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It is essential that you have the right tools at your disposal to help you with your niche and keyword research. However, tools are aplenty and each tool might vary with their results. There is no need to fret over the same. Instead, it is advisable that you use your common sense and analytical skills and stick with one tool.


One of the most authentic and credible tools out there is Ahrefs, mainly because it is a paid tool and worth every dime. This is the only tool in the market that tells you for certain if high volume searches equate high volume traffic or not. Also, it helps you perform quite an accurate keyword research, check for content gaps, site audits, check for backlinks, competitor research and rank tracking. It also provides you with results on Google’s featured snippets, adwords, site links, thumbnails, top stories, etc. Ahrefs offers a week long trail period that can be availed at $7.


The moot point of Quora is to answer the world’s queries, which makes it a great go-to app for you to dig around and find the questions that your target audience is asking. It gives you an insight into some great long tail keywords.

Answer The Public

This is a free tool but has functions that might come handy when you want to look for questions and related terms that your target audience is asking. It has a daily search limit and the results can be downloaded in the form of a CSV file or image.

Google’s Keyword Planner

This is Google’s very own tool and free. However, if you need to view the monthly search volume results, then you would have to create an Adwords account. With your Adwords account, you can use the Keyword Planner and get a list of keyword ideas. Though, the tool was essentially designed to help advertisers, it can come to your use nevertheless.


SEMrush, just like Ahrefs is a paid tool. However, why people choose Ahrefs over SEMrush is because Ahrefs provide a thorough analysis for backlinks and also because, users have reported Ahrefs to be faster than SEMrush.

There are several other tools that you might want to check out like Beam Us Up and Screaming Frog. However, if you are looking for a near accurate analysis of your site and keyword analysis, the aforementioned tools are the ones to go for.