What is Quora Link Building?

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Quora is a platform where people ask and answer questions on different topics. It’s a place to exchange knowledge in various fields.

Quora Link Building

Quora link building involves leveraging its large user base and authority to improve your website’s reach and SEO. Businesses can enhance their credibility, attract traffic, and position themselves as credible sources by offering valuable insights into questions and including appropriate links.

In this guide, we will explore Quora link building, offering various techniques and tools to help you effectively use it to boost your online presence. Link building on Quora involves participating in discussions, answering questions about the website’s niche, and including relevant links in responses.

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Why is Quora needed for link building?

link building

As seen in the image above, Quora has a domain rating of 91.

Websites with a higher domain rating have a strong backlink profile, which indicates their authority. Such websites also appear more trustworthy to search engines like Google. This makes them ideal for building links and reaching a wider audience.

Quora is beneficial for link building for several reasons.

 link building for several reasons

• SEO Impact: Backlinks from the forum can improve search engine rankings because Google considers links from the platform valuable.

Increased Visibility: Quora has a vast user base, and engaging in link building on the forum can expose your material to a larger audience, potentially leading to increased visitors to your site.

Credibility Building: Providing helpful answers about your industry helps you showcase your knowledge and proficiency. This helps position you as a credible authority in your field.

Targeted Traffic: Quora can be a valuable forum for attracting a targeted audience. You can draw an audience genuinely interested in your niche or industry if your answers are well-researched, informative, and helpful.

Networking Opportunities: Engaging with the Quora community can open doors for networking with professionals in your industry, creating valuable connections and helping you build relationships.

Quora Spaces are communities centered around specific subjects. Engaging in relevant spaces allows you to connect with professionals with similar interests or in the same niche.

Quora can be used as an important strategy for link building. However, it’s important to approach it with a genuine intention to contribute and share knowledge.

How do I get started with Quora Link Building?

1. Create a Quora profile: Develop a profile tailored to achieve goals like attracting a target audience and optimizing your reach. This helps your profile appear in search results when users look for specific topics.

Quora profile

The term ‘SEO specialist’ lists profiles and posts that match the search term. Hence, adding niche-appropriate search terms to your bio is important to help your profile get recognized.

2. Identify relevant topics: Identifying and following suitable topics on Quora is crucial for staying informed and engaged within your industry.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Identify Core Topics: Identify key industry themes, subjects, or trends. Consider the main areas of expertise that align with your profile. For example, a link building agency can use search terms such as ‘link building,’ ‘SEO,’ and ‘link building agency’ to locate pages, subjects, and threads related to their niche.

 link building agency

Use Keywords: Using relevant search terms when searching for topics is important to find threads closely related to your expertise. To dive deeper into search term research, I recommend reading our article on Fat Head Keywords.

Explore Categories: Navigate through Quora’s categories to discover a broad range of subjects which can help you find subcategories or niche areas within your industry.

Review Trending and Popular Topics: Keep an eye on trending or popular topics within your industry. These threads can be used to offer valuable information and attract a large audience.

Follow Influencers: Identify and follow influential individuals in your industry to keep yourself updated on the latest developments in your industry.

For example, Neil Patel is a well-known entrepreneur, marketer, and influencer in the digital marketing industry.

Neil Patel

Following influencers connects you with a community of professionals, cultivating continuous learning and networking opportunities.

Develop a Custom Feed: Design a custom feed that includes your area of interest. This ensures you receive updates on the latest questions in your chosen areas.

Quora Spaces

Spaces are dedicated areas for specific subjects. Explore spaces in your industry to find ongoing discussions and connect with like-minded individuals.

Quora Spaces

Quora Spaces can be used for link building by creating a community focused around a specific subject.

Use it to offer valuable information to establish authority in your niche.

Here’s how you can design and use your own Space:

Start by creating a Space and make sure it has a clear focus and covers areas that are of interest to your target audience.

Go to the ‘Spaces’ section and select ‘Create a Space’ to begin.

Create a Space

Next, select a suitable name and description to provide an idea of what users can expect from your Space.

name and description

Fill your Space with content that is both high-quality and informative. This will increase the chances of your content being shared and help attract followers.

By establishing authority within Space and offering helpful insights, users are more likely to interact with and promote the content containing your links.

promote the content

3. Provide valuable answers: Focusing on delivering high quality, informative answers is key to building a positive presence and credibility on Quora.

Use straightforward language and don’t use unnecessary technical jargon that may confuse users who are not experts in the field.

Whenever possible, include real-world examples to illustrate your points.

4. Include links in your answers: Add value to your answer by including links to your website related to the user’s question where applicable. However, it is necessary to do so sparingly and naturally.

Adding links to your answers involves providing valuable information without excessive self-promotion.

5. Engage and network:  Interact with fellow users by upvoting, leaving comments, and following relevant individuals and topics.

Creating connections and positioning yourself as a knowledgeable figure in the community can enhance your reach, drawing a broader audience to your brand.

6. Monitor your performance: Monitor your answers by keeping tabs on the number of views, upvotes, and comments they receive.

Monitoring your performance lets you identify the responses that resonate most effectively with your audience, allowing you to modify and adjust your approach as needed.

7. Promote your Quora content: Circulate it across various platforms, such as your social media channels or online communities.

Broadcasting answers to questions related to your niche can drive users to your answers and help acquire backlinks to your website, contributing positively to your SEO efforts.

Key Points

• Design a Quora profile that is tailored to attract a target audience and optimize your reach.

• Identify relevant topics by exploring categories and following influencers.

• To build authority, prioritize providing high-quality and straightforward answers, avoiding any unnecessary technical jargon.

• Incorporate links into your answers by making sure they add value to the user’s question while striking a balance between providing information and avoiding excessive self-promotion.

• Boost your digital presence by actively engaging with the community by upvoting, commenting, and following relevant topics and individuals.

• Monitor the performance of your answers by tracking views, upvotes, and comments, and broadcast it across social media platforms to maximize the reach of your answers.

What are Content Marketing tools?

Content Marketing tools

They are software and resources that play a supportive role in your Quora link building strategy. They have several important features that help marketers expand their reach to Quora’s large user base by producing more effective and targeted information and helping with creating, promoting, and analyzing useful information.

Explore our guide on the top content planning tools to streamline your creative process and boost engagement!

One such resource is QApop.


QApop is a Quora marketing tool specifically designed for businesses aiming to improve their digital presence through Quora. It has a simple, user-friendly design and offers a range of subscription plans.

 subscription plans

Essential QApop features

QApop has four main easy-to-use features:

1. Reports: To start leveraging Quora for your link building strategy, you need to find suitable questions to answer. The ‘Reports’ feature includes a keyword research section where you enter search terms related to your field.

QApop features

Your preferred search terms can be filtered according to time, relevance, and number of questions per keyword.

QApop analyzes Quora for the given search terms and provides data on the questions you should answer based on a QApop score, as shown below.

QApop score

The score is calculated based on the popularity and relevance of the question. It also considers the number of views and answers, ensuring you focus on questions that maximize your chances of gaining traction on the forum.

The ‘Reports’ section also consists of a ‘Run Quora ads’ column where you can find questions related to your industry that are garnering a large number of views. Running relevant ads on these questions is a targeted means of attracting visitors to your website.

attracting visitors

As seen in the image above, questions related to ‘SEO’ and ‘digital marketing industry’ get a lot of views. A digital marketing agency can strategically run ads on questions like these that garner a lot of views to attract visitors to their site.

Hence, the ‘Reports’ section analyzes the questions you should answer to gain visibility.

Providing useful answers to popular questions is important for effective link building, and expanding your reach to a larger audience. However, popular questions that have a lot of views also have a lot of answers.

effective link building

In such cases, making your answers stand out can be difficult due to high competition in the quality of the answers. Thus, filtering out popular questions with few to no answers becomes important.

We’ll explore this further in the ‘Monitoring’ feature of the article.

2. Quick Analysis: This section helps you understand if Quora would be a relevant marketing channel for your business.

Quick Analysis

As seen in the image above, simple questions based on business-related search terms, target audience location, and the type of business you do are used to determine if Quora is the right platform for your company’s link-building strategy.

link-building strategy. 

As shown in the image above, words related to the link building industry, like ‘SEO,’ ‘digital marketing,’ and ‘link building,’ have high traffic. It means that a large number of people are searching for those specific terms.
Hence, using the targeted search terms mentioned above in your post or answer can potentially attract more visitors to your website, as there is a larger audience actively seeking information related to those terms.

Thus, Quora is extremely valuable for digital marketing companies and SEO professionals. It can be leveraged to reach a wider audience and increase the overall number of visitors to your website.

3. Content Draft: Now that you have questions you need to answer, AI can generate a meaningful answer in no time. Select the ‘Get draft’ option followed by the ‘Create content draft’ option to get your AI-generated answer within seconds.

Content Draft

You can also select the ‘blog post to answer’ option to use information from one of your blog articles or another Quora question’s answer to answer the above question.

Addressing related queries by providing helpful answers and adding suitable links increases the likelihood of users clicking on your links and being directed to your website.


The above AI-generated answer can be reviewed and edited if required.It saves time and effort while offering insightful, well-formatted information that helps you gain authority and portray your expertise in the field.

4. Monitoring: The ‘Monitoring’ feature keeps track of unanswered relevant questions that get hundreds of views. Answering these questions is important because it extends your reach to a larger audience and builds credibility.

Monitoring' feature

You can choose to monitor your preferred search terms daily or weekly, and you will be notified by mail when a new question related to it is asked on Quora.

 asked on Quora.

As seen in the image above, the question on guest posting has 11,200 views but 0 answers. An SEO expert or link building agency can leverage this opportunity to offer useful information, build authority in their niche, and attract many visitors to their site.

Other features like the ‘Knowledge base’ section give information on Quora marketing, AI and Quora copywriting, etc.

Quora marketing

Thus, QApop is beneficial for anyone looking to boost their brand’s digital presence through Quora.

Best Practices for Quora Link Building

• Provide Value First: Focus on delivering helpful and insightful answers to users’ questions rather than prioritizing self-promotion.

• Be Genuine and Authentic: Engage with the digital community authentically, building trust over time by genuinely contributing to discussions.

• Follow Quora Guidelines: Adhere to guidelines and policies regarding linking, ensuring your activities align with the platform’s rules.

• Avoid Excessive Self-Promotion: Include links sparingly and naturally within your answers, without excessive self-promotion, to maintain a positive community reputation.

• Optimize Your Quora Profile: Design a well-optimized profile that reflects your expertise and interests, making it more likely for users to trust your contributions.

• Keyword Optimization: Use suitable search terms naturally in your answers to improve search visibility both on Quora and external search engines.

• Strategic Link Placement: Include links strategically where they add value to the answer and provide additional information for the user.

• Participate in Discussions: Actively participate by answering questions in your niche. A diverse presence can lead to broader networking opportunities.

• Use Quora Spaces: Create or participate in Spaces related to your niche to connect with like-minded individuals and share your expertise.

• Mobile-Friendly Content: Optimize your answers for mobile users, considering the increasing number of people accessing Quora through mobile devices.

• Networking and Collaboration: Actively network with other users, both within and outside your niche, to build collaborative relationships and expand your reach.

• Consistency is Key: Regularly contribute valuable insights to maintain an active digital presence and consistently enhance credibility.

• Leverage Content Marketing Software: Use software like QApop to streamline your link building efforts and amplify your digital reach.


Leveraging Quora for link building can enhance online visibility and drive users to your website. By actively participating in relevant Quora discussions and providing useful insights, you position yourself as an authoritative figure in your niche and create opportunities to incorporate links to your website.

However, it’s important to adhere to the forum’s guidelines and steer clear of spammy practices to maintain a positive reputation within the community. Using marketing resources like QApop can be a useful link building tactic to reach a broader, targeted audience and attract traffic to your website. Ultimately, Quora link building serves as a dynamic and interactive method to build backlinks and interact with a wider audience, establishing your brand as a valuable resource within your industry.


1. Is Quora good for link building?

Yes, this forum can be effective for link building as it can be used to attract visitors to your website by answering questions related to your niche and including appropriate links to your website.

2. Why should I consider Quora for building backlinks?

Quora is a platform with high domain authority. Engaging in relevant discussions allows you to reach a diverse audience, establish authority in your niche, and drive targeted traffic to your site through strategically placed links in your answers.

3. Are there any guidelines or rules for linking on Quora?

Yes, Quora has guidelines for linking to ensure a positive user experience. You should remember to include relevant and contextual links without excessive self-promotion and adhere to Quora’s policies.

4. What are some useful content marketing tools I can use while doing link building for Quora?

While engaging in link building on the forum, you can leverage several software to enhance your approach, like QApop, Grammarly, Google Analytics, Semrush, and Ahrefs, to improve quality, track performance, and streamline your overall link-building strategy.

5. What are some common mistakes to avoid in Quora link building?

Steer clear of common mistakes such as excessive self-promotion, irrelevant linking, and neglecting to provide valuable content in your answers. Steer clear of violating guidelines and community standards to maintain a positive and effective link-building strategy.

6. How do I find relevant questions to answer on Quora?

To find relevant questions on Quora, enter search terms related to your expertise using the search bar. Follow relevant topics and consider joining Spaces to discover and answer questions aligned with your niche. You can also use QApop to obtain a detailed report on the most popular questions related to your search terms and identify which questions you should answer to gain maximum visibility.

Gaby Alexander

Gaby Alexander

Gaby is a search marketing enthusiast with a passion for helping agencies improve their ROI through effective link-building strategies. With expertise in Google Campaign Manager, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and SEMrush, Gaby provides valuable insights and guidance to optimize search marketing campaigns.

Gaby Alexander

Gaby Alexander

Gaby is a search marketing enthusiast with a passion for helping agencies improve their ROI through effective link-building strategies. With expertise in Google Campaign Manager, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and SEMrush, Gaby provides valuable insights and guidance to optimize search marketing campaigns.

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