SERPninja : The #1 The Hoth Alternative

            Is The Hoth Guilty of Fake reviews?

                                             – We are not pointing fingers.But let’s investigate

Consider the following customer feedback on The Hoth (see image below).

Numerous glowing reviews of The Hoth may be sponsored content.

Although paying for promotional content isn’t inherently wrong, it does make one wonder if the reviewer genuinely experienced the services they’re endorsing.

Want to make a quick buck? Just pen a glowing review for The Hoth! wink

SERPninja vs. The Hoth: Why we are better

Let’s take a brief look at the main contrasts between our offerings at SERPninja and what The Hoth provides.


The Hoth

Services Offered

White Label Link building Services

Everything Under The Sun 🌞


 High Quality Link Building

Outdated SEO Strategies(Web 2.0 Backlinks)


Niche Edits: Starting from $39.9 per link

Guest Posts: Starting from $120 per link

Similar link costs: $150

Similar link costs: $175

Management Fee

No 🙂

Yes ☹️

Confusing Product Catalogue

No 🙂

Yes ☹️

Fake Reviews

No 🙂

Yes ☹️

Contracts for Discounts

No 🙂

Yes ☹️

Customer Support

Outstanding, Customer-Focused Service

Subpar support with Account Rep only after the initial payment.

SERPninja: We coined the term Niche Edits

As a decade-old White Label SEO agency that’s been through a million different struggles – we’ve finally turned SERPninja into an all-inclusive powerhouse of in-house talent who specialize in White Label link building.

Does Niche edits ring a bell to you?

We don’t mean to boast, but the professionals at SERPninja were the ones who came up with the term “Niche Edits,” a phrase widely used by many of our resellers.

No Confusing product Catalogue with SERPninja:

The Hoth has a variety of complicated product names, which can be a bit confusing if you are not an SEO expert.

The complexity of product names makes it harder for you to find the exact product you need, thus making it harder to know what to offer your customers.

SERPninja is perfect if you are a marketing agency looking for a no-nonsense vendor

Complex Product Catalog in The Hoth

Free Account Representative with SERPninja:

After going through a confusing product catalog, you might need an Account Representative to help you to get started.

But, without making your initial payment, you don’t get to speak to the account representative with The Hoth. 

If you look at the following review for The Hoth, you can see that the customer had to first pay before he could speak to an account representative about how he could proceed further.

No Web 2.0 Links and outdated SEO Strategies with SERPninja:

The image below shows a review of a customer of The Hoth who spent $5,000 but didn’t get any good-quality links.

The Hoth’s customer:   

“Creating web 2.0 links that don’t make any sense.”

The Hoth’s response:

“The benefit is in the existence of the links within the web 2.0s as they help boost traffic to your site and improve your site’s ranking.” 

An SEJ staff says in one of his articles that “Only Spammers Say Web 2.0 Links Work

He goes on to talk about how even John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst talks about web 2.0 links being spammy.

John Mueller Comments on Web 2.0 links

No Binding Contracts with SERPninja

At SERPninja, we foster a flexible and transparent environment based on trust.

We don’t believe in locking our customers into binding contracts.

Instead, we strive to provide top-quality services that deliver results. We develop long-term relationships built on mutual trust and satisfaction.

With The Hoth, people often complain about being sneaked into a contract and threatened with losing their discounts if they do not keep going.

When you choose SERPninja as your The Hoth’s alternative, you can start your link-building journey whenever you like and finish it whenever you like and there are no strings attached.

We don’t force you into any contracts by sugar coating it with discounts.

Our discounts are offered solely on bulk orders, never as a ploy to lock you into a contract.

No Hidden Fees with SERPninja

When it comes to managed services, The Hoth charges you a one-time set-up fee of $250 and a $100 management fee.

 No setup or management fee – that’s the SERPninja way!

You’ll also get your dedicated support manager and an easy-to-use dashboard to track all your orders.

At SERPninja, we are dedicated to serving our customers by offering top-notch support without management fees.

Hoth Foundations and the Hoth Boost vs. SERPninja campaigns:

While Hoth X Managed SEO claims to provide “white-hat” services, their budget-friendly link offerings from Foundation packs sadly don’t meet the prevailing standards.

Numerous reviews about The Hoth express dissatisfaction with the quality of the links provided.

SERPninja campaigns guarantee that you will receive top-notch, result-oriented links.

SERPninja campaigns assure delivery of high-quality, outcome-driven links.

Our skilled team of professionals stays updated with the latest strategies and tools to ensure your clients’ websites achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERP).(Thus the name SERPninja 🙂 )

By choosing our white label SEO link building campaigns, you can confidently trust that your clients’ websites will be primed for success.

SERPninja is the #1 The Hoth Alternative for Marketing Agencies and Consultants

The Hoth has been in the industry for nearly a decade, and it’s undeniable that they offer a wider range of services compared to SERPninja.

However, if your main focus is high-quality link building or white-label link-building services, SERPninja is the ideal choice. Our in-house SEO specialists have specific expertise in link building. As a result, we can confidently assert that we deliver superior quality links.


Creating a web 2.0 link is like setting up a free blog on Tumblr. You can get multiple pages and accounts using anchor text in your blog posts to bring visitors to your site. However, this tactic can easily be perceived as spamming the web so results may vary.

TL;DR – Spammy links

Short Version: Yes

Long Version: Since SERPninja specializes in white label link building services, we are the primary source for many agencies who are in the reselling SEO business. Contact us now to know more.

Absolutely Not. We don’t believe in contracts, and you are free to use our services as you please.

A wide range of agencies are part of our monthly link building program. Some of them include digital marketing agencies, Web design agencies, SaaS agencies, Content marketing agencies, Local business consulting agencies, E-commerce agencies, Marketing agencies etc.

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