Enterprise SaaS SEO Strategies

Enterprise SaaS SEO Strategies: A Quick Guide

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Enterprise SaaS SEO is entirely different from traditional SEO. It is a specialized strategy for big Software-as-a-Service companies with high revenues. Essential SEO deals with keyword research, analyzing, and making adjustments with your competitors, but enterprise SaaS SEO requires more complex strategies. 

Small business platforms like Etsy have simple SEO strategies, but large SaaS companies with millions of turnover require a complex approach. They might succeed with their revenue, but they must maintain it. They must invest in unique SEO strategies to stay competitive in the digital market. 

They will be noticed by the targeted audience with their SEO, but to stay visible and attract more followers, they have taken an alternative to growing their business. Even if these businesses do well in the market, the best enterprise SEO is essential. 

This guide introduces you to many SaaS SEO tools and strategies that will redefine your digital visibility.

What is Enterprise SaaS SEO?

Enterprise SaaS SEO is like a tailored strategy for huge software companies. Software-as-a-service websites have millions of pages, bringing in significant money. They need this unique approach for their SEO so that they can increase their organic traffic. 

 Enterprise SaaS SEO

Their main goal is to boost their presence on search engines. If their optimization is well maintained, they will show up first on SERPs. It means that more people visit them, and their CTR will be increased, which will result in the purchase of their software. 

They usually sell their software to big businesses, leading them to close bigger deals involving curated sales. The customers they deal with will have complex needs that require complex SEO assistance. 

To succeed online, they must keep a strict eye on their competition and develop a unique solution to solve their problems. The strategy for SaaS SEO includes various tips and tricks like keyword research, making better web pages, creating impressive content, curating valuable links, and fixing technical SEO issues. All these tactics should then lead them to increased organic traffic for their website and online presence. 

Benefits of Enterprise SaaS SEO

SEO strategies for SaaS companies aim to rank their websites higher on search engine result pages, and as we all know, they must increase their customers. The enterprise software must be appealing and user-friendly for the visitors to become customers. They must optimize their content and structure it to engage the visitors. SaaS SEO can provide you with several benefits if everything is done right. Let us explore them:


• A boost in click-through rates and content engagement
• Making content for your target audience to provide content that genuinely interests your niche audience
• It helps you spend less on getting your customers.
• It will increase the authority and credibility of your website.
• It improves user experience by making it more interactive; that is, customers can find information on the channels they prefer
• Your products will be widely recognized in every channel that your customer prefers.
• Improve your overall marketing and SEO efforts, which include email marketing and advertising.

Overall, a successful enterprise SEO helps increase organic traffic and visibility to your SaaS establishment, resulting in high engagement rates. 

Challenges of Enterprise SaaS SEO

Some unique challenges for SaaS companies are directly proportional to their SEO efforts. They are;

Challenges of SAAS

1. Scale efficiencies

SaaS companies face the challenge of growing their business enough to cover cloud application costs. They need a network that attracts new customers and maintains their existing ones. They also must encourage these customers to use the software to connect. Only then will they reduce the total cost of ownership.

Paid advertising is something that all the company owners seek to increase their customers, but it only adds to the costs. So, they should bring out an all-encompassing strategy that will create awareness among people on various channels in a natural way. 

2. Sales cycle complications

Enterprise businesses have lengthy sales cycles with a lot of people involved. It might take months or years to close a deal because, most of the time, these sales are complicated. It also involves decision-makers, stakeholders, and influencers; you can imagine how to conclude.

SEO efforts might not show any outcomes, and it will be tricky to find out the ROI. So, people are seen to give up on SEO early without waiting and giving a chance for it to work.

3. Disagreements among the company

Another significant challenge is that the politics and disagreement within a business will affect your team plan. It is necessary to keep everyone updated about the things happening and get everyone on the same page. 

For the SEO campaign to work, the stakeholders, product, and branding teams must agree to the company’s goals. If it doesn’t happen, it will be tough to make progress. 

4. Attracting and keeping customers

New customers are always crucial for an enterprise. Keeping the old one is even more important than that. If you sell your products through a subscription, it is essential to keep offering new features and appealing customer support to keep growing your business, 

So, enterprise companies should use marketing strategies to help new and old customers.

5. Familiarizing your brand

You have to make sure that people should be aware of your software and brand. Only then will your keywords be beneficial for your company.

Your brand and products should be well known. You can use link building, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and high-quality content, automatically increasing your brand worth.

6. Search intent optimization

The crucial part of your content and SEO plan is organizing your website to align with what people are searching for. When you are in heaps of branded keywords, it isn’t easy to understand the intent. Optimizing the search intent is the only way to overcome this challenge.

Important Enterprise SaaS SEO Strategies

We must follow various strategies to make your SaaS product gain its proclaimed value. Seven easy methods to maintain SaaS SEO success are listed below.

1. Shift your focus from popular keywords.

Paying attention to a keyword with little traffic and less competition is always wise. Including the same keyword in your SEO plan will be a great idea. 

The least competitive keywords can help to increase the visibility of your website. It will increase the number of visitors and potential customers. For effective SEO, it is always best to research keywords and list them with high performance and the ones with the potential to give good performance. 

2. Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T)

Now that we know that SEO is not just about popular keywords, we can step into real SEO techniques. It is all about how Google evaluates your content. To get noticed by Google and rank higher, you need a strong strategy for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). 

There is no shortcut for fixing your EAT credentials; only hard work can fix them. You have to make content that other websites are willing to talk about. They must refer you or link or share about your website. Produce high-quality content, and people will talk. Reviews and recommendations can boost your EAT, so try to amaze everyone with your product and content quality.


Google added an extra “E” for experience in December 2022.

3. Keep updating your content.

To increase your website visitors, you must ensure your content is always relevant and fresh. It should be interesting, and you should maintain the quality. Regularly updating your content is the only way to stay relevant. Regular blog posts will make your website more engaging. 

Guest blogging will help you attain your goal as you can get other people to write about your products. You must add the most recent information and links to other pages (internal and external) to make it rank higher. A catchy title will pique the interest of many potential customers, and try to include keywords of your choice.

4. Include voice search

More people now use voice search on their smartphones and assistants like Alexa and Siri. You should formulate a strategy that includes voice searches, not just regular typed ones. 

Google introduced Hummingbird in 2003, focusing on the meaning and intent behind the search, not just the word itself. So, including voice searches will only improve your business, and such innovations enable us to think vividly about new SEO trends. 

SaaS SEO needs a different strategy when it involves voice search. To rank well, you must create high-quality content that will answer common questions. You will also require high-quality websites to link back to your site because making connections with reputed brands will earn Google’s trust for you. 

5. Aim for the top (position zero)

The very top result in a SERP is considered the most popular and optimized content in that category. This position is termed “position 0,” it can be a list, a table, or text. If you attain position 0, that means Google ranks your page as the top source of information for that particular search. 

Aim for the top (position zero

Your content must be relevant and answer common questions that people might have, which will result in attaining position 0. The basic questions that include What, When, Where, Why, and How should be given more importance. Adding infographics will always enhance your SEO. So, choose valuable visuals and aim for position 0.

6. Your data must be well-organized

We have already established that SEO is not all about keywords. Google should be able to identify what your website is about. It might require technical assistance because well-organized content should follow specific rules and regulations. 

We must analyze how Google understands all the rich snippets, and only then will we be able to structure our strategy. It would help if you used vocabulary helpful for Google, which will enhance your organic traffic and search results. It can increase your click-through rates, leading you to obtain position 0, which every SaaS enterprise dreams of.

7. Lastly, links are our heroes!

A good amount of link building will never go to waste. It is vital to use backlinks for great SEO. When another blog mentions your products, These links can be from an outside source or your website. Backlinks enhance your website’s credibility because an external source says your content. 

Internal links also make sure that you gain more visitors. It will make these visitors go through your products and other additional products. It helps the followers gain more information about your brand, service, and website. You need more visitors and backlinks to do the magic. 

How to do Enterprise SaaS SEO?

Structured content and a website will make your enterprise SaaS company more appealing. Moreover, SEO for enterprises covers various steps to set up. It takes months to structure a moving strategy, but the result will always blow your mind.

ENterprise Saas SEO

1. Keyword Research for the SaaS Industry

Keyword research for enterprise SaaS will make your website better. That is something we already knew. It also helps you understand what your target audience is interested in and what they need. The right keyword strategy will always be beneficial for your product optimization.

The more you care about the keywords you use, the higher the chance you will gain organic traffic to your website. It will also help you to rank higher in SERP. This is why doing extensive keyword research for competitive industries will help you achieve success. For that, first, you have to identify your SaaS product’s target audience.

Then, analyze what your competitors are following. If you can understand the pattern they use for researching keywords, you can find the right path to do the same with your website. It is a traditional method, yet it works perfectly.

Keyword Research for SaaS Industry

Tools like Semrush or Ahrefs are the most popular ones for researching keywords and doing Google competitor analysis. They will make your job easier and find the loopholes to rank higher in your niche. 

Why are we doing keyword research, and why is it important? The answer will be that it can improve traffic and result in numerous conversions. Your customer base might be looking for specific keywords to proceed with the dealing. Your deal is off if you cannot provide them with that particular keyword. It comes in the form of identifying long-tail and high-converting keywords. 

What are long-tail keywords? It is simply a five-word phrase that will gain the attention of your niche audience.

These words will not have a large search volume, which is a boon for you because those long-tail keywords won’t have much competition. It eventually results in your website ranking high.

Your enterprise SEO strategy should include analyzing user intent and search trends of your target customer base. It will help you understand your customers’ interests and ultimately give you the power to market your product successfully. 

You can understand a user’s intent by Google Search because a majority of people around the globe search for a specific word on Google. It will give you a report on the data of the motive behind people searching for a unique keyword or relevant information about a particular topic. Analyze those user intents and make your SaaS brand more visible. 

2. On-Page SEO for SaaS Websites

On-page SEO for enterprise SaaS companies is different from any other website SEO. Here are some tips that will enhance your SaaS SEO, optimize your content, and increase your number of customers.

a) Optimize your title tags, meta description, and header tags.

The three main things that pop up when we research a specific topic are the title, meta description, and header tags. People usually analyze their search by going through these three components. It is always better to make their first impression of your brand the best impression by maintaining quality.

Enterprise SaaS SEO includes optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags. You have to ensure that important keywords are present in your tags because, with the vast number of landing pages you have, it might not optimize appropriately if you don’t add the correct descriptions. 

b) Add informative content for your target keywords.

Adding unlimited keywords will not increase your content score. Over-optimizing keywords will lower your website’s ranking. You must write relevant and informative content for your brand to rank higher in SERP.

When you do on-page SEO, long-tail keywords and informative content should be given importance, or your brand will lose value. 

c) Make use of internal linking and content silos.

Internal linking helps in distributing the authority juice of your higher-ranking pages. It also provides a hierarchy of relevant content. When you do internal linking, content silos will be more helpful. A silo structure is like a folder that will group contents based on a particular topic or theme. This structure will automatically help you to do internal linking because pages with the same themes are already grouped. 

d) Use proper schema markup to create enhanced search results.

What is a schema markup? It is a code language that search engines use to analyze your website content. On-page SEO optimization will function properly if you implement schema markup. Or else it will negatively affect your search engine rankings. 

Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper will help you implement schema markup for your SaaS brand in the easiest way possible. It might help you get featured in the “People also ask” section, the most popular section where people land on what they are searching for. 

3. Technical SEO for Enterprise SaaS

Never forget about the technical aspects of a SaaS company. It includes a well-maintained website’s infrastructure. If that is not done, you will automatically lose your website ranks. Front end developers ensure your site is not only visually appealing but also technically optimized to maintain high search engine rankings. For optimizing your technical SEO, ensure you do the following.

a) Navigation and website architecture

Large-scale websites have many pages and content, making the layout quite messy. Visitors are looking for a website where they can move around freely and find what they are looking for easily. To prevent visitors from going away, you must ensure that each page is linked with other related or on the same topic. A well-organized home page will boost your website’s authenticity, and the links within your website should connect to pages that make sense together. Ensuring seamless navigation and intuitive layout will significantly enhance your SaaS UX design.

Finally, ensure search engines correctly list all your pages in their index. Always double-check that search engines’ lists include the pages you want to appear in search results. 

b) Mobile optimization and a design for a variety of devices

Mobile devices are more common now than any personal computer. Everyone owns a smartphone, and they mostly do their research on it rather than on computers. So, this is the sign for making your SaaS website mobile-friendly.

Most of the popular Content Management System platforms now include mobile optimization. To make it easier, you can activate Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a Google-led feature, to improve your mobile website performance. 

Mobile optimization and a design for variety of devices

c) Page loading speed and performance optimization

People lose interest in checking out a page if they take a lot to load. If your SaaS website is doing the same, you surely will lose your potential clients. 

You have to do several optimizations to enhance your website’s performance and page loading speed. You can try to update the codes, change your advertisement placement, compress the infographics, and exclude unnecessary plugins. It will make the website less heavy, making it load faster.

d) Structuring URLs and adjusting complex web pages

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) can be disorganized when dealing with vast enterprise SaaS webpages. It may also create duplicate pages, and Google can mistake them as the significant page for your enterprise and rank it higher. To avoid this, you must do canonicalization and select the exact webpage for organizing yourself. 

You must optimize URLs by adding the correct keywords. Keeping a brief URL with relevant keywords is always better to boost your SEO.

4. Off-Page SEO for SaaS companies

Off-page SEO is equally important as on-page and technical SEO. Link building or attaining backlinks from other websites is the most important part of off-page actions. Let us see the benefits it can give to your SaaS product.

a) Link building and the connection with other websites

It is always important to exchange links only between high-authority websites. It acts as a recognition for your website, and it will boost your website’s authority and credibility.

For your Domain Authority (DA) to increase, you must create a successful link building strategy. You must follow the rules provided by Google Webmaster Guidelines to ensure safety when buying backlinks, and continuously check DA PA with an online tool. Your SEO can be well maintained if you create a trusted website atmosphere.

b) Social media and backlinks

People rely on social media for the latest marketing strategies and industries. Establishing a robust social media presence will make it easier to boost your brand value. It will help you interact with people in your niche and find potential candidates to buy your product.

Social media can also get backlinks by using keywords and creating relevant content. You have to maintain consistency when you include social media marketing. Your products will only interest people if you give them quality and consistent content.

c) Guest posting and showcasing your industry expertise

If you are an established SaaS company, people will religiously follow your brand and products. You can increase your audience by leveraging your leadership by connecting with other high-authority websites. 

You can distribute thought leadership articles you created to other websites to gain more traffic. You must ensure that the content you give them is up-to-date and essential so you won’t be headlined as a fraud. Guest posting will always increase your visitors, and if the webmasters accept your website authority, you can even do it for free.

d) Online presence for your enterprise level brand

Correct SEO efforts obtain an excellent brand reputation. To establish that you can use your social media platforms, let us not forget that the same platform can crash your website reputation if you don’t do everything correctly. 

Online reputation is vital because the marketing done these days is through digital platforms. Keep up with the updates and trends in the digital market and follow the rules to ensure your reputation.

5. Local SEO for your SaaS Website

Local optimization is an integral part of SaaS startups and small-sized businesses. We will now look at the need for local SEO for the enterprise-level SaaS industry. 

a) Local presence optimization in different locations

In a SaaS market, your product will only be popular if you expand your reach to other locations. For this to happen, you should optimize local actions. 

Local landing pages, contact information, and geographic-specific keywords are the elements that you should optimize to increase your brand presence in multiple locations. Your business will get a green card in the local market if you list in all the local online listings and try to include local content for the audiences in these multiple locations.

b) Optimizing local citation and consistency

You must optimize your local citation to establish an accurate business profile to gain more customers. You have to optimize components like:

• Business name
• Business address
• Phone number
• Company logo
• Company description
• Company email address
• Operating hours

These things are what people might look for when they first read through your website. Ensure that you update the given information, and it should be accurate. These local citations have the potential to increase your sales.

c) Encouraging customers to leave reviews

Customer reviews can enhance your brand within no time. People always search for reviews from others so that they can trust the business they are trying to be a part of. If people subscribe to your business, it will boost your business revenue. For people to do that, you need someone to showcase how trusted you are with your business. Hence, the customer reviews.

Customer testimonials will only increase your product value. To gain the trust of your new customers and potential clients, make your existing valued customers leave a review on social media platforms so that your business is legitimate in your targeted audience’s eyes.

6. SEO and Content Marketing

Remember that your enterprise SEO team and content creators should be on the same page to make your business successful. If you create informative content, you can enhance your website with proper SEO planning. To make it possible, you must be aware of the following.

a) Create a content strategy that will boost your SEO

Understanding your target audience’s interests will help optimize your content and SEO. You must perform perfect keyword research and use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make that happen. There are free tools that will measure the performance of your content and its SEO. It will help you to change your marketing campaign when needed.

b) Provide educational resources and case studies.

Educational resources, case studies, and whitepapers will increase your website’s authority. It provides proper knowledge among your audience about the topics you market. If you are willing to create content on trending topics, it will get you a good turnover for your business. 

c) Use your content for link building and thought leadership.

A large-scale SaaS business is already considered an industry leader, so you can quickly build your thought leadership content. Through that content plan, you can make link building strategies. It helps you enhance your SEO and is the easiest way possible.

7. Tracking Enterprise SaaS SEO Success

Let me be frank with you for a moment. Your SEO campaign will only work out if you are ready to track and check all the strategies you have executed. If you don’t follow up on the things you have done, there is no point in hoping for success. 

Nowadays, it is easy for you to monitor your success because plenty of tools help you do it. 

a) Tracking tools and SEO analytics

Indeed, a SaaS business can easily afford a paid SEO tracking tool to check metrics like organic traffic, number of users, bounce rate, session duration, etc. But if you want a free platform, you can try Google Analytics or Google Search Console. 

b) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

KPIs for enterprise-level SEO are;

• Unique visitors
• Total visitors by country or location
• Bounce rate on landing page
• Form submission rate

KPIs are maintained to make your company website rank at the top of SERP.

KPIs are maintained to make your company website rank at the top of SERP.

c) Data analyzing

If you want to be successful in your business, you must refine your SEO plans. SEO is a trial-and-error process, and you have to keep updating the data to have stable organic traffic. So, ensure you don’t miss any trends or regulate your website traffic.  

Best Tools for Enterprise SaaS SEO 

Enterprise SaaS SEO tools are essential for tracking your website performance and enhancing organic search visibility. Here’s the list of tools that we recommend you use.


Botify is an enterprise SaaS SEO platform to improve crawlability and search rankings. 


Key Features

Botify Analytics helps with log file analysis, rank tracking, keyword tracking, web crawling, etc.
Botify Intelligence helps with critical SEO issues and high-impact opportunities.
Botify Activation helps in optimizing your website and turning your data and insights into helpful insights.


Conductor is a powerful enterprise SEO and content technology platform that provides detailed research on customers’ wants and intent. 


Key Features

• Technical SEO audit and analysis
• Content performance insights
• Social insights


seoClarity is a specialized enterprise SEO software that provides SEO data, metrics, and capabilities. You have access to perform site audits, develop content strategies, and deep crawls to unravel technical SEO issues. 


Key Features

• Rank Intelligence – which helps in finding keyword ranking insights
• Actionable Insights algorithm – collects data and offers insights on the new SEO practices
• Clariy Audits – Unlimited crawl projects and technical health checks

Google Search Console 

Google Search Console is another vital tool to enhance your SEO. It helps you create data-driven SEO plans and monitor your search performance.

Google Search Console 

Key Features

• Backlink analysis
• Penalty reviews
• Sitemap submission


BrightEdge is an SEO platform designed to help global content marketing. It runs on artificial intelligence and provides real-time insights. 


Key Features

• BrightEdge Recommendations to improve your organic traffic
• BrightEdge Instant – provide real-time insights into your rank, search volume, competition, page speed, etc.
• ContentIQ – is a technical audit solution to build into your platform

Examples of Successful Enterprise SaaS SEO 

I understand that you may only believe in these strategies if I list out the companies that succeeded in implementing them. So, here are some examples of enterprise SaaS companies that successfully executed these strategies. 

1. Adobe

Well, who doesn’t know Adobe?


Adobe is a computer software with over 94,000 pages on its site. They had to adopt specific effective enterprise strategies to improve their SEO performance. Every feature they provide has its landing page, increasing organic traffic from 6.3 million to 9 million.  

2. Zapier

Apps and Zapier go hand in hand.


Zapier is a platform that allows you to connect your apps and automate workflows. They used multiple landing pages and context-specific CTAs and partnered with other apps to write content and link them to receive 6 million monthly visitors.

3. Hotjar

Sizzling hot? You got it!


Hotjar is a SaaS marketing automation tool, and the exciting fact about it is that it increased 50% of its website traffic in just two years. They used topic clustering and backlink building to improve their search visibility. Don’t get me wrong when I say they only used technical SEO to boost their website; they also contributed excellent content to make it possible.

4. Peanut App

Let me introduce you to the app that achieved 2.3 million reach in just one year. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s Peanut App.

Peanut App

It specializes in answering questions about pregnancy, motherhood, fertility, etc. They were clever enough to focus on keywords that didn’t have competition and made a topic cluster, and “boom!” they ranked better.

To Sum Up

Now you have a teeny-tiny idea of what enterprise SaaS SEO services are and how it works. It does not follow the principles of traditional SEO and requires more attention as it handles the optimization of websites with thousands of pages. 

Whether you have an in-house SEO team or an external team of SEO professionals, you must ensure your work is consistent. It is a boon that you have helpful enterprise SEO tools like Botify to make your work easy. You will reach your company goals with perfect communication and collaboration without any hassle. 


What is an Enterprise SaaS SEO agency?

A professional SaaS SEO agency is a corporate SEO service for Software-as-a-Service companies. They help make strategies that target keywords with more competition and search volume for the overall SEO to increase. Good agencies will focus on the right attributes of small and large businesses. 

How do I succeed in SaaS SEO?

It would help if you built a good connection between the team and stakeholders to succeed. Good communication will always help you to make a flourishing empire. First, let the idea sink in that you work in a large environment with plenty of moving parts. Take feedback and work with your team and not against them. 

What are the challenges of SaaS SEO?

SEO requires a different approach from time to time because the trends and technologies change continuously. Large-scale SaaS businesses already have an established brand identity, and adapting to the sudden changes could be challenging. However, it is crucial to update accordingly to keep up your website rankings.

Is SaaS SEO necessary?

Yes, SaaS SEO is essential for large companies. The strategies used for small companies will not work for SaaS establishments because they have more than a thousand pages. They need a specialized team to keep up with the updates and use specific strategies to enhance their websites.

Gaby Alexander

Gaby Alexander

Gaby is a search marketing enthusiast with a passion for helping agencies improve their ROI through effective link-building strategies. With expertise in Google Campaign Manager, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and SEMrush, Gaby provides valuable insights and guidance to optimize search marketing campaigns.

Gaby Alexander

Gaby Alexander

Gaby is a search marketing enthusiast with a passion for helping agencies improve their ROI through effective link-building strategies. With expertise in Google Campaign Manager, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and SEMrush, Gaby provides valuable insights and guidance to optimize search marketing campaigns.

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