SERPninja vs Loganix : Unbiased Vendor Review

Comparing SERPninja and Loganix: A Brief Overview

Here’s a quick overview of the key differences and distinctions between what we offer at SERPninja and what Loganix brings to the table.



Services and Specialities

Hyper-focused White Label Link Building Services.

Mile wide and an inch deep.

Quality Backlinks

High-Quality backlinks from Reputable Sites.

 Low-Quality backlinks(Linkfarms)


Niche Edits: Starting from $39.9 per link

Guest Posts: Starting from $120 per link

Similar link costs: $200

Similar link costs: $300

Turnaround time



Customer Support

Outstanding, Customer-Focused Service

Subpar Support

Niche Relevancy

Yes (No additional Costs)

No (costs extra)

Real Link Building Expertise with SERPninja

Let’s examine the sample link that Loganix has provided as an example of their $200 Guest post service: Linkfarm)

What is a Linkfarm?

Link farming is an unethical SEO practice that is highly frowned upon by Google.

It involves creating numerous websites that interconnect with each other, with the main objective of boosting their search engine rankings and profiting from selling links on these sites.

Search engines commonly take action against link farms by deindexing and penalizing websites.   

Google’s Assault On Unnatural Links

Unfortunately, numerous SEO professionals resort to establishing link farms as a means to profit from link placements within existing content or via guest post publications. These professionals often disregard the potential long-term negative SEO consequences that their clients may face as a result of these practices.

How can you tell if a link is a linkfarm or not?

1. Overall quality of the Website:

Link farm websites are usually characterized by poor-quality, duplicate content, and they employ a generic template that lacks customization. These sites also feature random popup ads, showing no regard for user experience. The creators do not invest the necessary time and resources into the website’s design, typically using a basic page template with minimal alterations.

Generic Template

Our discounts are offered solely on bulk orders, never as a ploy to lock you into a contract.

2. Anonymous Authors and Fake About Us Pages:

Link farms are infamous for featuring anonymous authors, often using stock photos to create fictitious author profiles. The website usually has a vague and illogical “About Us” page, making it impossible to determine who is truly responsible for the site.

It can be difficult to find contact information for the website, as they either don’t provide any contact details or merely have a generic contact form.Furthermore, even if you manage to establish contact, you may find that their sole focus is on selling links.

Minimal information in About Us

Fake Author Name

When you click on the author of the article, you get redirected to the homepage of this website.

3. High Outgoing Links to Homepages reeks of linkfarm:

Connecting to authoritative websites is undoubtedly advantageous for SEO. However, a pattern of outgoing links pointing to homepages can raise suspicion.As illustrated in the images below, you can observe a recurring pattern of links directed towards homepages from linkfarms.

The Domain Rating (DR) metric, provided by and similar tools, isn’t infallible and can be manipulated. Some SEO professionals and webmasters exploit this by artificially inflating the DR of their websites to make their links more appealing for sale.

With SERPninja, you will never receive low quality links from link farms

Each link from our inventory is manually examined by our SEO specialists to ensure that our clients don’t inadvertently receive links from a link farm.

You deserve quality links!

Competitive Pricing with SERPninja

We don’t intend to make trivial remarks about our links being priced lower than Loganix. Every business has the right to determine its service prices.However, it’s worth discussing when the quality of the promised links isn’t delivered.

Loganix claims to offer “Fair pricing,” but the quality of the links they provide falls short of expectations.

Consider the following review from a Loganix customer who spent $300 only to receive a generic low quality link.

At SERPninja, we consistently supply you with niche-relevant links, and we don’t impose additional fees for niche relevancy.

Top-Notch Customer Support with SERPninja

There might be instances when Loganix’s Support leaves you waiting for a response.

The image below shows a review from a Loganix customer who didn’t receive any response from the support team for over 14 days.

SERPninja is dedicated to delivering top-notch customer service and support. Our team of seasoned professionals is always at your disposal to assist with any inquiries or concerns you may encounter.

Quick Turn around times with SERPninja

You don’t have to wait 40 days to receive your link-building reports with us.

  We can guarantee quick turnaround times. 

Our outreach specialists maintain outstanding relationships with numerous webmasters, enabling seamless communication and quicker turnaround times.

In contrast, at Loganix, customers have reported experiencing lengthy waits before receiving their reports, as shown in the Loganix review below.

#1 Loganix’s alternative marketing agencies and consultants : SERPninja

SERPninja takes pride in being a straightforward provider for marketing agencies and consultants who value efficiency and results over fluff. We may not offer gazillion services like our competitors, but when it comes to link building, we excel.

If you’re still on the fence, we’re happy to offer you a $7 trial that will give you a chance to experience what we’re all about.


Link farms and Private Blog Networks (PBNs) may seem similar, but their function is quite different. Link farms are essentially series of websites that link to one another with the purpose of boosting search engine rankings. On the other hand, PBNs are created to direct link juice to a website outside of the network.

Our in-house content team at SERPNinja drafts articles and sends them to an expert native proofreader to assess the quality and refine them for perfection.

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