Link Prospecting – Building a Team

If you are thinking of link prospecting, then you would need the help of a well-experienced team. The need to hire a team would depend on the workload and the budget that you are willing to put up. Link building can be very tricky, and you will need to ensure that you have the right people working with you.

Link building is time-consuming, especially if you are thinking of doing it alone. This is when you need to focus on getting different people on your team so that you can distribute the work among them. Building a team would not only divide the workload, but it will also lead to a more structured development.

Individuals who have different skillsets would be perfect for the team. They can work better than one individual even if the individual is good at everything. Before you build a team, you need to think about the different roles that you have to create. These roles will be decided on the work that you have and if these roles are beneficial for the company.

Most SEO link building teams have four roles, which include the Lead SEO, Link Prospector, Outreach Manager, and Content Creator. These four roles have some job responsibilities, which would require people with different knowledge base and experience.

In this module, we will learn about the need for these job roles and the responsibilities of the link prospector, outreach manager, and content creator. I will also touch base on the different ways that you can hire experienced people for your team.

After covering the module, you will be able to hire people for these roles to make sure you are effectively working on your link building process.

Hiring a Link Prospector for the Team

The first person that you need on your team is a link prospector. The best thing about hiring a link prospector is that they are low-cost employees. You can hire a link prospector for $4 to $8 at a per hour rate. The most basic knowledge that a link prospector needs to have is communication skills.

Link prospectors need no high-end technical knowledge, and you can easily train them about their work. The role of a link prospector is to conduct web researches as well as find good link opportunities. They would have to go through different search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find relevant links for the link building process.

Link prospectors will ensure that the search engine operators are doing their job of finding sponsored pages, guest posts, and other resource pages. Also, handing social media pages concerning link building is a very important responsibility of a link prospector.

Knowing SEO is good, but it is not a vital factor in hiring a link prospector. The necessary factor for hiring is knowledge of link quality. They should be able to acquire a low quality as well as high-quality links for your website.

If you are looking for a link prospector, you can put certain areas that the individual needs to be proficient in, such as link round up, building broken links, and such. The skill required for this position would consist of no more than proper communication, proofreading, and administration skills.

The prospector should also know how to use excel since they have to build up reports regarding their task and results. They should also be able to communicate with the other members of the team and multitask, all the while creating a comfortable work environment.

Hiring an Outreach Manager for the Team

Outreach managers are middle-cost staff and would cost more than a lead prospector. Outreach managers are very important for your team and would be responsible for managing most of the tasks in the team. The most vital skill of an outreach manager is their communication, writing, and editing skills.

They need to be very quick on their feet and need to be able to write an email just within a few minutes. This is because they will be responsible for contacting prospects and negotiating them. Hence, you need someone who has a very strong hold over the language and can properly engage the prospects for your company.

The work of an outreach manager is to set up emails for outreach and create proper personas. The templates for the outreach will also be set up by the outreach manager. Since they need certain existing skill sets, the general cost for hiring them would be around $15 to $30. The rates would be based on the skill possessed by the individual.

Though outreach managers need not have in-depth SEO knowledge, though, someone with that knowledge would be very beneficial for your company. The main idea is to hire someone who can multitask and also handle a large number of mails, especially if you’re doing cold outreach. The manager should be able to meet the deadline for the tasks given to them.

Make sure that you clarify the job role of the individual before you hire. Apart from contacting the prospects, replying to the emails, and managing the virtual team, there is another very important job responsibility of an outreach manager.

The content written by the writers will have to be read thoroughly, proofread, edited, and then submitted for further consideration.

Hiring Content Creators for the Team

Content creation is a necessary factor when you are looking to market your company through link building. Websites that have poor quality content will not be visited by the audience. The main part of the link building process is guest blogging; hence you need to have a strong content base.

There should be unique content that is free from plagiarism and also able to connect to the audience. The other people, such as the lead SEO, link prospector, and outreach manager, are a part of the core team. Content creators, on the other hand, are a necessary part of your team and are more in numbers.

It is hard for one content writer to handle the projects of different clients, so the best thing would be to find individual writers for each client. This way, you can put the responsibility of the clients on different writers, and the quality of the content will also be maintained.

When you find a new client, you will need to hire new writers for that client. For this, you will have to post jobs in freelancing sites as well as social groups. You should find writers who have good work experience.

For a smooth scale of work, you can appoint three writers for each client. These writers should have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. There are three calibers of writers, and the pricing of these writers would depend on their caliber.

The first caliber is for blogs of low quality for which the writer would ideally be paid $20 to $30 for each writer. Medium quality blogs are for $30 to $70 for each article, whereas blogs for top quality are for $70 to $150 for each article.

You can hire both freelancers and in-house writers, depending on the quality and intensity of the work that you get. Straightaway ask for samples from the writers and read them thoroughly. There is no point in hiring writers who are not suitable for your company.

Tagging Writers

Once a writer is hired, you need to prepare a client workbook. There would be certain tabs where you will record the information of the writer. Assign them the tasks and record their task and article rates as well.

The record book will include tags against the name of the writer. Tags are numbers associated with the writer based on the quality of the blog. The number for the tags is typically from 1 to 5. These tags would also show the quality of the writer.

If you receive a low-quality blog, then you will assign the writer with a low tag, such as 1 or 2. The same goes for a low-quality writer. Typically low-quality blogs will be assigned to low-quality writers and high-quality blogs to high-quality writers.

When hiring low-quality writers, you need to be sure that they have the proper knowledge. Even clients who ask for low-quality write-ups would need those to hold good information. So you need to be very careful when you hire these writers.

These tags will help you understand the kind of task that you should assign to each writer. This will make it easy for you to assign tasks to the writers. You will only hire low-quality writers for low-quality blogs and vice versa.

Tagging is very important for your record-keeping as it will make the content creating process much easier. There will be no confusion or mistakes while assigning projects.

Posting Jobs in Elance

To find content writers, you will need to post jobs in different job sites. There are many premium job sites where you can fill in your criteria and find the best content writers. One such site is Elance, which is currently known as Upwork. This is a very well-known platform where you will be able to find freelancers suiting the job profile.

Here you can put up a job profile that will then be bid upon by different freelancers. When you receive a new client order, you will post a job on the site. Here you will have to provide the complete details of the job. Mention the specific niche for which you require the writer.

(Source :

Here you will be able to find low-quality writers effectively for your low-quality blogs. For the job post, you need to first include the requirement. For example, you can write ‘Searching for content writers for a client in the (niche) vertical who requires 2 to 3 blogs in a week’.

Mention the word count of the blogs such as 500 or more. You do not have to mention the exact word count, even if you know it. Keep a varying range so that you can reduce or increase the requirement if needed.

After this, you will have to mention the knowledge base of the writer that you want. Make sure you have your requirement written in bullet points clearly to make it understandable to the writer.

Ask them to provide a proposal for their work, which will include their sample related to the given niche, their rate per word or article, and the number of articles that they will be able to write every week.

Post Jobs in Social Media Groups

Another very important place where you can post jobs is in different social media groups. You can choose different groups where you feel there will be hundreds of writers searching for a job. When you post in social media groups, you need to be very concise and compact in your posting.

Find the right groups and post your job requirement there. Put the same information that you have done for Upwork. Include the number of articles and the niche in which you want the article. Ask the applying writers to contact in the given number with their proposals.

(Source : Google Images)

If you are not sure which social media groups to cover, you can conduct a Google search. Run Majestic as well as SEMRush using which you can determine the website. You will find many results here, and you can choose the ones that you feel would suit your needs.

See also: Link prospecting strategy.

Use keywords to search for the social media groups where you want to post these jobs. These keywords would be for the niche of the blog, and this will help you connect with the right people. Be very cautious when you choose the writers so that they are suitable for the requirements of the client.

Finding the right content writers is a very important part of your link building process. Without proper content writers, you will not be able to carry on the process effectively. Having content writers is not enough; you need people who can provide you with the best results.

They will help retain the client base, and the more guest blogging you do, the more you can uplift the link building process. Hence, the whole link building team is interconnected and will help you run the process effectively.

If you want to supercharge these efforts, you could consider renting a PBN to supplement your other linkbuilding tasks.

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