Over the last 6 months, with the help of each of our 45 employees – SERPNinja has compiled a complete SEO guide, updated for the end of 2020 to take you into the new year with the most current and effective SEO tactics and methods – used by all the major gurus that send you your favorite newsletters.

People use SERPNinja for results – and the gurus for fluffy inspirational fluff. Therefore, the SERPNinja SEO course doesn’t just cover keyword research, technical SEO, and on-page SEO optimization methods. These topics have been beaten to death – and we’ll let the gurus release 180-page guides on the importance of H1 tags. We elaborately cover off-page SEO methods and tactics, the guest posting outreach methods that work, etc. The SERPNinja SEO course also covers lead generation and the different scaling pathways you can take as you grow your business or company. We even go as far as to cover the details of SEO contract legalities and customer relations. We cover all the methods and how to do them yourself – so that you have the option to do everything on your own for your website or company – so that when you finally need to scale – SERPNinja is here for you and ready to help with the latest SEO tactics.

This is the complete SEO guide to 2021. And the best part is – it’s 100% free. We’re not under any illusion that it’s impossible to take 30-40 hours to dig through all the SEO forums and groups out there to find all this great information for yourself – but since SERPNinja has dealt with over a thousand clients in total so far – and therefore tests new SEO methods and tactics regularly not on a few client websites, but on dozens and dozens at a time – we guarantee we’ve put together the most complete SEO course you’ll read in the next 12 months.

There are no affiliate links or upsells. No hidden fees or costs. We just want you to know what works in SEO today – so that whether you’re a newbie learning everything from scratch – or a veteran coming back into SEO and looking for what works today – this course has you covered and we hope you enjoy it!