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Running Twitter Ads Campaign in Japan: A Complete Guide

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After YouTube and LINE, Twitter is the most used social media platform in Japan, with over 45% of the population using it. Hence, Twitter can be one of your best markets if you plan to advertise your business in Japan. 

Japan's Twitter user demographic

Japan’s Twitter user demographic. Source: Bigbeat.

If you’re looking to invest in a Twitter ad campaign in Japan, we have some useful tips and tricks for you to follow that will help you along the way.

Insights From The Article

• Twitter is extremely popular in Japan, with over 45% of the population using it, making it a prime platform for advertising your business.

• Craft ads with a friendly, informative tone and leverage Kanji for concise communication, avoiding sarcasm and overly formal language.

• Use relevant keywords, tap into seasonal trends, engage in social listening, and actively interact with users to build brand loyalty.

Twitter Advertising Campaign

Since Japanese consumers are known for valuing their anonymity and privacy online, Twitter is an ideal platform because it doesn’t require you to extensively fill out personal information and allows you to express your views freely.

Kanji, the logographic characters used in the Japanese writing system, can convey a lot of information in a single character.

The ability to convey rich context with fewer characters allows Japanese users to  maximize the use of Twitter’s character limit, making their communications more effective and comprehensive within the constraints of the platform.

English words translated to Kanji are shorter and use fewer characters

English words translated to Kanji are shorter and use fewer characters.

Here are some strategies for refining your Twitter ads for digital marketing in Japan.

Get The Tone Right for Your Promoted Tweets

If, by now, you know what content works for your brand, consider half your job done. You not only save money on figuring out what content to promote ads on your Twitter account but also get to see it work efficiently for you. 

It also makes sense to promote tweets that have naturally gained a lot of exposure because they are also expected to do well as paid ads.

Do not make the mistake of making your ads sound too formal and commercial. Also, ditch the sarcasm and dry humor that usually fares well in the West. They don’t translate in the same tone in Japanese, and you don’t want to risk leaving a bad impression on your customers. 

Remember, you want to be able to relate to the masses and leave a lasting impression to build your brand’s identity.

Japanese consumers love being given new, intriguing information and respond better to ads that are descriptive rather than the dark and sarcastic tone that Twitter feeds usually contain.

Running a Twitter ad campaign in Japan.

Running a Twitter ad campaign in Japan.

Here are some points to remember while advertising on Twitter in Japan:

  • Keep your content compact and to the point.
  • Keywords are your best friend. Use them to keep your content relevant.
  • Soft selling works better than hard selling in Japan. So don’t be too pushy with your product. 
  • Share timely updates and news that your audience will find interesting.
  • Focus your posts on your audience, not just your brand.

Leverage Japan’s Seasons

Japan is one of the few countries in Asia with four distinct seasons, each celebrated with unique traditions and festivals. 

Brands capitalize on the seasonal advertisement trend to relate to the excitement of their target audience and drive brand engagement.

This means that tweets should consider the cultural and seasonal context, using imagery and language that align with the seasonal timeline and local traditions. Learn more about Japan’s advertising strategy here.

Coca-Cola Japan ads

Coca-Cola using a seasonal advertisement strategy in Japan.

Craft ad formats that are subtle, contextually rich, and align with the implicit communication style typical of Japan’s high-context culture. 

Be On Top Of Trending Discussions

Japan has a dynamic market. It’s trends and topics are constantly shifting. Hence, it’s important for advertisers to monitor ongoing conversations and trends to ensure their specific type of Twitter ads are timely and relevant.
Twitter is an ideal tool for targeted ads and advertisers can use Twitter to ensure their campaign reaches the right target users.
Social listening Twitter

What social listening offers insights on.

Twitter is also a great social listening tool. This means that it can be leveraged to help businesses and individuals understand what is being discussed about them, their competitors, and relevant topics in real-time across various online platforms.
Here are some ways to stay on top of trending conversations and use it to run Twitter ads:
  • Ensure the type of ads on your promoted accounts are relevant to current trends and interests.
  • Use Twitter’s targeting options to reach the right audience.
  • Engage in social listening to stay updated on what matters to your audience.
  • Integrate your ads into ongoing conversations to increase resonance and engagement.
  • Tailor your promoted tweets to specific geographic areas by understanding local trends and discussions and using targeted ad placements to achieve the same.

Go Local

By now, you know the importance of localizing your ad content to captivate Japan’s culturally rich audience.

Your sponsored image or video should have a lasting and eye-catching impact on all campaign objectives, from web traffic ads to conversion-focused ads. 

Localizing your content for Japanese markets. 

Localizing your content for Japanese markets.

Japanese customers are hard-wired to prefer local products over international products. So, unless your international brand is already well-known in the Japanese market, you can’t incorporate Western aesthetics into your Twitter marketing strategy and expect to resonate with local Twitter users. 
The whole point of content localization is to show people you are more focused on their needs and make them consider your brand as familiar and not too foreign.

Be Active in Engagement

Since Japanese customers love to do research before investing in an unfamiliar band, they are more likely to resort to brand-related Twitter discussions to get a second opinion. 

Since Twitter has an honest, unfiltered atmosphere, this could work in or against your favor, depending on its performance.

How to win over Japanese customers. 

How to win over Japanese customers.

Hence, it’s important to build loyalty and nurture your relationship with potential customers by thanking them for feedback and sincerely looking into improving upon the negative feedback received. 

It’s important to watch closely how people are using your ads and what they’re saying about you as more people visit your page. The more feedback, the better the opportunities for engagement are, and the easier it is to pinpoint areas for improvement. 

How To Run A Twitter Ad Campaign

Let’s understand how you can capitalize on Japan’s active Twitter community by understanding how to set up a Twitter campaign. 

Select between ‘Promote mode’ and ‘Twitter ads’

Twitter ad campaign

As seen in the image above, first, you need to decide whether you want to promote individual tweets or run an entire targeted ads campaign. Let’s understand the two.

Promoted tweets make your tweets show up in certain users’ Twitter feeds or search results when they search for something on Twitter. Twitter Ads is a bigger campaign where you use lots of different tweets to achieve one specific goal for your brand.

Depending on your preference, Twitter Ads can also suggest your username in places on Twitter, like the “Who to Follow” section beside the homepage.

Which Ad Strategy to Pick

If you want more people to see a webpage, promoted or sponsored tweets could be what your brand needs. With this strategy, you pay a set monthly fee while promoting a tweet. It’s great for getting focused attention (and leads) for a part of your business.

On the other hand, if you want to increase your followers and expand your audience, Twitter Ads give you more power. In my opinion, it’s a more holistic tactic to improve your brand identity and build loyalty in a tough marketing space like Japan.

How to Set Up a Twitter Advertising Campaign

To launch a Twitter Ad campaign, start by determining your goals and what you want to achieve by the end of the campaign. 

Eight different campaign objectives are available. Make sure to read and understand each objective before deciding which best matches your brand’s vision. 

Twitter ad campaign

Fill in the Required Details 

After picking an objective, you’ll be taken to a page where you can fill in details about your campaign name, decide its duration, and set your budget. Depending on the objective, you might also need to fill in other details specific to your ad. 

Twitter ad campaign

You can also select how often your ads are displayed to your target audience based on a particular setting.

Pick “Standard” to let Twitter decide the best times to show them to your target audience. Or go with “Accelerated,” that allows you to promote your ads as much as possible all day long. This works well if you want your marketing campaign to do well and reach people in a short time.

Tip: Don’t get too aggressive with the ad frequency; this might have the opposite effect on your customers and drive them away. 

Select an Ad Group and Preferred Bidding

When you start your first Twitter ads campaign, it’s best to keep things simple by sticking to just one ad group.

Later, once you feel more confident with Twitter ads, you can divide your campaign into different groups to aim at different types of Twitter audiences, try out different creative approaches, or experiment with budgets and timing.

Twitter ad campaign

Give your ad group a name and choose when it should start and stop, or let it run for as long as you want.

Twitter ad campaign

You’ll also decide how much you want to pay for each interaction here. If you pick “Autobid,” Twitter will set your bid to get the best results at the lowest cost according to your budget.

It’s a great option if you’re new to Twitter ads and want to understand bidding better before investing heavily.

Select Your Target Audience and Ad Placement

The targeting choices help you pick the perfect audience for your ad and maximize your budget.

First, there is demographic targeting. You define your audience based on factors like gender, age, location, language, and technology.

Twitter ad campaign

The targeting feature lets you aim your ad at users depending on events, interests, behaviors, and even the exact topics and TV shows they talk about in their Tweets.

Twitter ad campaign

Finally, at the bottom of your screen is the ad placement option.

Here, you can choose where you want your ads to appear on the platform. 

Create Your Ads

Now that you’ve got everything ready for your campaign, it’s time to create ads.

You can either convert a Tweet you already have into an ad or create a new one by filling in the info on the Ad details screen. You’ll get a preview of how your ad looks as you put it together.

 twitter ad campaign

When you’re satisfied with your ad, click Next.

Launch Your Campaign

After reviewing your ad options and making your selection, select the ‘Launch Campaign’ to launch your ad.

Final Thoughts

Japan is the perfect place to advertise your brand through Twitter because of its widespread usage and the unique characteristics of its social media landscape.

By understanding the platform’s dynamics and the preferences of the Japanese audience, you can tailor your advertising campaign to effectively reach and engage potential customers.


    1. Why is Twitter such a big deal in Japan for advertising?
      Twitter is super popular in Japan, with over 45% of the population using it. That’s a huge audience to tap into. Plus, Japanese users love the platform because it allows them to stay anonymous and share their thoughts freely, making it a great place for authentic engagement.
    2. What are some key strategies for running a successful Twitter advertisement campaign in Japan?
      Focus on soft selling rather than hard selling; Japanese consumers prefer subtlety. Keep an eye on trending topics to ensure your sponsored tweets are timely and relevant. Localization is also crucial—use imagery and language that resonate with local customs and preferences to make your ads feel more familiar and trustworthy.


Gaby Alexander

Gaby Alexander

Gaby is a search marketing enthusiast with a passion for helping agencies improve their ROI through effective link-building strategies. With expertise in Google Campaign Manager, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and SEMrush, Gaby provides valuable insights and guidance to optimize search marketing campaigns.

Gaby Alexander

Gaby Alexander

Gaby is a search marketing enthusiast with a passion for helping agencies improve their ROI through effective link-building strategies. With expertise in Google Campaign Manager, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and SEMrush, Gaby provides valuable insights and guidance to optimize search marketing campaigns.

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