Local and National Business Citations

Manually created citations which help your rankings


  • Handmade by our team of experts
  • Quick turn around time of 2-3 days
  • NAP consistent listings
  • Cloud-based report with logins
  • Country-specific Listings
  • Submission to in-house indexer
  • Unique descriptions to further improve indexing


  • Handmade by our team of experts
  • Quick turn around time of 4 - 5 days
  • NAP consistent listings
  • Cloud-based report with logins
  • Country-specific Listings
  • Submission to in-house indexer
  • Unique descriptions to further improve indexing


  • Handmade by our team of experts
  • Quick turn around time of 4 - 8 days
  • NAP consistent listings
  • Cloud-based report with logins
  • Country-specific Listings
  • Submission to in-house indexer
  • Unique descriptions to further improve indexing


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Local Citations: The Engine Powering Local Search Rankings

Local citation services “power up” your website, GMB properties and more. For those not familiar or who need a little refresher, location citations are those “mentions” of your businesses’ name, address and phone number that can appear all around the web. Using a citation building service is incredibly useful because doing all of those citations manually yourself would take a lot of time, plus we have the experience to make sure they’re completed perfectly.

These bits of information, in combination, are often referred to as “NAP” information, and provide geographical consistency, relevance and niche authority signals to Google. All of which can and do improve rankings. From local business directories, local business listings, data aggregators, and other places that host business data, our local citation building services can help you get your information out there for search engines to recognize and reward.

Citations Include:

Factors Impacting the Quality of Local Citation Campaigns

Just having local citations is a good step in the right direction, but without a strategy and proper approach, you could just be spinning your wheels. At SERPninja we take care of all the heavy lifting for you, making sure all citations built are optimized to perform and deliver long-lasting and impactful results. If your goal is to get more customers, then take advantage of our citation opportunities. It’s important to do this perfectly, because inaccurate citations and inconsistent listings can confuse search engines and end up hurting your growth, but we’ll get you more citations on key sites while avoiding duplicate listings.

Local SEO is just one aspect of digital marketing, but if you’re looking for local customers then you need local rankings and citation building services are the answer. If your digital marketing agency isn’t providing you with proper citation management, we can help you build citations and show up in business directories so that your business listing gets maximum exposure.

Why SERPninja Has The Best Local Citation Service Around

Our experts make sure that they fill each and every field in a citation submission form meticulously(like this). In addition to this, titles and URLs are optimized  so that NAP is consistent throughout. All our reports are hosted securely in an Amazon S3 bucket so that they can be shared and viewed anywhere without the use of a desktop software. You can also choose to white label your report for no- charge! In short, we place links on top notch sites and offer industry’s quickest turn around times – and like with any other SERPninja offering, you get the undivided attention and customer support you deserve.

We’re often updating our citation sources because every online mention you can get, especially when other local citation services haven’t caught up yet, can help a great deal. We can audit your existing citations using our in-house SEO tools to avoid duplicate listings, and to get you into every relevant business directory, business listing, and the online directories that will improve your online visibility so that local customers can find you more easily.

Why should you buy our local citations right away

Those businesses not taking advantage of local citations are at a distinct competitive disadvantage. Not all citations are created equal. Being at the top of Yahoo Local in your city isn’t going to earn you as many customers as appearing on bigger search engines, for example, but every little piece helps improve your online presence. From Yellow Pages, to online business directories, as a business owner, you know the importance of being noticed. It’s a newer version of something that’s been around for ever, the same way that social platforms have replaced putting up your ads on a cork board outside of the local grocery store.

Citations provide localized relevancy, authority and geographical signals that simply can’t be earned through traditional backlink campaigns. As part of a well-rounded SEO strategy, local citations may mean the difference between crushing the competition or getting left behind in the dust.


We constantly update our lists and make sure we create as many live/auto approve links as possible. This takes a lot of time and effort – and that’s is the reason why we do not send over our lists. We’re focused on getting your local business name into directories, local data aggregators, and other services that will boost your local SEO results.

When we deliver a report, there will be listings which will be pending approval as that’s how some sites work.

Things like your domain authority, good on-page SEO, and amazing links will always help you in a search engine, but you’ll need a local citation service like ours to bring your local business rankings to the next level.

Local citation building services will add fuel to your SEO fire and help improve your local search ecosystem.

You can also choose to interlink your social accounts/logos/videos with your citations while checkout. Local rankings for your social media accounts are a great way to build a following for small businesses. A local citation service like ours can help boost your social media accounts in the search rankings.

You will have to submit this information while ordering. Click that link to take a look at what you’ll need to include in order to take advantage of our citation building service and to stay ahead of other local businesses that are trying to compete with you. Local SEO is the secreting to showing up for people who are looking to discover local businesses.

We primarily provide citations from USA, UK, Canada and Australia. If you want citations from any other country, just drop us a message at support@serpninja.io and we might be able to do a custom job for you to suit your geographic location. Our local citation building services are optimized for local SEO in the aforementioned locations, but we’ll do our best to accommodate a custom job using reputable directories in your city.

Sure! here is a sample report. We avoid unstructured citations because an unstructured citation can confuse search engines and internet users alike. It’s important to have accurate citations, and you’d be surprised at some of the inaccurate data we’ve encountered while doing a citation audit of the work done by other local citation building services. Use our local citation services from the start and we’ll build citations that any business owner would be proud of.