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Our Niche Edits Start Showing Results in 24-96 Hours

If you’re tired of “testing providers” and splitting your budget into “new providers” and “providers that have shown some results” – you simply need a provider that will kill it for you every time. Someone who can take care of all your link building needs.

This way you focus on testing new niches, building out content – and “testing providers” for small SEO extras like web 2.0 services – because your solid-as-f*&k backlinks for the main portion of your ranking strategy are ready, tested and waiting.

Here are some examples of our inventory in some niches.

We have 1,000s of properties in our network and growing. We've been doing this for over half a decade

For a limited time (until we fill our new slots for serious budget SEO agencies/affiliates), we’re opening up the network to the public. Once you purchase from us once, you’re able to use our services even when we’re closed to the public.

White hat outreach based Niche Edits

As you can see – these are the direct source links the heavy hitters use to rank in the biggest niches around. These are not economy PBN group or SEO forum services.

Our niche edits will take care of all your problems if you need long term results for:

An affiliate website that’s been stuck on the 8-15th position for your best keyword for months.

Selling to your clients, ranking them higher – keeping them happy and getting your monthly “SEO consultant” fee.

A local lead gen website to capture/sell leads to your local businesses – or to rent banner space on, making the professionals of your local town niche bid on the banner spots.

Ranking new internal pages of your established website for additional leads/sales/revenue and establishing your authority website in the niche even further.

Curated Niche Edits Made To Your Order

How do we curate and place niche edits

It’s structured, simple and effective. We know it’s effective because while you manage a couple of SEO properties and we take dozens of orders a week, and track every customer’s results afterwards. If our SEO wasn’t providing hard results dozens of customers every week – we wouldn’t waste our time, or customers money or be selling it.

We have an unlimited amount of inventory thanks to our very own SAPE-like network provided by a private friend who lives in a bunker and wears a tinfoil hat. The sites in our inventory are ethically obtained using our decade long experience in outreach and guest posting. This allows us to create a natural looking, stat-filled, niche relevant package of links for your order every time.

In fact, we would advise you to stop buying niche edits from inferior SEO vendors who do not know what they are doing. The term “Niche Edits” was coined by the SEOs at SERPninja (you don’t have to take our word, you can do a quick lookup on to see our history) Our immense know-how and success have paved way for imitation in the SEO industry.

Get Niche Edits based on any metric you like

While we call it to inventory (due to the volume) and each website looks better than 95% of the PBN-made-for-sale setups do. Each site in our network has months, or years, or sometimes decades of posts – by a hobby blogger or webmaster who just loves that specific niche.

We sell niche edits based on the following metrics:

This allows us to come up with the most niche relevant, already indexed and juiced up backlinks you’ll ever gain access to (unless you somehow meet our private SAPE tinfoil hat friend, which you won’t).

After we preplace your links across the variety of stat/niche relevant content we’ve found for your order – we manually fill the order with our hands. No robots, no GSA, no economy pricing because we do this work manually. Our customers can vouch for the difference in results created when hand-placing links on aged, juicy content posts instead of the blatant and much less effective “front page guest posts” – which Google robots can recognize pretty instantly nowadays.

No – you can’t get a list of domains for whatever potential order you might make.

It’s as simple as ordering a package for the niche your website is in and waiting for the reports. You don’t need to force index any of our backlinks because the placements are on websites older and more valuable to Google than most of the backlinks you’ve ever received. Just sit back and enjoy tracking your rankings over the next 2 weeks and order more from us.

This is a premium SEO service and not a discount Costco bin service. Manual SEO creates the highest results, and combining it with our endless niche inventory and we are always guaranteed to deliver the highest results. The pricing reflects this as we do not offer discounts for “volume buyers” since every one of our volume buyers understands the tremendous deal and results they’re already getting with each order and tend to keep quiet and hope the prices don’t go up.

Niche Edits/Curated Pricing and Packages


  • 2 * RD 200+ Links
  • 2* RD 60-199 Links
  • 1 * RD 20-59 Links


  • 3 * RD 200+ Links
  • 4* RD 60-199 Links
  • 3 * RD 20-59 Links


  • 6 * RD 200+ Links
  • 8* RD 60-199 Links
  • 6 * RD 20-59 Links

Pro Packages

Better domains, better results! RD starts at 60.


  • 5 * RD 60-199 Links
  • 5 * RD 200+ Links
  • Higher RD domains


  • 10* RD 60-199 Links
  • 10 * RD 200+ Links
  • Higher RD Domains

Pro packs for multiple niches

These niche edits packs are perfect if you want to use multiple niches for a single pack.


  • 5 * RD 60-199 Links
  • 5 * RD 200+ Links
  • Higher RD domains
  • Multiple client niches allowed


  • 10* RD 60-199 Links
  • 10 * RD 200+ Links
  • Higher RD Domains
  • Multiple client niches allowed

Elite Niche Edit packs

For those looking to really get a push to the 1nd or 2nd spot for a keyword – we have elite niche edits inventory.


  • 5 RD1000+ Niche edits
  • Multiple client niches allowed
  • Elite Domains


  • 10 RD1000+ Niche edits
  • Multiple client niches allowed
  • Elite Domains



We constantly update our lists and make sure we create as much as live/auto approve links as possible. This takes a lot of time and effort – and that’s is the reason why we do not send over our lists.

When we deliver a report, there will be listings which will be pending approval as that’s how some sites work.

You can also choose to interlink your social accounts/logos/videos with your citations while checkout.

You will have to submit this information while ordering.

We primarily provide citations from USA, UK, Canada and Australia. If you want citations from any other country, just drop us a message at and we might be able to do a custom job for you.

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