The Importance of Domain Names

Your domain name is more important than what you believe it to be. For starters, it clues in your visitors about what the site is about. It also has a pivotal role to play in laying the structure of your blog.

How Do You Decide On a Domain Name?

You decide on a domain name based on its potential to branch out and expand into other niches in the future. If you make your domain name too specific, for instance,, there is a high chance of you putting a cap on the search volume.

Eventually, you might just run out of areas to talk about that deals specifically on mothers’ health. Instead, it is wiser to come up with a name that has more scope; something like,

You can easily expand upon the site and talk about mothers’ health as well as something that caters to working women, homemakers and the like.

In case you are still wondering how this is crucial for your site, the simple answer is GROWTH! The more you have areas to talk about, the more you can grow and build the authority of your site, so keep this in mind when you’re planning and growing niches.

It is like a snowball effect. Therefore, you start gaining the search engine’s favour and confidence and rank for everything that is remotely associated with your site, only because Google trusts your site more than any other site.

Where Do You Buy Domain Names From?

There are several sites from which you can buy domain names. GoDaddy, DreamHost, BlueHost, Namecheap are all sites that excel in this area. Namecheap might be the right choice for you if you do not have a grand budget for your first domain name. They register domain names at a much lesser cost than its competitors. Also, they have high regards for your privacy and shall keep your data confidential.

You Need A Host:

Now that your domain name has been taken care of, you need a good host. InMotion, BlueHost and WPXHosting are some of names that you can consider. While opting for a particular host, you need to keep certain things in your mind.


Check whether your host has a good page load speed. Google considers the time taken for your website to load as an extremely important criterion. Therefore, you need to choose a host that has excellent speed.

The audience does not have the patience to wait for 10 seconds for a web page to load. Therefore, your host must be able to provide you with maximum page load speed.


Go for a host that has its servers in different locations. This shall give you immense opportunity to choose from, which will eventually be responsible in increasing the speed.


You need a host that provides you with support round the clock in case of any emergency. Even if there is no emergency and you are an amateur who needs help with setting up the website, you need to be able to reach out to people who can help you out with your issue.

Additional Details to Check-

Check if they provide their services at the best price in the market and also see whether they provide your site with SSL certificates, a factor that works tremendously well with Google.

Connect Your Domain and Host:

Now that you have registered your domain name and have a host at your disposal, you need to connect the two, so that when someone searches for your domain, they are directed to your website.

The process is usually simple and whichever site you buy your domain from will have simple steps that shall teach you how to go about the process.

It usually takes a day for the entire procedure to be registered and your website shall go live in a day. So you will have to wait until that is done.

The Bit About a WordPress Website:

WordPress has made content management and website optimisation easier than ever. You can choose from a host of themes and plugins that are available for free.

Your host could also provide several advantages that you could reap from WordPress. An account with WPXHosting, for instance, means that you are entitled to malware protection, backups and others.

When it come to very competitive niches like casino and gambing SEO, you need every advantage that you can get, and malware protection becomes even more important as there are some very competitor webmasters out there who want to outrank you at all costs.


Not many people harp on the role domain names have on the growth and expansion of websites. This is a pretty negligent behaviour, especially on the part of the ones imparting knowledge about SEO. Authority SEO content can get you far, but a strong domain is like attaching your content to a rocketship.

Choose a domain name that allows you to expand into other niches, so that you can scale up your website and see it as a long-term business.