Keyword Density Tool


The keyword density tool is a helpful application for analyzing the keyword frequency and density in a given text. Optimizing keyword density is an important part of SEO as it helps ensure that your content contains the right balance of keywords to be picked up by search engines. This tool provides an easy way to identify which keywords appear most often and their overall density percentage.


The tool allows users to input or paste any text into the text area field. After clicking the “Analyze” button, the application tokenizes the text by splitting it into individual words and removing common stop words that should be excluded from the analysis. It then calculates the frequency and density percentages for all single words, two-word phrases, and three-word phrases in the text. The top 5 results in each category are displayed in separate tables for easy review.

How To Use:

1. Input Text: Paste or type your text into the provided text area box. Ensure that the content is sufficient for a meaningful analysis, usually a few hundred words or more.

2. Click “Analyze”: After inputting your text, click the “Analyze” button. The tool will then process the text and generate tables summarizing the top single-word keywords, two-word phrases, and three-word phrases.

3. Review the Results: Examine the generated results to identify which terms appear most frequently. The tool will display the frequency of each keyword or phrase, indicating how many times each one appears in the text.

4. Check Keyword Density: The tool also provides the density of each keyword or phrase, representing the percentage breakdown compared to the total words in the text.

5. Adjust Text: If necessary, refine your text to adjust the keyword density as desired. A recommended keyword density typically falls between 1-3% for primary keywords and 0.5-1% for secondary terms.

6. Reanalyze (Optional): Click the “Analyze” button again to refresh the results after making adjustments. This allows you to observe how changes in the text affect the keyword frequencies and density, enabling you to fine-tune your content accordingly.

How it Works:

When you click the Analyze button, the tool first converts the input text to lowercase and tokenizes it by splitting it into individual words. It filters out common stop words like “a”, “and”, “the” that should not be included in the analysis. Next, it counts the frequency of all single words, two-word combinations, and three-word combinations in the tokenized text. The frequencies are used to calculate the density percentages for each keyword or phrase. The results are sorted with the most frequent terms at the top of each category. Tables are dynamically generated to display the top 5 results from each keyword grouping for easy review. The process repeats each time the text is edited and Analyze is clicked, providing an efficient way to optimize keyword density.

This keyword density analyzer simplifies the process of evaluating which terms are over or under-optimized in a given text. The insightful data it provides can help content creators improve their SEO and structure content more effectively. With an easy-to-use interface and clear presentation of results, it is a valuable tool for any website owner or content marketer.