Our Team

The SERPNinja in-house team is indescribable. But we’ll try anyway.

A 100% in-house process. With a built team of 30+ employees, with exclusive international connections for our content curation and link building. Agencies tend to either keep a network of VA teams making up their link building process, which increases the turnaround times, lowers the quality and costs more as the process gets outsourced over and over – or have a fully in-house team that ends up costing you 8-10x more than the former, for quality backlinks.

With a bit of thinking, we’ve combined the concepts. Our team is entirely, 100% in-house and global – in such a way we offer you best in terms of cost and quality. With absolutely no virtual assistants or outsourcing on our part. In fact,here’s what our office looks like:

Scale as comfortably, and / or as quickly, as you’d like with us.

Since our office has reached 30+ people, we’re able to take on larger scale projects small agencies just can’t handle and go into OVERDRIVE for you, anytime you need to scale. If you just landed a huge budget client who has some serious volume of posts and/or turnaround time expectations – we’ve got you covered, every time.

Our customer service matches our product quality.

Your project manager will never go missing, or give you one-liner explanations that don’t move anything forward. Being in the industry as long as we have, we’ve felt all the pain, trials and tribulations of customer support. Heck, it’s steadily gotten worse in the last 10 years. Just try and ask a question about simple domain transfer processes from a domain registrar company’s customer support – or a hosting question more difficult than “what plans do you have?”. You’ll see what we mean, if you haven’t already, countless times.

Your project manager will care about you. Really.

They’ll never go missing, and they’ll never answer your question in an unsatisfactory manner.

You’ll feel a genuine sense of someone caring about your SEO campaign. When the monthly invoice comes, you’ll think about your project manager sitting around their home and enjoying a hard-earned weekend with their family – instead of the traditional “what the heck am I paying this agency for?”

Real-time project tracking, as you like it.

You can track the progress of your project anytime, directly, using Slack or Service Provider Pro. See when backlinks are accquired, clarify something with the project manager – and enjoy the total freedom that comes with real-time reporting you can view whenever you like.