statistics of those websites and other details. We can whitelabel it with your agency’s logo/details if you’d like – as we love working with agencies.

Half a decade of experience being the inventors of niche edits and having built 1,000s of PBNs – we just “get it”.

Years of knowledge means that we track SEO signals internally and privately – to give our clients an edge on their competition.

We keep track of our own factors that we see performing well for our clients – and we often notice these factors and patterns weeks/months before they’re analyzed/published in some industry leading SEO news blog.

We know what big G looks for when it determines whether a set of PBNs are a link farm. We know how to analyze domain history in a way that will tell us just about everything about the website, and whether it’s stats are legitimate or not. 

We know a hundred other things that give our clients weeks, months and sometimes YEARS of advantage over their competitors in a niche.


We can get guest posts in just about every niche. And convince any website that is even remotely considering allowing guest posting on it.

Years of connections with niche edit, PBN and outreach website webmasters allow us to leverage our relationships with them to get access to their entire portfolios of web properties – giving us an essentially endless network of connections to get you the guest posts with any SEO specs, in any niche – that you could need.

The secret to why we secure guest post placements others fail to – our team always goes the extra mile.

We’re not just “saying that”. A number of the biggest projects we’ve handled in difficult-to-obtain-links niches tend to have very finicky webmasters who ask us to go the extra mile to secure a placement on their website. Sometimes money doesn’t matter to them – and we have to impress them with a great article, and other times they’ll request infographics/etc for themselves in order for us to secure a post.

Our team does all that for them. Where other agencies have a cookie-cutter process that does not allow for much flexibility, and yields canned results from the same websites and webmasters over and over – we’re happy to accommodate webmasters in a variety of ways a typical agency wouldn’t – all to secure you the kind of guest posts that noone else can.

This means you get the best quality content curated for your guest post, while enjoying the savings that come from our in-house GP outreach/negotiation team that does all the deal-making. Instead of dealing with a company that has a spider web of VA teams trying to coordinate with each other – enjoy the increased product quality, faster TATs and better overall pricing, that comes from working with us directly.

Customize your outreach campaign however you like, from scratch. We’ll help you.


While many would call this a “custom outreach process”, primarily to charge you 3-5x more for the same process that would ultimately yield the same placements they were going to get you – we’re happy to discuss all your customized guest post and outreach needs, specifically for you. 

We can accommodate your needs, whatever they are, period. Just come to us with the metrics, and we’ll give you a full consultation and breakdown of our process and what you can expect.

Reach out to us today so we can build you a customized process to get guest post placements or start by checking out our weekly-updated database.

To get started – check out our offerings

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