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Secure Relevant and High Quality Guest Posts From Websites That No one Else Can, With Us.

We don’t use templates, period. Our processes, campaigns, toolkits and in-house coordination are all customized to create a synergy that, simply put, will get you results that no-one else can.


Budget-Friendly Option
$120 Per Link
  • Over 20 DR
  • Handwritten content included
  • HQ Real websites
  • 1000+ Organic traffic
  • 1-4 week quick delivery
  • Licensed stock images


Client Quality Links
$150 Per Link
  • Over 30 DR
  • Handwritten content included
  • HQ Real websites
  • 1000+ Organic traffic
  • 1-4 week quick delivery
  • Licensed stock images


Powerful Links For Ranking
$230 Per Link
  • Over 45 DR
  • Handwritten content included
  • HQ Real websites
  • 1000+ Organic traffic
  • 1-4 week quick delivery
  • Licensed stock images


Great For Competitive Niches
$300 Per Link
  • Over 60 DR
  • Handwritten content included
  • HQ Real websites
  • 1000+ Organic traffic
  • 1-4 week quick delivery
  • Licensed stock images

Why buy guest posts from SERPninja?

With half a decade of industry experience, our guest posting service stands unrivaled when it comes to generating excitement among the top websites in various niches to collaborate with us and provide guest posts for our clients.

However, what sets us apart is our remarkable ability to secure high-quality links from websites that most agencies struggle to establish connections with. We take pride in our unique capabilities, which enable us to achieve what other SEO services cannot, and we are eager to extend these benefits to you.

Unlock the Full Potential of our In-House Expertise in Guest Posting.

Our dynamic in-house team comprises over 30 skilled employees who work together in perfect synergy. This collaborative approach allows us to coordinate Guest posting project tasks more efficiently and swiftly than other guest post services that often rely on remote teams handling specific pieces of an overall project.

Moreover, we do not hastily put-together guest posting templates for anything. Instead, we have developed our own operating procedures.

Further, to enhance our efficiency and effectiveness, we have developed private custom software tools. These tools are specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, giving us a competitive advantage in executing guest posting campaigns.

Strict, high-quality standards of SEO stat verification.

At our SEO agency, we prioritize the application of actual human logic when selecting relevant blogs for our inventory. Each site undergoes manual verification by our team of guest posting experts because there are 100 things to look for, with 100 variations each, which only a human brain can analyze correctly. 

When we look at a DR70 website, we see that it only has 3-3.5k determined monthly traffic. We take the extra steps to verify sources of the traffic to line up with their organic results and social media presence to line up with the estimated monthly organic traffic. Without actual human logic, an integral portion of guest posting can slip through. 

We manually review each guest posting website we outreach to.

Through the application of a trained eye and years of experience, we gain the necessary insight and expertise to truly understand the intricacies of the marketplace.

We know that $200 for a DA 20 (domain authority) with 20 total OBL (outbound links) is different from $200 for another site with DA20 and 300 OBL. We take into account all the statistics and factors of a website individually and then logically determine if everything makes sense before accepting the website. 

No algorithm has the potential to completely understand the intricacies of a website, like human intelligence and expertise. We invest extra time and effort to give you access to guest post sites that are typically out of reach.

All of our guest post websites have traffic. They always should.

We share your perspective on the importance of obtaining placements on quality sites that offer genuine value in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We believe that it is essential to prioritize organic websites rather than those created solely for SEO purposes, such as PBN (Private Blog Network) blogs, especially when these websites lack actual traffic.

While some websites may artificially inflate their statistics, including link count and traffic, to promote their SEO capabilities, we understand the need for authenticity. We go after guest-posting blogs that offer real value in the SERPs! 

Guest Posts Examples

Guest Posting Service Options

The process for our custom outreach is very simple.

1. Submit your project details, with as much detail as you'd like.

 Give us the URL and anchor text details and a description of what kind of niche/stat specification websites you’re looking to find guest posts on. 

You can provide as much or as little detail as you’d like. And if there is any ambiguity or further information required, we will reach out to you immediately. But we are also happy to conduct all the research on your behalf and select the most suitable keywords and URLs for your website.

2. We do the research, negotiate the deals, create content and secure the guest post placement.

In addition to securing the best pricing and high authority websites as per your project specifications, we also handle the content creation for your guest posts. Once the negotiations and content are complete, we will conduct a thorough review and proceed to secure the placements on the chosen website.

3. We get you your full report. White-labelled for your agency, if you'd like.

After everything is confirmed, we will prepare a full report for you with your placements, the statistics of those websites, and other details.

We understand the importance of maintaining your agency’s brand identity, which is why we offer the option to white-label the report with your agency’s logo and other relevant details.

Years of knowledge mean that we track SEO signals internally and privately.

We stay ahead of the curve and identify factors that deliver exceptional results for our clients. And often, we recognize these factors and patterns well in advance, sometimes even weeks or months, before they are analyzed or published in industry-leading SEO news blogs.

We know what Big G looks for when it determines whether a set of PBNs are a link farm. We also know a hundred other things that give our clients weeks, months, and sometimes years of advantage over their competitors in a niche.

Customize your outreach campaign in any way you like from scratch. We'll help you.

While some might refer to this as a “custom blogger outreach process,” it’s worth noting that certain providers may charge significantly higher rates for similar outcomes and placements. At SERPninja, we prioritize personalized discussions to understand your unique requirements and tailor our guest post and outreach services accordingly. 

We can accommodate your needs, whatever they are, period. Just come to a white hat link-building agency like us with the metrics, and we’ll give you a full consultation and breakdown of our process and what you can expect. 

Our superior guest blogging process secures placements in 99.9% of niches.

Years of connections with niche edit, PBN, and outreach website owners allow us to leverage our relationships with them to get access to their entire portfolios of web properties. This gives us an essentially endless network of connections to get you guest posts with any SEO specs in any niche – that you could need. 

The secret to why our guest post service trumps others.

Our team always goes the extra mile.

Our claims are not mere words; they are backed by our track record of successfully handling major projects in difficult-to-obtain link niches. These projects often involve demanding webmasters who require us to go above and beyond to secure a placement on their websites.

In some cases, money is not the deciding factor for them. We have to impress them with exceptional articles or fulfill specific requests, such as creating infographics, in order for us to secure a post. And our dedicated team is fully capable of meeting these demands.

Unlike other agencies that follow a rigid, cookie-cutter process, resulting in the same outcomes from the same websites and webmasters, we thrive on flexibility. We are more than willing to accommodate webmasters in various ways that a typical agency wouldn’t consider.

This means you get the best quality content curated for your guest post while enjoying the savings that come from our in-house guest post outreach/negotiation team. Our dedicated team takes care of all the deal-making processes, including the selection of anchor texts if you require assistance in that regard.

Instead of dealing with a company that relies on a complex network of virtual assistant teams trying to coordinate with each other, collaborating with us directly brings several advantages. You can enjoy increased product quality, faster TATs, and better overall pricing.

Ready to work with a Competent Team ?

Check out our guest posting service options. 


Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, refers to a content marketing strategy in which individuals or businesses create and publish articles or blog posts on external websites or blogs that are relevant to their industry or niche.

Guest post service is a service provided by digital marketing agencies to assist businesses and individuals in acquiring valuable backlinks for their websites or blogs.

This professional service involves several key steps, including identifying relevant and authoritative websites that accept guest posts, developing high-quality and engaging content, and publishing it on these selected websites with a backlink to the client’s site.

Guest posting services are typically staffed with skilled content writers and outreach specialists who have established relationships with a diverse network of blog owners and editors.

Both guest posts and niche edits are regarded as authority links, which makes them high-quality backlinks for improving search engine rankings. These link-building strategies are specifically crafted to enhance the power, authority, and relevance of a website.

One of the key distinctions between niche edits and guest posts is that niche edits involve inserting backlinks into existing articles that have already been indexed by Google. These articles typically have a pre-existing backlink profile, meaning they may have already accumulated links from other sources over time.

Niche edits offer the advantage of acquiring backlinks without the need to go through the process of publishing a new blog post or creating fresh content. Instead, you identify relevant articles within your niche and request to have your Link added to the existing content.

Thus, you can say that niche edits are a kind of guest post without the challenge of creating and publishing new posts.

The lifespan of guest posts can vary depending on several factors, including the policies of the website where the guest post is published, the longevity of the website itself, and the relevance and quality of the content. 

Some websites may keep guest posts permanently on their platform, ensuring ongoing visibility and a lasting backlink. Other websites may have a predetermined duration for guest posts, such as a few weeks or months. While the visibility may decline over time, the backlink from a reputable website can still contribute to the website’s SEO efforts and high domain authority.

Typically, our guest posts have an indefinite lifespan, and we provide a guarantee of at least 90 days of placement. In most cases, these guest posts remain on the website for many years as long as the blog owner continues to run their blog.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that a gradual decrease or diminishing presence may occur over time, as bloggers may choose to discontinue their sites or shift their focus.

Guest posting is an effective strategy for building backlinks as it allows you to leverage the authority and reach of established websites.

When you contribute guest posts to reputable sites, you have the opportunity to include backlinks to your own website within the content. These backlinks act as signals to search engines that your website is trustworthy and relevant, thereby improving your search engine rankings.

Additionally, with guest posting, you will be reaching out to a wider audience, generating referral traffic, and increasing brand exposure. Building relationships with other bloggers and website owners enhances opportunities for future collaborations and backlink sharing.

With a diversified link profile and a focus on valuable blog post creation, guest posting can be an effective link-building tactic for acquiring authoritative backlinks and strengthening your overall SEO efforts.

Guest posting remains a valuable and essential component of a well-rounded inbound marketing strategy, and when executed correctly, it can be an effective SEO tactic for driving organic traffic.

SERPninjas’ guest blogging services offer numerous benefits to organizations of all types. By contributing to other businesses’ websites, you can establish yourself as an industry authority, build valuable connections with industry leaders, and tap into new markets for brand exposure.

Additionally, with our premium guest post service, you can bring fresh perspectives and engaging content to your readers by allowing guest authors to contribute to your website.
This strategy helps retain visitors who may be seeking varied content and also provides a marketing boost as guest authors promote their blogs within their own networks.

Google does not penalize guest posts per se, as they can be a legitimate and valuable way to acquire backlinks and share relevant content.

However, it’s important to adhere to Google’s guidelines and best practices to ensure the guest posts are of high quality and provide genuine value to readers.

Guest blogs should not be solely created for the purpose of obtaining links that manipulate search rankings. Instead, the focus should be on producing high-quality content that is informative, relevant, and useful to the target audience. Guest posts should be a natural part of a website’s content strategy and should contribute to a genuine user experience.

As long as guest posts are created ethically and follow Google’s guidelines, guest posts with contextual links can be a beneficial SEO strategy without incurring any penalties from Google.

Purchasing a guest blog for SEO can be a safe and effective strategy if you select a reputable and trustworthy guest blogging service provider.

Acquiring high-quality guest posts is crucial for enhancing your website and SEO efforts, and opting for paid guest posting can offer a viable solution. However, it is essential to carefully choose reliable guest bloggers who can efficiently handle the entire process on your behalf.

Getting a top rank on Google is not an overnight practice; it requires time and persistence. There is no specific timeline for when the impact of guest blogging will be reflected in your rankings. You just need to remain consistent to see the desired result.

Certainly! You have the option to provide anchor text for your guest posts. In some cases, certain websites may have specific guidelines or restrictions regarding anchor text, and if that’s the case, we will inform you beforehand.

Apart from adult websites, we provide guest post services for most other niches.

Guest posting improves SEO in several ways:

• Backlinks: By contributing valuable content to reputable websites in your industry, you can earn valuable backlinks to your own website, which signals to search engines that your site is authoritative and trustworthy. These guest post links can improve your search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.

• Expand audience reach: It also allows you to reach a wider audience, exposing your brand to new potential customers and increasing brand visibility.

• Enhance brand credibility: Guest posting helps to establish your expertise and thought leadership in your industry, enhancing your online reputation.

• Networking and collaboration opportunities: Guest posting often involves building relationships with other bloggers and website owners in your niche. This can lead to future collaborations, cross-promotion, and opportunities for guest posts on their sites, further expanding your SEO efforts.

Before you start looking for a blogger outreach service, make sure that you are clear about the outcome that you expect to achieve. In addition, select a service provider that aligns with your niche and target market. Also, ensure to choose a provider with a strong and reputable background.

Here are some questions that you need to consider before choosing a guest blogging service provider:

• Does the domain authority of the service provider rank high enough to positively impact my own SEO position?

• Do they have a Facebook or any other social networking accounts where they publish

• Does this blog or its author possess a substantial following that actively engages in activities such as commenting, retweeting, and sharing information?

• Do their fields and experiences complement mine?

If you are seeking the best guest posting services or outreach campaigns, feel free to reach out to SERPninja today.

All you need to do is give us relevant details about your website, target URL, preferred anchor text, and desired word count for the guest post. Once you share this information, the SERPninja team will take care of the remaining process.

SERPninja Guest Blogging vs. Manual Blog Outreach Services

The key difference between SERPninja and other manual guest post outreach services is that SERPninja has already conducted the outreach and established relationships with various blogs. We have worked with blogs in our lists over months or even years, resulting in a streamlined process for getting guest posts placed.

When a new order comes in, we do not have to start our outreach campaign from scratch since we have established stronger relationships with various reputable blogs.

With each new order, we seize the opportunity to launch a fresh outreach campaign, enabling us to broaden our options within that particular niche. As our client base expands, our outreach efforts increase, allowing us to continually expand our list of partners.

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