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We know there’s a lot of Casino SEO Agencies out there—but none have the reputation, experience, and resources like SERPNinja. We’re known for creating backlinks that work—and backlinks are the heart of what search engines look at to decide how much they can trust your website pages

Backlinks are just the beginning, though. From strategy to content to on-going optimization, we know exactly what to do—and what not to do—to earn you fresh targeted streams of gambling traffic that converts into sweet, sweet ROI..

The Importance Of SEO For Casinos

Unless you want to buy all your traffic, organic visibility is key to running a successful online or offline gambling site. Ranking your casino in search engines means being seen where gamblers are looking—right when they’re ready to play. And this is exactly what online gambling SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is for.

Not surprisingly, casinos are one of the most competitive niches in SEO today. They’re also one of the most sensitive. It’s easy to get your casino site penalized with the wrong SEO tactics, and what works and doesn’t work changes all the time.

Casinos are also one of the toughest niches to get backlinks in. Many sites simply don’t want to link to casino and betting sites. Backlinks are the lifeblood of SEO for gambling, though, and they can’t be ignored if you want to outrank your competition. Fortunately, we’re total badasses when it comes to bringing online, and offline gambling sites steady organic traffic that’s here to play.



Every gambling site is different, so let’s discuss your organic SEO traffic needs—and budget—and see what SERPNinja can deliver for you.

What We Offer: SEO Services For Casinos

Although we’re known for our awesome link building campaigns, SERPNinja provides a full suite of comprehensive SEO services for gambling sites. It all starts by discussing your goals and budget and defining what a successful ROI looks like to you. And it all ends with a steady stream of new traffic that’s ready to spend.

We cover every aspect of casino SEO under one roof, so you don’t have to manage multiple vendors. We take the headache out of managing your online presence!

Let’s take a look at just some of the gambling SEO areas we’ll cover for your website or app:


It all starts here with learning about your target market. Finding your best audiences and figuring out which traffic converts and which doesn’t. We continually stay on top of which SEO opportunities your site can take advantage of today as well as in the future.

Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords is one of the most critical pieces of your casino’s SEO strategy. Get it right, and your content and backlinks will target high-converting search queries you can be competitive for. Get it wrong, and you’ll waste your efforts targeting searches you can’t rank for, terms without enough volume, or queries that don’t actually lead to paying users. We’ll find the exact sweet spots your site has enough trust and authority to rank for, and we’ll identify new opportunities constantly as we grow your ability to rank.

Linkbuilding And Casino Links SEO

We believe our reputation speaks for itself here, so check out some of what our clients have to say. How did we climb to the top of the backlink mountain though? Simple. Since day one we’ve focused on quality. Search engines trust us because we help them give their users exactly what they’re searching for.

We never lose sight of relevance, and we always have the highest standards of professionalism and expertise. Not to mention a kickass network that took years of hard work, passion, and good old fashioned trial-and-error to build. Our approach, knowledge, and resources simply can’t be replicated.

Competitive Analysis

At the core, every page of the search results is a competition. A competition of website pages ranked in order based on the value search engines thinks each page delivers. We understand the ins and outs of this never-ending, always changing competitive landscape, and we know what data to look at—and what data to ignore—to put you ahead of other sites.

Technical SEO

With a competitive niche like gambling SEO, it’s vital to take full advantage of technical SEO. We’ll make sure your sitemaps, redirects, schema, and other components of technical SEO lead to the proper crawling and indexing so your content—new and existing—is appropriately understood by Google and other search engines. We’ll also make sure your metadata is designed not only to rank but to convert.

Content Optimization

From creating new content to improving legacy assets, we’ll make sure your content speaks to both search engines and users across mobile, desktop, and tablets. In many cases, it’s just as important to cut and consolidate old content as it is to create new. Neither search engines nor site visitors want to read thin content or find a lot of pages about the same thing. Quality is also vital. At the risk of tooting our own proverbial horn, we’re kind of rockstars at not being penalized by algorithm updates—and this is because we emphasize quality and user experience in all our content optimization efforts.

Analytics & Reporting

Last but not least, we deliver just the right amount of analytics and reporting. We won’t overwhelm you with data, but we will show you the results of our constant monitoring and on-going optimization efforts. Transparency is vital to us, and so are proper benchmarking and KPIs so we know where we’re headed together, how we’re defining success, and how to grow month after month.


Reading is great and all, but action is where the money is. Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation focused on growing your gambling site.


Recently we got this question emailed to us—”Can a paid casino hurt SEO?” After years of providing SEO service for casino niche sites, we can report that whether you handle real money or fake will not negatively impact your site. There are many other factors than can penalize you in search rankings if not done properly, but fortunately, our casino SEO agency can rank your real money site and get you the organic gambling traffic you’re looking for.

Online gambling is one of the most competitive niches, and where there’s competition, there’s “difficulty.” For a gambling SEO agency like us, though, the difficulty doesn’t actually mean it’s hard for us to get your casino site organic rankings and visibility. Difficulty is really just another metric for us—a measure of how competitive your niche and search terms are. In fact, difficulty is a good thing.


We use our talent and expertise to leverage your potential rankings against the difficulty/competition level. As we build more trust and authority for your site, we purposefully go after more competitive search results. After all, it’s the most “difficult” searches to rank for that usually have the most value in terms of conversion.

Yes! If done properly—and proper is the only way SERPNinja does anything—Casino links SEO is safe for your site. We’ve built our expertise and professionalism over the years and years of doing this. The foundation of our link building campaigns is authority and relevance—the same foundation that search engines prize. By focusing on what’s important to search engines and their users, we avoid the pitfalls that can happen with poor or outdated link building techniques.


We realize finding an SEO service for casino niche sites can be a little daunting. After a while, every SEO website sounds the same, right? But trust us—we’re not just words on a page. We deliver real results for our clients, and we’ll provide real casino SEO results for your gambling site. Contact us today to learn more and see if we’re the right match for you. Spoiler alert: we usually are.