Niche edits have been in the market of Search Engine Optimisation for a long time now, but the term ‘niche edit’ is quite a recent one. Niche edits were previously known as ‘ninja edits,’ ‘curated links‘ and in some cases’ link edits,’ and is the process where you place a link in an aged article on an already established website. A niche edit works on similar lines as backlinks. However, the links are placed in an already published article rather than a new guest post written exclusively to suit the niche edit.

How Do You Obtain Niche Edits?

Now that we have covered what niche edits are, we shall move on to looking into ways of obtaining links. There are multiple ways really, few of which shall be discussed here.


As the name suggests, you can reach out to websites that have posts pertaining to the kind of services that you offer. You can send in a request to the site to create a link for a post on your website that you feel might have value for their readers. If all things work well, you might get through to them. However, the conversion rate for this approach might be pretty low as most established websites are not much interested in these affairs.

Getting an SEO vendor to Do the Work for You

It might not always be possible for you to curate websites, reach out to them via email, and ask them to create a link on their post. You could just engage an individual or an agency who already has excellent contacts to do the job for you. The benefit of getting in touch with an agency to do the job for you is that it shall save you a lot of time and get you great results since they have a right amount of experience in this area. However, it might cost you quite a large sum to rope in an agency for the job at hand. Let’s face it- you cannot have it both ways.

This is where SERPninja’s niche edits step in! But hey, we have no intention to sell anything in this post. Feel free to check our competitors’ offerings and choose the SEO company you think is the best for the job. We do these links better, faster and have round the clock support working on your projects. Oh, and you also get free replacements if anything happens! Literally no company – NO company guarantees free replacements for niche edits and guest posts.

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