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Real Testimonials from BuilderSociety and BHW veterans

SERPNInja’s link packages are bad ass. These things are HYPER-relevant. I was pretty impressed. And they are a one off price. They are an awesome f***ing deal. My only complaint would be not being able to use a ton of anchors, but I’ll keep harassing Satish about that until he caves haha

Matt Stack , LCT

Purchased $1700~ worth of links of the top package from SERPninja and we’re very pleased. From NA to page #2 for all KWs super competitive finance niche. Had a couple links removed when we checked back after a month, and we submitted a support ticket via their client panel and all links were replaced within a few days. Best service out there imo, natural placement, not homepage links, haven’t had any issues thus far. Happy they have an option for anchor text diversification in their top tier plan now, that really makes this our goto source. thx!

David Hawk, BuSO Member

Before I talk about each link individually, let me mention aspects they both share. Both domains areas related to my vertical as possible. They ARE in the vertical. The first post and site are on topic and enough to have made me happy alone. The second post is unbelievably related

Ryuzaki, BuilderSociety Staff

These domains are real. With real content. With regular fresh content. WITH REAL TRAFFIC (this one is huge… traffic is the biggest indicator to Google that a site is legit). The sites show major traffic in SEMRUSH.Its pretty much better than the outreach I’ve done on my own as long as you tell OP in advance what you want specifically (i.e for me its to really put a emphasis on natural link placement to an extreme degree)… Let me say it again, these are real websites that are regularly updated with fresh content and real traffic. That’s awesome stuff.

Island, BuilderSociety

Links are quality, on-topic, and should help some topical trust pass on through.

Phenom, BuilderSociety

I tried a SERPninja and got beautifully placed links on existing pages of aged sites. The reason why I really like this service is that of its “no frills approach” towards link building. It really makes the tedious job of link building easier, blends well with your existing link profile, and helps you scale.

Rohit Amazon Veteran,BHW

The dropping of the links was pretty natural. In conclusion, turnaround was very quick, relevancy was good, links look natural, both site have recent content on them. Seems like a good service as part of any SEO strategy.

Dillon Vance

I’m really impressed with the links from this service, actual blogs, with actual traffic. All the content that surrounds the keywords is also niche relevant making them look super natural. Everything is done as specified and as described. Again I can’t express enough that I am extremely satisfied with this service and I will continue to use this on every single site that I make. Support is also always top notch as JT1 will have a response to any question or concern you have.

Dillon Vance, BuSo Member

My Review (Purchased 10 Links) I’m generally hesitant to purchase links and prefer outreach, but the review offer spurred me to trying out this service. To be honest, I’d been considering it for some time as the amount of tech publications in my space are either small or they require a hefty cost to “guest post”, so there were diminishing returns. When I say “legitimately” in your niche, I mean that these are links that I purchased appeared to be extremely natural. All of them were on point, and would not look out of place to anyone. The thing with my niche, in particular, is that links for it can come from almost anywhere and be fine because what happens in my niche can be discussed on nearly any site as long as it makes sense. JT1 and Serpninja clearly did some research because that’s exactly what the links were – from different areas but all tied together topically. If that sounds confusing, it’s because it can be. But long story short – the links all had relevant Citation Flow as well as having good DA/PA and Trust Factor. The sites diverse and the anchor text inserted naturally into sentences – in most cases, I’m pretty sure that he actually just found the exact phrase in the page and edited to include my link. All of the pages had 100% human written content that was aged. If it wasn’t, then we’ve passed the Turing test! I should note that I’m normally hesitant of links not even necessarily for the sites, but for the clearly unnatural content it’s inserted into. For this, I received three tiers of links: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, with each tier having ascending factors that made them better. I appreciated the breakdown in Google Drive that was sent to me so that I could look over them all. A small niggling factor: It would’ve been nice to have some additional breakdown of factors of the sites already done, but it was a quick entry into Majestic and Moz to learn more about each of these sites. Whenever I purchase a service, I do an internal rating of 5 points. I don’t order anything again that’s under 4. I break my ratings down simply: 3 points towards domains (0-1 for shit, 2 for okay, 3 for on-topic) and then 2 points for content and insertion (0 for shit, 1 for average, 2 for natural). I have no qualms giving the SerpNinja service a 5/5 with this criteria. I would have no issue ordering this service again for the normal price. I will be purchasing again in the future once I’ve determined ranking shifts (which, according to this, happen in a day or 2).

Phenom, BuilderSociety

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