Planning and Growing Niches

Now that we have discussed about how to settle upon a niche, target keywords and perform competition analysis, it is time that we learn to scale up the website and expand the business. There are essentially three steps that you have to keep in mind-

  • Have one niche in your mind at the beginning
  • Target its main and biggest keywords
  • Dominate the ranks for the big keywords, and once you build your authority, it will be easier for you to dominate for everything

But your work does not just stop here. You have to build a long-term goal for your site even before you get capped. It is important to remember that once your site has acquired authority, it is easier to expand into other niches and reap the benefits.

Have Your Growth Planned:

The first pillar posts will always take some time to rank. This is because you are only just starting in the domain and getting a hang of everything. Also, since the domain is quite new, you will not have backlinks pointed at your site. However, as you start publishing more pillar posts and targeting keywords, your site authority shall grow. You will also have more backlinks. Websites like Forbes and TechCrunch have built their authority in such a scale that they rank for pretty much everything.

How Do You Plan The Growth?

Here are a few points that you could keep at the back of the mind if growing your site and generating substantial revenue out of it is your motto.

  • Have one profitable niche on your mind at the beginning, but also have a list of few other niches that you can segue into eventually.
  • Choose a domain that has a bright future prospect. For instance, if your site is about vegan diets, then think about how you could expand this site into something else but relatable. Therefore, it would probably be a great idea to choose a domain like or something like that. It is flexible and promising.
  • Take it one niche at a time. This might sound antithetical to the entire ‘having more niches on your mind’ thing, but it is really not. Think about it. You need to target that one specific niche, target its keywords and then grow into other niches. If your parent niche itself isn’t as supportive, it is impossible to hope to expand the niche. Therefore, once you have built enough authority for that one niche, the rest will be a cake walk.


It all boils down to having your head at the right place and planning your move before you proceed. Have clarity of your long-term goal and the rest shall fall beautifully in its place.

Also, keep in mind, you won’t get far, even with a great niche, if you aren’t taking steps to market and promote it, including niche edits, on-page SEO, and more.

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