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Niche Edits Pricing and Packages


  • 2 * RD 200+ Links
  • 2* RD 60-199 Links
  • 1 * RD 20-59 Links
  • Price Per Niche Edit : $39


  • 3 * RD 200+ Links
  • 4* RD 60-199 Links
  • 3 * RD 20-59 Links
  • Price Per Niche Edit : $33


  • 6 * RD 200+ Links
  • 8* RD 60-199 Links
  • 6 * RD 20-59 Links
  • Price Per Niche Edit : $29

Pro Packages

Better domains, better results! RD starts at 60.


  • 5 * RD 60-199 Links
  • 5 * RD 200+ Links
  • Higher RD domains
  • Price Per Niche Edit : $39


  • 10* RD 60-199 Links
  • 10 * RD 200+ Links
  • Higher RD Domains
  • Price Per Niche Edit : $36

Elite Niche Edit packs

For those looking to really get a push to the 1st or 2nd spot for a keyword – we have elite niche edits inventory.


  • 5 RD1000+ Niche edits
  • Elite Domains
  • Price Per Niche Edit : $159


  • 10 RD1000+ Niche edits
  • Elite Domains
  • Price Per Niche Edit : $139


100% SPAM free sites with natural DA/TF distribution and real traffic

All RD counts are based on    data(Referring domains)

We also have DR filtered niche edits

Recent wins with our Niche Edits

Our Niche Edits Start Showing Results in 24-96 Hours

If you’re tired of “testing providers” and splitting your budget into “new providers” and “providers that have shown some results” – you simply need a provider that will kill it for you every time. Someone who can take care of all your link building needs.

This way you focus on testing new niches, building out content – and “testing providers” for small SEO extras like web 2.0 services – because your solid-as-f*&k backlinks for the main portion of your ranking strategy are ready, tested and waiting.

We have 1,000s of properties in our network and growing. We've been doing this for over half a decade

For a limited time (until we fill our new slots for serious budget SEO agencies/affiliates), we’re opening up the network to the public. Once you purchase from us once, you’re able to use our services even when we’re closed to the public.

White hat outreach based Niche Edits

As you can see – these are the direct source links the heavy hitters use to rank in the biggest niches around. These are not economy PBN group or SEO forum services.

Our niche edits will take care of all your problems if you need long term results for:

An affiliate website that’s been stuck on the 8-15th position for your best keyword for months.

Selling to your clients, ranking them higher – keeping them happy and getting your monthly “SEO consultant” fee.

A local lead gen website to capture/sell leads to your local businesses – or to rent banner space on, making the professionals of your local town niche bid on the banner spots.

Ranking new internal pages of your established website for additional leads/sales/revenue and establishing your authority website in the niche even further.

Curated Niche Edits Made To Your Order

How do we curate and place niche edits

It’s structured, simple and effective. We know it’s effective because while you manage a couple of SEO properties and we take dozens of orders a week, and track every customer’s results afterwards. If our SEO wasn’t providing hard results dozens of customers every week – we wouldn’t waste our time, or customers money or be selling it.

We have an unlimited amount of inventory thanks to our very own SAPE-like network provided by a private friend who lives in a bunker and wears a tinfoil hat. The sites in our inventory are ethically obtained using our decade long experience in outreach and guest posting. This allows us to create a natural looking, stat-filled, niche relevant package of links for your order every time.

In fact, we would advise you to stop buying niche edits from inferior SEO vendors who do not know what they are doing. The term “Niche Edits” was coined by the SEOs at SERPninja (you don’t have to take our word, you can do a quick lookup on to see our history) Our immense know-how and success have paved way for imitation in the SEO industry.

Get Niche Edits based on any metric you like

While we call it to inventory (due to the volume) and each website looks better than 95% of the PBN-made-for-sale setups do. Each site in our network has months, or years, or sometimes decades of posts – by a hobby blogger or webmaster who just loves that specific niche.

We sell niche edits based on the following metrics:

This allows us to come up with the most niche relevant, already indexed and juiced up backlinks you’ll ever gain access to (unless you somehow meet our private SAPE tinfoil hat friend, which you won’t).

After we preplace your links across the variety of stat/niche relevant content we’ve found for your order – we manually fill the order with our hands. No robots, no GSA, no economy pricing because we do this work manually. Our customers can vouch for the difference in results created when hand-placing links on aged, juicy content posts instead of the blatant and much less effective “front page guest posts” – which Google robots can recognize pretty instantly nowadays.

No – you can’t get a list of domains for whatever potential order you might make.

It’s as simple as ordering a package for the niche your website is in and waiting for the reports. You don’t need to force index any of our backlinks because the placements are on websites older and more valuable to Google than most of the backlinks you’ve ever received. Just sit back and enjoy tracking your rankings over the next 2 weeks and order more from us.

This is a premium SEO service and not a discount Costco bin service. Manual SEO creates the highest results, and combining it with our endless niche inventory and we are always guaranteed to deliver the highest results. The pricing reflects this as we do not offer discounts for “volume buyers” since every one of our volume buyers understands the tremendous deal and results they’re already getting with each order and tend to keep quiet and hope the prices don’t go up.

For Website Owners Who Want More Organic Traffic

A lot of people will tell you that white hat links from guest posts can take 9 months or even a year to show results. This would mean that you would need to publish a piece of content today, then get a guest post linking to it, and then wait almost a year or more for the guest posting links to kick in? That’s insanity.

What if you could speed things up by taking advantage of our industry-leading outreach that can secure you links from existing content that’s already indexed, already ranks in many cases, and already gets visitors? We’ll get you links on pages that Google already loves.

Here’s the thing. A lot of the people that are telling you that it can take a YEAR to see results, are people working at SEO agencies that don’t get results for their clients, so they’re just trying to kick the can down the road and stall without having to show results to their clients. 

Niche edit links are a type of link that can help you move the clock forward without having to wait as long to see your rankings improve. That’s not to say that our high-quality guest post service will take forever to get you results, either, because we source posts on active, popular blogs. But niche edit links on domains with great domain authority and other metrics, combined with the right anchor text are the type of links that digital marketing experts salivate over.

As a website owner, you’ll hear all sorts of theory crafting from marketing services who want to set up some elaborate type of campaign for you, but they’re pretty quiet about the exact process they’ll be using, how soon you should expect to start ranking and seeing more traffic to your blog post, and acting like it’s normal to have to wait almost a year for their links to start working.

Forget about all of that nonsense. Order your niche edits from the original, and skip the copycats who can’t get it right.


No, our approach is different from guest posts. The website is not originally created with the intention of being another thin blog network. If you’re seeking such links, there are plenty of options available.

We focus on editing indexed content within our network of properties. This approach offers several advantages, including faster reindexing, more natural and potent link juice, and the provision of genuinely relevant backlinks to your website.

We cater to the big SEO profiteers of today who operate in the 6-7 figure income range. And if you’re looking to buy niche edits, our service is exactly what you need. We are confident that this inexpensive link campaign will provide substantial long-term benefits to your website.

Since we scrape through our large property inventory for your relevant order anchors (to place your backlinks on the most relevant pages with high-quality traffic – [for example, survival knives anchor would go natural in camping or wilderness-related articles/properties]) and then manually place each edit for your website – we guarantee a 6-10 day turnaround time. We’ll try to get these completed much quicker – but that’s our safety if we get bogged down with orders.

We welcome your suggestions for anchor text, and we will make every effort to accommodate them. However, it’s important to note that our primary objective is to ensure that the insertion of the anchor text appears as natural as possible within the context of the content. Therefore, we cannot guarantee an exact match to your requested anchor text.

We cater to a wide range of niches, spanning various industries and interests. Some of the niches we serve include but are not limited to Business, Technology, Marketing, Real Estate, Home, Food, Health, Travel, Construction, and many others.

Certainly! Our business heavily relies on this aspect, accounting for approximately 90% of our operations. This is precisely why we have not previously made our network accessible to the general public.

However, we are currently considering a temporary opening of the network until we establish partnerships with a few more high-volume customers. Therefore, we encourage you to seize this opportunity and switch to our service for your niche edit link building to experience the finest backlinks you’ve ever encountered while it is still available.

Niche edits, also known as curated links, refer to the practice of adding links to existing published content. It is a popular link-building strategy utilized by SEO professionals to enhance their backlink strategy and develop a robust backlink profile. This approach involves placing links within relevant and established content to strengthen the overall backlink profile of a website.

Niche edits, aka curated links, are indeed a secure and effective method of obtaining strong backlinks from reputable websites. However, it is essential to understand the proper method to create niche edits or to purchase them from a trusted niche edit service.

When executed correctly, niche edits provide unique advantages that may not be offered by other types of backlinks.

Yes, niche edits and broken link-building share similarities in their methodology and desired outcome. Both strategies involve obtaining backlinks within existing content.

In niche edits, the focus is on identifying relevant and aged pieces of content within a specific niche and adding new contextual links to them. These niche edit backlinks serve to improve the relevance and quality of the content, while also acquiring valuable backlinks.

On the other hand, broken link building involves finding dead or broken links within relevant content and reaching out to site owners to suggest replacing those links with working ones, which often include your own backlinks.

When combined with other link-building methods, niche edit services prove to be highly effective. By utilizing niche edits, you have the opportunity to establish high-quality backlinks from pre-existing blog posts that have already acquired age and authority. This integration enhances the strength and impact of your backlink profile, contributing to the overall potency of your backlinks.

When combined with other link-building methods, niche edit services prove to be highly effective. By utilizing niche edits, you have the opportunity to establish high-quality backlinks from pre-existing blog posts that have already acquired age and authority. This integration enhances the strength and impact of your backlink profile, contributing to the overall potency of your backlinks.

The links we place are strategically embedded within the content to ensure a natural and seamless integration. Despite being added afterward, we take great care to ensure that the link placement is contextual and blends harmoniously within the existing content flow.

No, niche edits are not hacked links. Hacked links refer to unauthorized and malicious link-building processes that are typically the result of a security breach or hacking activity. Niche edits, on the other hand, involve legitimate and authorized modifications made to existing content to include relevant and contextual backlinks.

Editing your blogs and adding new resources is considered a white hat practice. Yes, Niche edits, as a strategy, involve precisely that—making updates and improvements to existing content by adding relevant resources, which is something Google encourages.

Black hat niche edits refer to unethical or manipulative practices involving niche edits. While niche edits themselves are a legitimate SEO strategy when done following Google guidelines, black hat niche edits involve deceptive or spammy tactics to gain backlinks, such as placing irrelevant or unrelated links in the existing blog posts.

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