SEO Silos for Local Websites

SEO Silo is a structure in which the website is separated into different categories. If you are planning to use SEO silo for a local website, then you will have to focus on the number of websites you have.

Taking a look at some of your local competitor’s websites through competitive analysis can help you understand how they are structuring their sites, and how you can improve upon the format.

Suppose your client has only one location, then you will not need any sub-folders which is location-specific. You will only have to use the root website to initiate the local relevancy since there is a single location. In such a scenario, your website URL will look like this – service-name-location

In this case, you have hyper-localized the service pages since your client only provides dentist services in Miami. You will create different service pages in the same way.

Now, if your client has multiple locations, then you will have to create a sub-folder based on the different locations. The URL structure for this will be –

Here I have mentioned two different locations offering two services. Now that you have these pages, you will have to opt for different designs for the locations and different page templates for the service pages.

When it comes to the content of each of these pages, do not make the mistake of using similar text even for the same services. For example, your client provides a tooth cleaning service in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The content for these pages would be similar but different in structure.

Add Google Maps links along with office hours and other location-specific information to make the pages unique. You can include Hyperlocal texts such as local landmarks to create a difference in the pages.

One important thing that you have to do is that each of the location pages should have a verified Google My Business listing. For this, you will need a physical location with a verified address. Without this, Google will not rank the page and you will also not be able to drive traffic.

You can only create an SEO Silo structure for the local business website if you follow the above-mentioned steps, all together with the Google My Business listing process.

Local sites can still benefit greatly from authority SEO content since many local business sites are seriously lacking in the content department. Combining all of this with premium niche edits will leave your local competitors crying as you dominate the search results.

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