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Top Instagram Influencers in Japan in 2024: Check out Japan’s Influencer Elite

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Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in Japan (45.1% of the population), and Japanese influencers have taken the art of Instagramming to a whole new level.

In Japan, influencer marketing combines seamlessly with Japanese culture, shaping its impact on style, trends, and societal norms.

Whether you’re into fashion, gaming, anime, or tech, there’s an influencer to match your interests and elevate your game. And if you’re on the lookout for the crème de la crème of Instagram influencers in Japan, look no further!

Top Instagram Influencers in Japan in 2024

We’ve compiled a hand-picked list of the top Instagram creators, and trust us, your feed is about to get a serious upgrade.

Naomi Watanabe

Naomi Watanabe

Niche: Comedy, Fashion. 10M Followers.

Naomi Watanabe

Naomi is the most renowned Instagram influencer in Japan. She is known for her sense of humor and killer fashion sense, which are displayed in her collaborations with luxury brands like Kate Space, Adidas, Moschino, and her own Japanese brand, Punyus.

Naomi’s love for comedy blossomed during her childhood trip to Taiwan, where she immersed herself in cinematic gems like ‘Coming to America’, which sparked her passion for making people laugh.

Although her family wanted her to take the traditional route of going to university and settling down, she chose to enroll in Yoshimoto Academy or NSC, a training school for comedians, at the age of 18. 

Eventually, she started becoming a regular in television shows, and it wasn’t until 2008 that she rose to fame when her lip-syncing video of ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyoncé went viral.

Naomi's viral lip-sync video. 

Naomi’s viral lip-sync video. 

Fun fact: Naomi Watanabe was originally supposed to do a Mariah Carey impersonation but switched to Beyoncé at the last minute. 

This kick-started her TV career and made her a regular in the famous talk show Waratte iitomo! Zôkangô, the first of many in her entertainment career. 

What we love most about Naomi is her unapologetic authenticity and confidence. From advocating for body positivity to promoting diversity and inclusion, Naomi isn’t afraid to speak her mind and challenge societal norms.


Rola, Japanese instagram influencer

Niche: Fashion, Lifestyle. 9.1 M Followers.

Rola instagram influencer

Rola wears many hats—she’s a fashion model, TV personality, actress, and singer. You’ve probably seen her in the pages of the popular Japanese fashion magazine Vivi or countless commercials. 

Rola was born to Japanese/Bangladeshi parents and raised in a humble family. She started her modeling career in high school when she was scouted while walking down the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo.

Her passion and perseverance have been the reason for her success, which has included brand endorsements from big names like YSL Beauty and Stella McCartney. She is also a member of the elite Gucci crew. 

Rola’s Instagram profile displays her environmental consciousness and love for sustainability. Her unique fashion sense and love for slow fashion have helped her start and direct a sustainable lifestyle brand called StudioR330. 

Kiko Mizuhara

Kiko Mizuhara Japanese instagram influencer

Niche: Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle. 7.8 M Followers.

Kiko Mizuhara, Japanese instagram influencer.

Kiko Mizuhara, born in the USA, is a highly esteemed figure in Japan’s fashion scene. As a model, actress, singer, and designer, she’s widely recognized as one of the country’s foremost style icons, both domestically and internationally.

Kiko’s career in modeling started when she won Seventeen Magazine’s modeling contest and became exclusive with them for the next 3 years. Since then, Kiko has appeared in several magazine covers, such as Vogue, Grazia and Cosmopolitan.

Kiko’s high-fashion face has earned her recognition from the world’s biggest fashion brands. In 2012, she became a Chanel ambassador and was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for their campaign.

Kiko Mizuhara with Karl Lagerfeld.

Kiko Mizuhara with Karl Lagerfeld.

We are constantly in awe of her fearless approach to style, effortlessly blending high fashion with streetwear in a way that’s entirely her own.

Mizuhara’s love for nature shines through in her rose multi-use balm creation. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, she crafted this versatile product to celebrate the simplicity and purity of botanical ingredients.

Sakura Miyawaki

Sakura Miyawaki, Japanese Instagram influencer.

Niche: Fashion, Lifestyle, Music. 11 M Followers.

Sakura Miyawaki, Japanese Instagram influencer.

Sakura Miyawaki, a Japanese artist known for her roles as a singer, YouTuber, actress, and Instagram influencer, has made a deep impact in the entertainment industry. She is a member of the K-pop girl group Le Sserafim.

Sakura got into performing in her childhood thanks to her mom’s passion for musicals. In 2010, she scored a spot in a musical workshop in New York. That experience sparked something major, leading her to audition for HKT48. 

Sakura Miyawaki's HKT48 graduation ceremony.

Sakura Miyawaki’s HKT48 graduation ceremony.

Through HKT48’s rigorous training and demanding performance schedule, Sakura honed her skills as a performer and grew both professionally and personally. Her fanbase skyrocketed even more when she joined the K-pop industry.

Her magnetic personality shines off-stage, too. Whether she’s engaging with fans on social media, sharing glimpses of her daily life, or simply radiating positivity wherever she goes, Sakura’s authenticity shines through, endearing her to fans worldwide.

Kento Yamazaki

Kento Yamazaki

Niche: Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment. 6 M Followers.

Kento Yamazaki, the most followed Japanese male on Instagram, an actor and model, has starred in several movies like Death Note, Kiss That Kills, Good Doctor, and the popular Netflix series Alice in Borderland. He has won many awards for his acting and is loved by fans in Japan and China.

Yamazaki was born and raised in Tokyo in a middle-class family. He initially wanted to be a soccer player, but everything changed when he got scouted by a talent agency on his way home from a soccer game. 

Besides his collaborations with brands like Armani Exchange and Kagome, Yamazaki’s Instagram offers a peek into his acting career with behind-the-scenes photos, videos from sets, and interactions with other stars.

Tomohisa Yamashita

Tomohisa Yamashita

Niche: Fashion, Music, Entertainment. 5.3 M Followers.

Tomohisa Yamashita

Tomohisa Yamashita, fondly known as Yamapi or Tomo, is a top Japanese singer, actor, and TV host.

In Japan, he has sold hit albums like ‘Supergood,’ ‘Superbad,’ and ‘Unleashed. His performance has gained him recognition abroad, especially for his roles in the psychological thriller, The Head and also Alice in Borderland 2.

What we love about his Instagram is that it offers a casual and relatable vibe to Instagram users in Japan. His Instagram account usually showcases mini vlogs of his travel adventures, TV dramas, and brand partnerships.

Yamashita recently endorsed the luxury brand Dior Beauty, which showcased his impeccable sense of style and effortless charisma. 

Tomomi Morisaki

Tomomi Morisaki

Niche: Fitness, Fashion, Travel. 4.8 M Followers.

Tomomi Morisaki

Morisaki is a popular YouTuber based in Japan. She has featured in TV dramas, commercials, and different TV programs. On her YouTube channel, she shares behind-the-scenes footage, food videos, and travel vlogs, amassing over 658K subscribers.

Morisaki is a Japanese actress and model who has been endorsed by top brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Sapporo, and Dior. 

Tomomi has a knack for connecting with her audience on a deeper level and inspiring people to feel confident and authentic in every aspect of life, from beauty routines to travel adventures. 

Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi Sasaki

Niche: Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment. 4.8 M Followers.

Nozomi Sasaki

Born and raised in Akita, Nozomi Sasaki is a celebrity in Japan, starring in various TV dramas and movies. 

With a large Japanese population fan following, this former gravure model has made her mark in commercials, music, and the world of glamour and fashion modeling as well.

Her Instagram feed features a soft, girl-next-door vibe that radiates warmth and authenticity, inviting her followers into her world with every post.

Nozomi has partnered with famous brands like Fendi, EYEVAN for eyewear, Charlotte Chesnais for jewelry, Estnation, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Buccellati.

She is known for developing her own brand, Intimite Onemile, which is famous for producing comfortable and durable garments that redefine comfort and style. 

Kasumi Arimura

Kasumi Arimura

Niche: Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment. 4.7 M Followers.

Kasumi Arimura

Kasumi Arimura is a famous Japanese influencer, model, and actress who has appeared in more than 40 films and TV dramas in Japan and numerous commercials.

Among her standout works are TV Dramas like Amachan, Strobe Edge, and Love That Makes You Cry.

Whether she’s sharing candid moments from film sets or showcasing her adventures around Japan, her Instagram profile features warm, candid moments of Arimura’s personal and professional life to let her followers experience the world through her eyes.

Haruna Kojima

Haruna Kojima

Niche: Fashion, Travel. 4 M Followers.

Haruna Kojima

Haruna Kojima is a Japanese entrepreneur, actress, model, and former singer who gained fame as the lead vocalist and dancer in the idol group AKB48. 

On her Instagram, you’ll find a mix of her fashion picks, travel escapades, and product reviews. She often teams up with big names like Fendi, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton for some stunning collaborations.

She’s also the founder of her brand, ‘Her Lip To,’ which offers everyday wear infused with elegance and glamour. The brand has now extended to beauty and lingerie as well. 

Nicole Fujita

Nicole Fujita

Niche: Fashion, Beauty. 6.1 M Followers.

Nicole Fujita

Nicole Fujita is a New Zealand-born Japanese model who became popular thanks to her embrace of “gyaru” fashion—a vibrant Japanese style known for its bold colors and striking makeup contrasts.

This Japanese actor and model is exclusive to major Japanese magazines like ViVi.  The fashion influencer has a YouTube channel that has recently gained fame due to her beauty content.

Nicole Fujita is a go-getter who’s turned her passion into two thriving brands: Cimer for cosmetics and Calnamur for apparel.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is the ideal app for the social media-savvy Japanese market, where content creators produce engaging content for all demographics.

Japan has a rich influencer culture that combines the top influencers with popular Instagram brands. 

From Naomi Watanabe’s humor to Kiko Mizuhara’s style, these creators shape trends and spark inspiration, driving conversations and setting the stage for what’s next in Japan’s rich influencer scene.

Gaby Alexander

Gaby Alexander

Gaby is a search marketing enthusiast with a passion for helping agencies improve their ROI through effective link-building strategies. With expertise in Google Campaign Manager, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and SEMrush, Gaby provides valuable insights and guidance to optimize search marketing campaigns.

Gaby Alexander

Gaby Alexander

Gaby is a search marketing enthusiast with a passion for helping agencies improve their ROI through effective link-building strategies. With expertise in Google Campaign Manager, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and SEMrush, Gaby provides valuable insights and guidance to optimize search marketing campaigns.

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