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- David Hawk. BuSO Member.

Purchased $1700~ worth of links of the top package from SERPninja and we’re very pleased. From NA to page #2 for all KWs super competitive finance niche. Had a couple links removed when we checked back after a month, and we submitted a support ticket via their client panel and all links were replaced within a few days. Best service out there imo, natural placement, not homepage links, haven’t had any issues thus far. Happy they have an option for anchor text diversification in their top tier plan now, that really makes this our goto source. thx!

- Ryuzaki, BuilderSociety Staff.

Before I talk about each link individually, let me mention aspects they both share. Both domains are as related to my vertical as possible. They ARE in the vertical. The first post and site are on topic and enough to have made me happy alone. The second post is unbelievably related.

- Matt Stack , LCT.

Hyper Relevant and Badass!

- Island, BuilderSociety.

These domains are real. With real content. With regular fresh content. WITH REAL TRAFFIC (this one is huge… traffic is the biggest indicator to Google that a site is legit). The sites show major traffic in SEMRUSH. It’s pretty much better than the outreach I’ve done on my own as long as you tell OP in advance what you want specifically (i.e for me its to really put an emphasis on natural link placement to an extreme degree)… Let me say it again, these are real websites that are regularly updated with fresh content and real traffic. That’s awesome stuff.

- Phenom, BuilderSociety.

Links are quality, on-topic, and should help some topical trust pass on through.

- Amazon Veteran,BHW.

I tried a SERPninja and got beautifully placed links on existing pages of aged sites. The reason why I really like this service is because of its “no frills approach” towards link building. It really makes the tedious job of link building easier, blends well with your existing link profile, and helps you scale.

- Darth, BuSo member.

The dropping of the links was pretty natural. In conclusion, turnaround was very quick, relevancy was good, links look natural, both site have recent content on them. Seems like a good service as part of any SEO strategy.

- Dillon Vance, BuSo member.

I’m really impressed with the links from this service, actual blogs, with actual traffic. All the content that surrounds the keywords is also niche relevant making them look super natural. Everything is done as specified and as described. Again I can’t express enough that I am extremely satisfied with this service and I will continue to use this on every single site that I make. Support is also always top notch as JT1 will have a response to any question or concern you have.

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