Top 5 Ways to Promote Online Casinos DIY Style

Top 5 ways to promote online casinos DIY style!

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Online casinos, also known as internet casinos, serve a unique function compared to casinos that have a physical presence. The internet allows casinos and gaming lovers to enjoy casino-related activities from the comfort of their own home.

However, many online casino business owners and marketers underestimate the importance of marketing a casino online and rely strictly on organic search for customers to find their site. Unfortunately, that tactic won’t cut it today when there are so many online businesses out there competing for attention. With new casino sites popping up every month, there is more and more noise in the system. Thankfully, with the right online marketing strategy combined with your direct mail strategy, you can ensure customers will find your site and stay.

Top 5 tips to promote your casino on the internet without doing SEO

1. Ensure your casino has a highly intuitive and functional website – Any marketing that you do, online or otherwise, needs to steer your customers to your casino’s website (obviously). Those who receive your marketing messages will likely have questions about your casino, and your website should serve as that one-stop-shop to answer all of those questions. The best casino websites will make it easier for patrons to understand loyalty program options and perks, laws and regulations related to online gaming, and more. The addition of an FAQ can help with your search engine rankings and make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for fast.

2. Release a weekly or bi-weekly blog on your website – Blogs are a great way to engage customers and to keep your virtual casino top of mind. Not only that, but blog content can help tie your overall digital marketing strategy together. Your blog, hosted on your gaming website, can bring in organic traffic when the proper search terms and keyword strategy are used. Further, your content can be promoted on social media and through targeted emails. Blogs can be about anything that might be entertaining or enlightening to a customer within the world of online casino operations and patronage.

3. Make use of social media – Digital marketing via social media is a great way to find interested internet casino patrons, fast. 3.5 billion of the 7.7 billion people in the world are on social media, so don’t be surprised to find out that many of your older casino patrons have social media accounts. This means that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more are great ways to keep your customers up to date on virtual casino activities and promotions. Consider making use of an influencer as well that can help you with messaging and can help attract new site patrons.

4. Pay attention to email marketing – Email marketing has been around for ages, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, email marketing, when done correctly, can have a return on investment of 4000% or more. Over 293 billion emails are sent around the globe every day, and there are an estimated 121 emails received by your typical email user each day. This means that email is alive and present. However, casino marketers need to ensure that email messages are clear, concise, and on-brand to help entice and excite customers to make a visit to the site. So, capture email addresses at every point possible – on your website, tied to various online games, on social media, etc.

5. Don’t forget direct mail. You may be operating an online casino, but that doesn’t mean that direct mail shouldn’t play a key role in your strategy. Don’t forget; many would-be internet gamers still don’t know much about online casinos and how they work. This provides you with a great opportunity to get in front of customers offline so that they will join you online. There are a host of data providers out there that can help you generate legitimate lead-lists that can help you target the customers that you want to visit your site.

A Holistic Online Marketing Strategy Will Keep your Casino Top of Mind

Leveraging the above tips will be a great way to help you attract more online gamers and keep the ones that you already have. Many of today’s consumers and casino goers are already online, but as we mentioned, some still don’t know you exist online. With so many physical casinos popping up around the country, and new online gaming sites joining the race every day, your marketing strategy needs to take advantage of all online tactics, and direct marketing tactics as well.

Online reputation management for casinos is also a powerful tool that we can help you unlock.

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Gaby Alexander

Gaby Alexander

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