How an Online Reputation Management Strategy Can Help Your Casino

Online Reputation Management for Casinos

In this age of digital information, your future costumers can instantly read the opinion of your past patrons. Free marketing by word of mouth can have advantages for many businesses.

However, in the casino industry, which is based on luck and the fact that the odds are always in the houses’ favour, online reputation management is critical. You can’t guarantee they will win, but you can make sure they have a good time!

Why is Online Reputation Management a Crucial Tool for Casinos?

According to WebFX, “All it takes is a couple of bad reviews or negative comments to hurt your casino’s business.” An online reputation management system will help you keep an eye on everything that shows up on the internet about your establishment. Having an ORM strategy and system in place will catch anything that shows up on review sites and social media! It is like having a PR firm that deals with Facebook and Google!

You want to ensure that the people who frequent your casino have a good time even though they will likely not be the next big Jackpot winner. Potential customers crave the excitement of knowing they could go from rags to riches with the push of a button, but they also want speedy drink service, clean facilities, and friendly dealers. Running a casino is a balancing act, and an online reputation management strategy is like the safety net!

There are five significant advantages to having an ORM campaign:

  1. Gain customer trust- With an ORM, you will be able to respond quickly and sincerely to any issues that arise on the web.
  2. Direct interaction- The benefits of an ORM include the ability to respond to a customer directly. This type of one on one communication goes a long way in resolving conflict.
  3. Address criticism- During the public conversation, you get the chance to show others how you respond to valid complaints. Maturely responding to people builds confidence with future customers.
  4. Gather information- Online comments can help you figure out if a member of your staff has a pattern of behaviour that needs addressing. Or maybe, there is a patron that likes to cause trouble.
  5. Gain business- An ORM also allows you to respond to future guest questions. For instance, maybe a potential customer goes online and wants to know if any tournaments are happening around town.

As you can see, an ORM is helpful for troubleshooting, but it can help strengthen your brand, especially if you take steps to keep a positive reputation. Leave the gambling to your guests and don’t take any unnecessary risks when managing your presence on the internet.

Tips For Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation

Utilizing an online service is an essential step in the right direction, but there are other things that a casino can do to help maintain their reputation on the web.

  • Video Marketing- Did someone hit it big, or win a drawing? Capture the moment on video and post it to YouTube!
  • Positive Online Branding
  • Removing Unwanted Google Results- This can be done but is best handled by the experts!
  • Blogging, Reviews, and Outreach– Blogging is a fantastic way to build your brand online!
  • Social Media Outreach- Share all the winners, or people celebrating special occasions to your casino’s social media pages! Engaging with your customer base might be the reason they choose your establishment over another!

Of course, the best way to maintain a positive presence online to be kind and respectful to people, even when they complain. You are in control of how you portray yourself in public. Use that kindness when you have happy guests inside the casino as well, as encourage them to leave good reviews on review sites. Most people don’t read every review, so between the monitoring system and an active campaign to garner favourable reviews, you can directly impact what your customer sees.

Promoting online casinos the DIY way can help you make some gains, but it’s a lot easier when you have real firepower on your side, like our in-depth content audits, not to mention superpowered niche edit links.

Contact The Professionals

As you can see, there are many benefits and reasons why your casino should utilize an ORM service. Choosing the right professionals to help manage your image online is almost as important as that reputation itself! We can be the Ace in the hole when the chips are down, and you need someone in your corner to make sure all goes well! The more people who come and sit at the tables and play the slots, the more your business will grow. Let us help you get them in the door, so you can prove why your casino is the best in town. Click here to learn more!

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