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Effective Ways to Get Your Brand Featured In an Online Magazine

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If you’ve ever wondered how to get featured in magazines, the answer is simple: be active and be involved in your industry or niche. Being featured in a magazine – whether online or in print – can be great for publicity and help you reach a whole new audience. But how do you actually go about getting featured in a magazine? You might be surprised to learn how simple it is. Keep reading to learn the secret to getting featured in an online magazine.

Create your niche

Creating a niche is the first step in getting your company featured in an online magazine. You need to decide your target audience, what they want, their interests, and whether or not they would purchase your products. You can figure out the brand’s niche easily once you have the answers to all these concerns. Trial and error techniques can be helpful, but you should also consider historical data to select a niche that works well for your company.

Analyse and sort the best magazines

Choose online magazines from your industry or niche relevant to your goal. By doing this, you’ll be able to connect with a larger, more relevant audience who can relate to what you offer. You’ll not only attract a sizable audience, but you’ll also obtain backlinks from sources in your industry that are more reputable and already established.


You should do a background and site quality check of the online magazines you’ve sorted and ensure they operate per Google’s standards. If not, there the magazine can be penalized. Your business may also get penalized if you get backlinks from these unreliable sources.

List for sorting the top digital magazines

To make your brand name by featuring in the top digital magazines, there are some features you need to notice to find the best digital magazine:

• The online magazine should have a responsive design allowing readers to take notes and share the articles with others.

• The design should be simple to make it easy for readers to navigate through the information.

• The digital magazine should feature high-quality content on current issues affecting your sector that are factually accurate.

• The online magazine website should be interactive with the right multimedia, including images, audio, and video, and fewer but larger buttons to prevent the readers from being confused.

• The content should be centered around the niche to establish a trustworthy relationship with the readers.

• The website should be optimized to make downloading any material simpler and faster.

• The online magazine should use CTA so readers can easily reach your business.

Connect with online publishers

If you want to enter the publishing industry to get your business featured in the best online magazines, you should connect with online publishers and have as many contacts as you can in the online publishing industry.

You can start by getting in touch with writers to discuss any ideas you may have for the content you want to publish. You can use social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to connect with publishers all around the world. You can easily discuss your ideas with them, share your thoughts with other writers, connect with other writers through them, and get noticed by publishers.

online Publishers

Since online magazines have a vast space where others can easily connect and network, you can take this opportunity to join groups where you can find other writers and publishers sharing information about what they’ve discovered.

Participate in several online conferences that are relevant to your area to promote your brand name to other publishers in the same industry.

Tips to reach out

So, how to get your business featured in a magazine by reaching out to the publishers? Here are some tips you can follow:

Pitch your feature the right way

To be featured in an online magazine, you must know how to properly pitch your feature to the publishers, regardless of whether you just have an idea or have already generated one.

Since everyone can access online magazines from anywhere in the world, their publishers constantly try to provide something unique to attract more readers to their publications. Hence, you need to make an effort to create your content that is relevant to topics that are popular but presented from another perspective, making it unique from the others.


Publishers of online magazines always look for content that brings free publicity to their table. So, you have to make them believe that their magazine will benefit them more by publishing your content and not the other way around.

These online magazines also have a set of readers who will evaluate and decide whether the published content will attract the audience. Therefore, keep your research ready when submitting an idea to a magazine owner. By keeping your research ready, you will be able to pitch better and show you can bring in more readers, which will eventually be good for their magazine.

Connect with the editor

The easiest way to contact an online magazine’s editor is by writing to them. To connect with the editors, you can simply attend discussions hosted by online magazines and give your contact information, including your name and company name. Once they contact you, you can express your thoughts and ideas and build a relationship with them.

Soon, in no time, you will get your name and website featured in their online magazine. The other way to write to the editor is by reaching out to their online magazine page. They have a dedicated section where you can get their email address and write to them.

Offer relevant and quality content

Relevant and quality content is the backbone of any magazine. Therefore, try to create content for magazines that are high in quality using the right keywords related to the niche you’ve chosen or the industry you belong to. Think of yourself as an audience and what information you would want the content to have. Make the information look as seamless and natural-looking as possible while avoiding pushing your brand. You may try using transitional words to give your writing a smooth flow. Finalize your writing by editing it and fixing any grammatical mistakes you may have discovered.

Quality Content

Following these pointers will help you build relationships with various publications and acquire more referrals, making it simpler for your business to be featured in renowned online magazines.

Get ready to get featured!

Getting featured in an online magazine can benefit you and your business, including increased visibility, credibility, and relationships. To pull this off, you’ll need top-notch content and careful outreach to the editors of online magazines. By producing unique, valuable, and relevant content and reaching out to editors who align with your focus, you can increase your chances of being featured in an online magazine and reap the rewards that come with it.

Online Magazine


Why get featured in an online magazine?

Being published in a renowned online magazine can be highly beneficial for a business as it serves as an excellent strategy in online marketing. It promotes the company, boosts a brand’s reputation, and adds a link to a company’s profile.

Is getting featured in magazines good for brands?

It is true that brands benefit from magazine articles since they increase sales and strengthen a brand’s authority and trust.

How does getting featured in digital magazines generates traffic to our site?

Having your website featured in digital magazines can increase traffic by increasing exposure to a larger audience, providing helpful backlinks, establishing your brand’s credibility, and improving social media promotion.

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Gaby Alexander

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